Top 10 best budget laptop for video editing 2020 reviews

Video editing has become the order of the day, especially if you are a film student or online content maker. Studios nowadays charge an excessive fee for changes you can make at home. But you need a good laptop for that.

Although there are a number of excellent laptops on the market, everyone has their own specifications. For a good laptop that fully supports video editing, strong and powerful performance is a must. It should also be able to ensure that video clips are arranged and displayed smoothly and smoothly.

For your convenience, we will review the most striking features of the top ten video editing laptops. The purchasing guide at the end will help you understand your needs and make the right choice.

best laptop for video editing

Best budget laptop for video editing Comparison chart

If you think the comparison chart is all you need to look at to buy the best budget laptop for video editing, wait until you read further because the story definitely contains more.

Let’s see what each budget laptop has to offer and whether it is right for you!

Top 10 best budget laptop for video editing 2020 reviews

1 Microsoft Surface Book 2

Surface Book 2 guarantees powerful performance and amazing graphics. It is a sturdy laptop with some amazing features. Here’s everything you need to know.

It comes with powerful professional software with the latest quad-core Intel processors. These improve the built-in performance. In addition, graphics performance is phenomenal with the latest NVIDIA GeForce.

It also comes with 256 GB of memory and 16 GB of RAM. This makes it one of the most efficient laptops for video editing. It also allows up to 17 hours of direct video playback.

Video editing certainly requires higher performance. You won’t be disappointed with the Surface Book 2. This is because it is the fastest surface book to date with at least four times the performance.

It was also developed with innovation and modernity in mind. The display is designed for both touch and surface pen, so users can switch between the two at any time. It also comes with a vibrant display and an illuminated keyboard that further increases its appeal.

To increase versatility, it has four usage modes and a new USB-C port. It is also very light and therefore easy to carry. With these features, you can easily take it anywhere.

Plus, you can get the most out of every Microsoft innovation, including the 3D experience. With Surface Book 2, you can work, play, or create stunning content without limits.


  • Offers both laptop and tablet modes.
  • Great job.
  • Greater adaptability.
  • High storage.
  • Improved integrated performance.
  • Fastest surface book.
  • Lively design and display.
  • Improved graphics.
  • Allows 3D experiences.


  • The average battery life is slightly less than some other models.

2 Acer Predator Helios 300 gaming laptop

The Acer Predator is a robust and powerful notebook that was specially developed for gaming enthusiasts. That’s what makes it so great.

It comes with 8th generation Intel Core processors that offer up to 4.1 GHz. The NVIDIA GeForce GTX graphics also support the higher performance. It also has 16 GB of dram storage and a 256 GB SSD with an empty, accessible slot for a 2.5-inch hard drive.

The 15.6-inch wide screen also contributes to its attractiveness. In addition, it has a resolution of 1920 x 1080, which allows you to watch your videos in HD. The IPS display with LED backlighting also helps.

The 144 Hz refresh rate of the Acer Predator Helios 300 also helps to speed up the frames per second. This provides ultra-smooth 2D motion scenes. In addition, these fast rates also reduce frame rendering time and input delays, both of which add to the gaming experience.

It also has a gaming control panel that gives you better control over gaming features and ensures better customization for you. It also offers immersive sounds. With the latest audio technology from Acer, you can hear voices and special effects with greater clarity.

The Acer laptop is also VR compatible. All you have to do is connect a VR headset and immerse yourself in the world of ultimate gaming. The efficient cooling system also improves the function of the Acer and keeps all important components cool.


  • High storage.
  • Stylish exterior.
  • High resolution.
  • HD display.
  • Consistent picture quality.
  • Allows for ultra 2D experience.
  • Greater customization.
  • Efficient cooling.


  • Slightly heavier than some other models.

3 ASUS ROG Strix Scar Edition gaming laptop

The ne
w ASUS ROG Strix Scar Edition is specially designed for modern gamers who want to take gaming to the next level. That is why it is a must.

It comes with a powerful Intel Core i7 processor that ensures high frame rates in a first person shooter game. The amazing GTX graphics thus ensure the highest level of gaming experience.

