This Xiaomi product to improve your videos is cut in half

The definitive product to improve the recording of your videos.

With the video recording quality that today’s smartphones have, taking good images and videos is getting easier, even when these images or videos are for professional purposes. Photography on Android has evolved outrageously in recent years.

However, there are times when, when recording a video, we need a little more stability in order to get a good result in the recording, and today We are going to show you a product from Xiaomi that will help you make your videos look much better in this sense.

Xiaomi Mijia SJYT01FM rear

This is the Xiaomi gimbal that will help you improve your videos

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This Xiaomi gimbal is one of the best accessories to improve your videos

Xiaomi, under its sub-brand Mijia long ago launched the Mijia SJYT01FM, a stabilizer or gimbal that is capable of stabilizing your smartphone so that the video is recorded in a position as stable as possible, something that helps a lot to make the image look good.

This device has a 5,000 mAh battery, which ensures an autonomy of more than 16,000 mAh, it also has a 3-axis stabilizer, so the results you can get are very good for the size of the device. Also, you can put it both vertically, horizontally, and even upside down, since the device will be able to stabilize the mobile whatever it is.

The design of this gimbal is ergonomic, and also has a few buttons to control movement, the gimbal balance and even a button to take pictures. In addition, it is not only compatible with your mobile, but you can also attach an action camera or a photo camera to use. And the good thing about it is that thanks to the code you can copy below, this gimbal drops in price by 50%.

Use coupon BGMJ713 to get the discount

This is an offer available at the time of article posting. Discounts may vary depending on stock and store demand.

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