Tilo Prückner's death: ARD changes program

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The actor died unexpectedly at 79. In his memory, Das Erste broadcasts a television film on Wednesday in which Prückner mimicks a grumpy farmer.

Tilo Prückner passed away on Thursday, as the actor’s family announced today. On the occasion of his death, Das Erste changes its program and shows on Wednesday, July 8, at 8:15 p.m. the television film “Holger doesn’t care” (WDR) from 2011 with Tilo Prückner in the leading role of the bitter farmer Holger. The TV comedy “City Comedy: The White Lie” from 2017 was originally planned for the broadcasting station.

Holger cannot forgive her that daughter Olga (Julia Maria Köhler) did not want to take over her parents’ farm at the time, broke her engagement to the young farmer Nico (Max Engelke) and simply went to the big city. Completely burned down, without a job and perspective, but with son Theo in her luggage, Olga now has to bury her soaring big city and career dreams and at the beginning of 30 back to her hometown village to look for shelter from dad and mom (Carmen-Maja Antoni).

On Wednesdays at 6:50 p.m., episodes of the 3rd season “Pensionercops” with Tilo Prückner as investigator Edwin Bremer can be seen on the ARD.

Volker Herres, Program Director of First German Television: “Tilo Prückner has demonstrated his acting skills in many different roles. In recent years he has liked to act as a musty retiree cop, as a somewhat bulky, but always wide awake and stubborn police officer. Tilo Prückner not only shaped and enriched this series, its distinctive character was a real type in the best sense of the word. ”

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