This Xiaomi application allows you to access secret settings

Xiaomi phones have an application pre-installed that allows you to access some secret settings.

Xiaomi has its own personalization layer for its smartphones, MIUI, which is currently in its 12th version and is gradually reaching all terminals of the Chinese brand. A layer that integrates an application that allows you access secret settings, and it is the Xiaomi security application.

An app that offers a wide variety of settings that allow the user to both manage your safety like battery of the device, among other details. From Phone House they have collected everything that users of a Xiaomi device can do with this application in any of the terminals of the Chinese company. Therefore, it can be configured from basic functions to more advanced options using only this same application that is updated independently of the system.

This Xiaomi application allows you to access secret settings

The Xiaomi security application allows access to secret settings.

First of all, it should be noted that to access the Xiaomi security app, you only have to search within the installed apps on the phone, as it comes standard thanks to MIUI. Once found, when opened, the user finds a simple table-based design where you can locate a large number of settings, and some of them little known.

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Xiaomi’s security application allows access to secret settings

Xiaomi security app

This is the interface of the Xiaomi security app.

For example, this application offers a security scan, a advanced battery control with which to carry out an analysis of the high consumption that some apps make, a performance optimizer to take a general analysis of the cache memory or a cleaner that offers a complete analysis of all the unnecessary files of the device. But that’s not all, since checking the device’s RAM memory, updating the applications that need it and setting their corresponding permissions, or a deep cleaning function It checks the whole smartphone and lets you choose to delete unnecessary files or heavy videos.

With this application also comes a function of Facebook and WhatsApp cleaner that manages to delete downloaded files from these applications and data that is not needed and that slows down the phone. It also has a game accelerator to improve its performance, a function for set limits on data usage and another with which to check that the terminals work correctly. Despite all of them, there are still more functions accessible with the Xiaomi security app.

For example, a SMS and call blacklist, the possibility of creating a parallel space on the phone to allow protected access to everything that is saved, the option to duplicate applications – such as WhatsApp or Facebook -, use the application lock, the ShareMe function to share from apps to videos or a last option to check the status of the Internet connection and solve possible problems with it.

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