Tips and tricks to create your own website in a couple of minutes with Google

google sites create web tutorial

Creating a website today is easier than ever. On the Internet there are many options that allow us to create web pages in a relatively simple way. The problem is that most options require a monthly payment, beyond the cost of the domain and hosting. What you probably didn’t know is that Google, or rather Google Drive, it has its own web page creator in true Wix style. The advantage of this option is that it is completely free and does not require any type of payment, as we will see below.

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So you can create a web page with Google Drive

Drag and drop, that is the philosophy of Google Sites, the creator of Google that allows us to design web pages with a simple mouse click. To access this configurator we will have to go to our Google Drive account, which we can access from the following link:

Once inside, We will click on the New button and then on More. Within this section we will find the option of Google Sites. Now the web will enable a configurator that we can customize to our liking.

create web page google sites drive 1

The configurator in question has many web parts that allow us to modify the appearance of the page. Text boxes, image carousel, separators, buttons, maps, calendars, forms, graphics, YouTube videos, indexes, text that can be hidden and including HTML, Javascript and PHP code. In short, any web part that comes to mind.

Regarding the operation of the configurator, the interface of Google Sites is based on a matrix with different areasThat is, we will not be able to drag the elements at our whim. The interface in question has different rows and columns where we will have to insert the different elements. For each row, there are 12 columns where we can enter any object we can think of, an object that also we can resize to our liking. Of course, we can not jump to other rows if we have not entered an element in the previous row. In other words, we will have to design the website in a staggered way.

It is worth saying that this matrix can be modified at our whim in the Designs section in the configurator sidebar. By default, the tool has several options that allow us to alter the rows and columns of the matrix in our opinion.

How to add pages to my Google Sites website

We have already created the main page of our website. To add different pages within the web (Contact, Who we are, Legal information, Blog …) we will go to the toolbox on the right side and click on Pages. Now we just have to click on the Create button to add a new page within the site. The web will automatically add the page to the navigation menu of the top page.

Tricks and tips to create your own website in a couple of minutes with Google 1

Once we have created the page, the configurator will allow us to duplicate it, mark it as the main page, create small sub-pages or even hide it from navigation. Too we can change the properties of the page to assign it a custom URL instead of the address that Google assigns automatically. The possibilities in this regard are diverse.

How to change the theme of my website on Google Sites

Beyond the design possibilities of Google Sites, the interesting thing about this tool is that it has dozens of preconfigured themes. In this way, we can choose a root theme to create the design of our website from the template design.

change topic google sites

To access the theme store we can click on the pop-up message that it will appear at the bottom of the configurator or in the Topics section inside the side menu. From this same menu we can also change the colors of the page, as well as the type of font or the size of the font.

How to insert brand and favicon logos

Google Sites also allows us to enter brand and favicon logos, the icon that appears in the browser to identify our website. The process is very simple: just click on the Cogwheel in the upper right corner and then on Brand Images. Now the page will allow us to upload our own logo and icon to create a custom brand logo and favicon.

I have already designed my website, how can I associate a domain with it?

By default, Google will publish our website at To assign your own domain we will have to click on the previous cogwheel, specifically in custom URLs.

create web page google sites drive 4

Now we only have to write the name of the domain that we want to associate with the web. Before publishing the website, the ideal is change the URL of each page to make sure all pages have the correct domain. We can do it from the sidebar itself in the Pages section.

Can I associate Google Analytics with my Google Sites page?

The truth is that yes. In fact, it is much simpler than doing it on a conventional web page, by integrating directly with Google services. Again we will have to click on the cogwheel in the right corner. Then, we will click on the Analysis section.

create web page google sites drive 3

Inside the corresponding box we will have to enter the Analytics tracking code, which we can generate from Google’s own tool. To enable data analysis, we will enable the eponymous tab at the bottom of the box.

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