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The world’s second largest gaming fair will open its doors from August 27th to 30th, but only on your screens at home: In the course of the coronavirus pandemic, the fair will take place via streams, and you should still tune in: Because this gamescom could get bigger than any previous one. Read everything about tickets, prices, dates and our event #gamesKommVorbei.

gamescom 2020 - opening times, hall plan and exhibitors
Everything about gamescom 2020: tickets, dates, prices, program and our event #gamesKommVorbei
Everything about gamescom 2020: tickets, dates, prices, program and our event #gamesKommVorbei

All current information about gamescom 2020 at a glance

Gamescom 2020 will take place in the comfort of your own home, on your screens. In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, there was long tremor as to whether and how the largest German game fair could be held; now dates for streams and other things have already been set. This very special year is the name of the online game fair gamescom now.

You will ask yourselves “Is it even worth switching on in this case?“, And I can reassure you: It will (very probably!) Be worth it. At least we can strongly assume, after all, the largest game fair E3 has almost completely failed this year, which is why many possible new announcements of games have fallen under the table. While gamescom has been more than little sister of the E3 occurred, the international attention this year could be unique to her. We’ll see, right?

Find out more from us about Tickets, Prices, Events as well as about the official program for gamescom 2020.

Prices and ticket refunds

Will there be tickets for gamescom 2020?

No. Gamescom 2020 (or gamescom now) will take place completely online, which is why there will be no tickets for the event. If you already have a ticket for gamescom 2020, a refund will be possible.

How about the refund of your tickets?

A refund will be possible. At the moment, however, it is not yet clear how and when you will get your money back: The official website of gamescom 2020 states the following with regard to the refund of tickets: “There will be more information about the processing of ticket refunds in the coming weeks . Koelnmesse will arrange this centrally in the coming weeks, you don’t have to do anything else. More information will follow shortly.

Does gamescom 2020 cost anything?

No. Gamescom 2020 will take place entirely online under the banner “gamescom now”. Access to the streams will also be free of charge.

Some PS5 games have already been announced, which we have collected for you here:

Start the photo gallery(35 pictures)

PlayStation 5: All featured PS5 games for 2020 and 2021

Dates, opening times and streams

How, when and where?

Gamescom 2020 will take place from August 27th to 30th instead of. There are no opening times, as this time the game fair will take place entirely online – so all you have to do is tune in! It is also not yet known exactly where you can follow gamescom 2020. However, since Twitch, YouTube and TikTok are media partners of gamescom 2020, the streams will probably be over Twitch and Youtube run, as well as TikTok Content will provide:

Official program of gamescom 2020

The official program of gamescom 2020 is online! Check it out for yourself:

What can we imagine under “gamescom Studio”? Most likely, these are placeholder names for presentations by various developers. So who exactly will present their games and hardware at gamescom 2020 has not yet been completely determined. In this regard, I would like to repeat my words from above once again: Every other year, a number of new games were announced during the E3 game fair, which, however, was almost completely canceled in 2020. The chance for more New announcements and a spectacular show So stand better than ever.

#gamesKommVorbei – Tune in with us!

Of course, GIGA GAMES will also be back when gamescom 2020 opens its digital gates. Our extremely attractive team of game journalists will open all (important) (and unimportant!) streams Twitch, YouTube and Facebook accompany you, make you happy with in-depth half-knowledge or complete knowledge and hand over handkerchiefs in case the next part of your favorite series has not been announced. Promised!

Under the hashtag #gamesKommVorbei, we will publish our streaming plan with all the important information in the week before gamescom 2020. Tune in and stop by our #gamesKommVorbei!

gamescom 2020: Who’s on vacation?

Do you have to skip? Call you in sick? Or even watch streams in class? No, please don’t (!), Because you really shouldn’t summer holidays for gamescom 2020, you are welcome to stop by GIGA GAMES, where we will summarize all the important details of the streams at least in writing. In the meantime, you could be lucky – because some of you are actually on school holidays. Students from the following federal states can be happy:

  • Baden-Württemberg
  • Bavaria
  • Saxony
  • Thuringia

Well: Although gamescom normally takes place in Cologne, students from North Rhine-Westphalia unfortunately have no school holidays during the trade fair. In general, however, you should look again at the dates of the streams: They take place in the afternoon or in the evening, so you may not miss too much on a school day. Yes, according to when you can go home.

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