TikTok launches its own app on Amazon Fire TV

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TikTok on the TV? The Chinese entertainment app is now starting in a slimmed-down version as a streaming service on Amazon Fire TV.

The younger generation knows that Facebook and Co. are long gone. What Instagram and Snapchat were for them a few years ago was replaced by another app almost two years ago: people from all over the world cavort on TikTok and show their creativity and skills in half-minute short videos. And not only young people have discovered the app and its possibilities for themselves. This is apparently so successful that TikTok’s developer, ByteDance, dares to take the next step: its own app for the television. The “More on TikTok” app is now available on Amazon Fire TV – but without some known features.

“More on TikTok” can be found and opened with Amazon’s Alexa voice search. It is an app just for viewing, as the “Business Insider” reported. Similar to other streaming services, it offers a media library in different categories that can be easily viewed on demand. What is missing is just the interaction with the content. Users can neither log into their account nor upload videos. For this, the app offers the possibility of showing videos and interviews with successful “TikTokers” with a length of more than 60 seconds to the mobile app, which was previously only possible on Youtube and Co. This allows viewers to learn about the background of the videos and their creators. The video playlists offered by the TV app are curated and categorically compiled by TikTok itself – however, only the so-called “viral” videos, i.e. the most viewed and most successful videos, are selected. “More on TikTok” is free and ad-free according to the provider.

The decision for Amazon Fire TV to include “More on TikTok” is a reaction to the changed usage behavior of viewers: Since people have stayed more at home, they have preferred to use apps on the television instead of on mobile devices, such as in business Insider reported. But in times of harsh criticism from the US government, especially President Trump’s demand to ban TikTok, it is a risk to bring TikTok even closer to US citizens.

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