Tim Cook in luck: Apple boss creates what others only dream of

Tim Cook can look back on a very successful career. At Apple, the CEO is now doing something that very few employees in the company manage to do. For mere mortals and customers of the US company, this will mostly remain unattainable and just a dream.

Apple boss becomes billionaire: not bad for an employee

Worldwide the exclusive “club” only has a little more than 2,000 people, now Apple boss Tim Cook is one of them, because according to a current report by Bloomberg, he can now call himself a billionaire. There are plenty of these contemporaries in the tech world, but most of them are also company founders. With Tim Cook, however, this is different. The son of a shipyard worker and a pharmacist earned his spurs at IBM and Compaq, among others, before he ended up with Apple. So he was always only an “employee”, but never a founder like Steve Jobs, for example. Nevertheless, Cook is now moving up to the exclusive club of billionaires – unbelievable.

However, Cook does not have the large amount of money on the high edge, rather the company leader benefits from the stock options that he receives as part of his payment, the enormous increase in value of Apple in recent years then of course increases the potential of the assets. Cook was not entirely innocent of the growth through the iPhone, Apple Watch and Co., so he was granted it. Typical tech billionaire Cook does not squander the money, but has already announced that he will donate a large part of the assets. The Apple boss’s fortune continues to grow in August 2020 as well, so Cook receives a total of 560,000 Apple shares as a bonus for the company’s performance and part of it for the long service life.

Also in autumn there will be a lot of new things from Apple – a first taste:

Insane: Apple worth nearly $ 2 trillion

Speaking of Apple shares: meanwhile, they are on their way to new heights, soon scratching the threshold of 400 euros each. So it is a good thing that Apple has already announced another split. Always a sign of extremely positive development on the stock market. In terms of market value itself, Apple is about to set a new record, not for long and the company will soon be worth a full 2 ​​trillion dollars on the stock exchange, something that has never been done before.

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