Today on "Sturm der Liebe": A debut and a reunion

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Two women mix up the “Fürstenhof”: Deborah Müller slips into the role of Cornelia Holle and Natalie Alison returns as Rosalie Engel to the “Storm of Love”.

The cast of “Sturm der Liebe” is growing: In today’s episode on August 13th at 3:10 pm on Das Erste, Deborah Müller will make her debut as Cornelia Holle. Tomorrow there will be a dubious reunion with Rosalie Engel (Natalie Alison), who not everyone remembered positively.

In episode 3428, today on August 13, Cornelia Holle (Deborah Müller) comes to the “Fürstenhof”. She has very special childhood memories associated with the five-star hotel, as her mother used to work here as a housekeeper. Cornelia has had many adventures with the Saalfeld offspring – and her first kiss with Robert Saalfeld (Lorenzo Patané). Deborah Müller completed her training at the New Munich Drama School and has appeared in “Die Rosenheim Cops”, “Bergretter”, “Landkrimi”, “SOKO Munich” and “Hubert und Staller”, among others, as well as in various theater productions. In October 2015 she made a guest appearance as Nadine Breuer in two episodes of “Storm of Love”.

Tomorrow August 14th at 3:10 p.m. Natalie Alison returns in her role as Rosalie Engel in episode 3429: André Konopka (Joachim Lätsch) is quite surprised when suddenly Rosalie Engel stands in front of him beaming with joy. Skeptically, he immediately suspects a scheming plan behind it, because Michael’s (Erich Altenkopf) ex-girlfriend has made life difficult for many a “Fürstenhof” resident in the past. But Rosalie seems to have changed: She finally has both feet on the ground and is a successful mental coach. However, it cannot maintain its perfect facade for long …

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