Three new celebrities in "Suddenly poor, suddenly rich" on Sat.1

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Soon three “rich” celebrities will be swapping their entire lives with three “poor” normal people: this time, Melanie Müller, among others, is part of the Sat.1 swap experiment “Suddenly poor, suddenly rich”.

Melanie Müller, Matthias Mangiapane and Marc Terenzi: In financial terms, these three celebrities are currently more on the sunny side of life. For the Sat.1 swap experiment “Suddenly poor, suddenly rich”, however, they will leave their affluent environment in three episodes on Monday at 8:15 pm from August 31st.

They want to find out: What is life like at the other end of the social scale? In each episode, a celebrity swaps apartment, circle of friends, budget and lifestyle for a week with those of a family that has to turn every penny twice to make ends meet.

And the swap family can again live in luxury for a week. A moving experience for everyone involved: while the financially weak family is immersed in the carefree life of the rich, the celebrities get to know the hardship of life on the poverty line. At the end of each episode, both parties meet and discuss: Does money really make you happy?

Matthias Mangiapane and husband Hubert start the celebrity special episodes of “Suddenly poor, suddenly rich”.

“Suddenly poor, suddenly rich – Celebrity Special” – three episodes, starting on August 31, every Monday at 8:15 pm on Sat.1.

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