Logically, any actor likes that his films are released on the big screen and are advertised with hype and dish as the highest grossing or the highest grossing. Well it seems that Tom Hanks is upset for the exclusive launch on the Apple TV + streaming service.

The last super production in which Hanks is the protagonist will not hit the billboard like most of his films and as he commented in an interview with The Guardian newspaper, is totally “heartbroken” by the premiere of this on the Apple service.

Not a criticism of Apple or its streaming service

You can think that this is an attack on Apple for having the exclusive feature of its latest film but nothing further from reality. Hanks would be just as unhappy if the Greyhound premiere took place on Netflix, HBO, or any other streming service. It is somewhat evident that this film is produced and written for the premiere on the big screen, since the visual and audio effects are always better in theaters, but the coronavirus pandemic that affects the world made it debut in the service. from Apple.

The Cupertino firm premieres the film exclusively for its clients this Friday after paying 70 million dollars for it, a bet that we have already mentioned as very powerful in previous articles. Apple is not to blame for all this and may be a benefited part in the premiere, Hanks will receive his share of the cake and everything will be in a problem derived from the COVID-19, which can surely achieve a positive effect for the film. On Friday the 10th, Apple TV + users will be able to watch the movie exclusively.