This will reduce Google Chrome data consumption when watching videos

Google Chrome for Android is continuously improved, recently the function that allows to see definitions of words with a single touch was introduced in Spain. There are certain fields in which the popular browser clearly seeks to improve: battery consumption and mobile data consumption. So all kinds of functions are introduced to help.

In fact, last week we talked about a function with which it will consume less battery. Google Chrome will now improve its basic mode, which helps save mobile data, with a new function with which to consume less data when watching videos.

Google Chrome will consume less mobile data

The basic mode in Google Chrome is designed to save mobile data, a function that we have talked about previously. Now we go one step further, since this basic mode will always choose the lower resolution when playing videos in streaming. This is the method that will significantly reduce that mobile data consumption when using this function.

This new function has been seen in one of the browser’s betas and is expected to officially arrive with version number 86 of it. In order to reduce the consumption of mobile data, the browser will simulate that you have lower bandwidth to the real one. By doing this, the streaming service that is being used at that time will default to a lower bitrate, thus helping to reduce mobile data consumption.

As it has been known, It will launch in all versions of Google Chrome, not only on Android. Without a doubt, it can be a good help with which to consume less mobile data in the browser on Android, a browser that is known for its high consumption. So such a function is presented as a good help.

For now you are available only in the unstable version of the browserCanary. It is expected that in October it will be made official in the stable version of Google Chrome. In Canary it is activated as an experimental function, which is named Enable LiteVideos in the experimental functions menu.

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