Tik Tok could be bought by Microsoft

Tik Tok is one of the applications of the moment, an application that was born under the name Musical.ly and that its creator ended up selling to ByteDance, a company that made a complete transformation of the app, laying the foundations for what is one of the quintessential social platforms.

The success of Tik Tok has raised alarms in the United States, a country that until recently proposed to veto the application, which has caused Tik Tok to make the decision to open its algorithm to the public and be much more transparent. And now the situation would have changed to the other extreme.

The United States wants an American company to buy Tik Tok

As Bloomberg has reported, the United States government was planning to pressure ByteDance, the current owner of Tik Tok, to sell its popular social network to an American company. This petition was to be published this Friday, and would currently be under review by President Donald Trump.

The situation between Tik Tok and the United States is very strange. It is an extremely popular social network, but in the same way the government considers it a security threat. Donald Trump himself acknowledged the following:

“We are looking at Tik Tok, perhaps we will ban the application. We are looking at a lot of alternatives in this regard. »

Microsoft already has a very complete ecosystem of Internet applications and services.

It seems that the situation regarding the purchase of seems to be closer than it seems, and that is that Microsoft is already exploring the acquisition of the popular social network.

The purchase would make more sense than it seems, and that is that Microsoft has become a service company and the cloud. Those of Redmond already have a social network focused on the professional market (LinkedIn), the new purchase would cover a social sector focused on a young audience and content, something they have not been able to do with Mixer.

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