Threema can make video calls – that's how it's encrypted!

With the Messenger Threema, security comes first. You can chat anonymously there and even make encrypted phone calls. Now the messenger has finally been upgraded and you can make video calls with Threema – of course, tap-proof.

Threema gained a lot of users when WhatsApp was taken over by Facebook. The messenger masters all the important features of WhatsApp – just much more secure. Among other things, you can call Threema on the phone. An update has finally brought the long-awaited video call feature for Threema.

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Conduct tap-proof video chats with Threema

Data protection and security against eavesdropping are top priorities at Schweizer Messenger. Maybe that’s why it took so long until Threema finally supported video telephony.

So far you could already make “normal” phone calls with the app. They are 100% anonymous as you don’t even have to enter a phone number. They are also encrypted and therefore tap-proof. The voice quality depends largely on your Internet connection, but if both participants are in a stable WLAN, it is very good.

Threema can also be proud of the video chat function. It is of good quality, but so can the competition. At Threema, however, video calls are encrypted from end to end. So nobody can hack into the video chat to listen to your conversations or possibly read from their lips.

The video shows you how video telephony from Threema works:

This is how you start a Threema video call:

  1. Open the app and looks for the contact you want Video chats are not (yet?) Possible in groups!
  2. Alternatively, you can enter a Threema ID by hand or scan an ID code. All you have to do is click on the bottom right in the main window Plus icon tap.
  3. As soon as the chat window is open, you will see one above Telephone receiver with a lock. Tap on this icon to start an encrypted conversation.
  4. Then you tap on that Camera iconto get one Video chat respectively.

The prerequisite for video calls to Threema is that you have at least version 4.4 on your mobile phone.

When you call Threema, the contact with hand-typed IDs is routed via the Threema server in order to disguise the IP, while calls from the contact list are encrypted directly between the two participants. This means more security for you, because the Threema servers are no longer a point of attack and no one can force the company to give third parties access to your calls and video calls.

Which messenger do you use, which features are important to you and do you think about data protection? Take our survey and find out how others see Messenger.

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