Tom Hanks' Greyhound ranks best Apple TV + premiere

There is no doubt that the movie released on Apple TV + starring Tom Hanks, had to be a success in the streaming video service of the Cupertino boys and it seems that Greyhound will pass to the rest of the series and movies they have in their Catalogue. The premiere of this film was held in the Apple service after the firm invested heavily in it and today According to the Deadline media, This has become the best premiere of the service in its entire history.

And it is not because Apple TV + does not have good series and movies like the recently released “The Banker” with Anthony Mackie and Samuel L. Jackson as protagonists, it just seems that the Tom Hanks effect took its toll on the rest of the movies and series and possibly be at the top of the podium on Apple TV +. It is 5 days since its premiere and there are no official data on the reproductions of this movie, but it seems that the critics and the users who have already seen it are very satisfied with the plot, the script and the scenes that are seen in it. Logically we are talking about a Sony blockbuster bought by Apple, so we recommend that you see it if you can.

According to this newspaper, 30% of those who saw the film on July 10 were new users and this is a clear indication that the premiere of the film increased interest in the service. Now it will remain to be seen how many remain in the service and above all that Apple is able to offer again to hook users. At the moment with this premiere it is sure that he won several thousand subscribers to the service that will possibly “show” next July 30 in the financial results, another thing is that they are maintained.

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