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Tips To Hire the Best Cleaning Company

Tips To Hire the Best Cleaning Company

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Whether you are looking to hire a domestic cleaning Adelaide or Commercial cleaning Adelaide company for a one-off job, a spring cleaning service, or for something to be done regularly, there are some important things that you should know before you take your decision. Though hiring a professional company can be a bit expensive, it comes with a whole lot of benefits. So, below are the tips to consider when you are looking to hire an excellent cleaning company.

Check Service Offerings

Check whether the company offer fixed services or take requests too? How detailed can they get? Based on what you wish to get done, ask what services do they offer. Ask if you can tailor the service or will you get the same service on every visit, or can you go for a combination. Cleaning companies provide a range of options like end of lease cleaning Adelaide, Carpet Steam Cleaning Adelaide, Vinyl Floor Cleaning Adelaide, Bond Cleaning Adelaide, and more. You have to choose one that fits in your requirements and lifestyle.

Experience, Accreditations, and Affiliations

Check how long has the company in the business? Do they have any affiliations, accreditations, and award? Checking this can make you feel assured that the company is reliable and concerned about their reputation. Since there are many companies having a bad reputation, checking these aspects can offer credibility to a cleaning agency’s desires to stay in good standing always with their clients.

Get Referrals From Family and Friends

You can begin looking for a company by asking family and friends about who they hire. Referrals from friends and family can offer you an insider look at the company and its service quality. Cleaning companies may make themselves look credible, experienced, and amazing, but with a referral you can get a completely different picture about the company. Referrals carry a lot more weight.

Check Insurance

Every reputed cleaning service company will have policies that will cover the damages to your property incurred in the cleaning procedure along with broken and missing items. This help you as well as the company feel protected when the cleaners work in your house. However, it is a great idea to always inform the cleaners of products that need special care and are delicate. If the cleaners are insured and they break something accidentally during cleaning, then the insurance would cover the cost.

Read Online Reviews

Most cleaning service companies will have online reviews to view, especially if the cleaning agency is a big one and has had a presence for many years. You should read as many reviews as possible. Reading testimonials and reviews let you see what their earlier clients think about the received services. A few company may get some scathing reviews from a couple of dissatisfied clients, but otherwise will have all 5-star ratings. You can also check with agencies like Handy, Amazon Cleaning Service, and more as they already have performed background check on the companies and vetted them for insurance and quality services.

Ask Them For Reference If They Don’t Have Online Reviews/ Testimonials

If the cleaning company is a small one or is new, they may not have a presence online. You can ask them to provide a referrals list of their past clients. If you decide to call their clients, ensure to ask what type of services the company offers and whether their client still takes their services.

Ask Potential Cleaning Company About What They Clean And How Much They Charge

Most of the cleaning companies will be able to offer a list of their general cleaning services. They will also tell you whether they will charge an hourly rate, a flat fee, or room-by-room rates. Ensure to understand what is included in the base cleaning rate of the company and what is not. Put forward questions regarding any cleaning activity that they company does not mention explicitly.

Satisfaction Guarantee

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Ensure to ask about damages, breakage, and satisfaction guarantee. The company you are looking to hire should always stand behind their work and their employees. If you are not happy as a customer, ask what can they do to make things right and what are they ready to perform for you. As a fact, things can and will break. The way they handle things should be sincerely apologetic, highly responsive, and honest.

Ensure to ask, if you aren’t happy with the offered cleaning service, what can the company offer you? A free cleaning service or a touch-up? OR Nothing at all? Every cleaning company has a different policy for this. So, figure out what resources do they have if you aren’t happy with the received services.

Cleaning Supplies

Check what cleaning tools and supplies do they use. Ask whether they get their own tools and supplies or will you have to provide them? A cleaning company that gets all cleaning supplies and tools is the best option as this will save you both money and time. Every home has different requirements. So, tell about your cleaning requirements to the cleaning company and ensure that they can meet them using the best cleaning supplies.

Ask For Additional Charges for Any Add-Ons

After you know the list of what the company generally cleans, ask them if they can perform services that aren’t on their list. Ensure to ask them how much any additional service will cost. If there is something that you want to get cleaned but that service is not mentioned in their list, ask them how much will it add to their fees. Requesting for a thorough checklist of what their cleaning service will include guarantees that they will not be any surprise when their employees comes.

With these above-mentioned tips, you are sure to hire the best cleaning service provider company. Make sure you remember all of them to find the best-in-class company.

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