The higher refresh rates also play an important role in ensuring a smooth gaming experience. They deliver more frames at the same time as the 60 Hz display, better known as the standard display. In fast-moving FPS games, you also offer a competitive advantage.

The latest 8th generation technology certainly brings a lot to the table, including some refinements to the series. One of them is the AURA SYNC RGB keyboard with a Kevlar pattern on the palm rest.

ROG also recently invented the dust protection cooling system. This helps to remove dust and other harmful particles to extend the life of the system. In addition, it also ensures a higher stability of the system.

The 12 V fans are much more powerful than the standard 5 V fans. They not only deliver a 20% higher fan speed, but also provide a much higher airflow. They are also supplied with dust funnels that prevent dust from accumulating in the system.

It also includes all sorts of ports you’ll need, including mini-display port, HDMI 1.4 and USB 3.1 Type C. In addition, the first Intel Wi-Fi module can deliver gigabit Wi-Fi speeds. In addition, the audio speakers offer a 200% louder voice to ensure the ultimate gaming experience.

Intel Wireless-AC 9260 is also the first Intel Wi-Fi module to offer Gigabit Wi-Fi speeds of up to 1.7 Gbit / s.


  • High frame rates.
  • Amazing graphics.
  • Allows competitive advantages.
  • Refined technology.
  • Increased lifespan.
  • Greater stability.
  • Increased fan speed.
  • Higher volume.
  • Amazing battery life.

4 Apple MacBook Pro

As the name suggests, the new Apple MacBook is a true professional. It has some amazing properties. This is about them.

It comes with the 9th generation Intel Core i7 processor. You can do tasks like compiling code, editing and processing videos much faster. Wherever your ideas take you, you can get there faster with this high-performance processor.

It also ensures that you can do complex tasks with ease. With 32 GB of storage, you can work with larger videos or edit HD videos. In addition, you can run multiple apps simultaneously without delay.

The graphics are also spectacular, combining impressive performance with remarkable energy efficiency. A Radeon Pro GPU is also included in each model. These are equipped with 128 MB of integrated graphics, so you can create amazing content.

It has a T2 Apple security chip that comes with a secure enclave coprocessor. This provides means for secure startup and encrypted storage functions. This increases safety and protects your work.

It also includes a solid-state drive that is extremely fast and offers sequential read speeds of up to 3.2 GB / s. The model also has a 4TB SSD so you have enough space to work with the largest video and audio files. This way, you can also import large files at lightning speed.


  • Powerful processing.
  • Completes tasks in less time.
  • Higher memory.
  • Spectacular graphics.
  • Improved security.
  • Fast processing.
  • Allows multitasking.
  • Versatile connection.
  • Efficient touch control.

5 Dell Gaming Laptop G5587-5859BLK-PUS G5

The Dell gaming laptop is undoubtedly one of the most efficient laptops for gaming and video editing. That’s what makes it so amazing.

The 8th generation Intel Core processors ensure fast processing and high speeds. They also allow you to work on complex files and multitasking. The higher battery power also ensures better performance.

The latest NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 is equipped with NVIDIA Max Q design technology. This will help you achieve a full sensory experience. In addition, the 6 GB GDDR5 video memory enables clearer and more detailed gameplay.

The superior sound technology is another attractive feature of the Dell laptop. The sound is therefore clearer thanks to the front speakers, which are operated with the MaxxAudio speakers. They undoubtedly offer you the ultimate personal theater experience.

The laptops were specially developed for the game audience and content manufacturers. With the discrete and powerful graphics cards, you can experience everything with increased intensity. So you can enjoy everything you do in real time.

The model has a 128 GB solid-state drive startup and a 1 TB 5400 rpm hard drive. These are four times faster than conventional SATA and therefore load apps and data faster. They also allow the machine to run faster, save battery life and improve shock resistance.


  • Fast processing.
  • Improved sound and graphics
  • Higher storage.
  • Exceptional rigidity.
  • Improved shock resistance.
  • Higher customization.

6 MSI GS75 Stealth-093 17.3-inch straight razor with thin bezel

If you are looking for a slim design laptop that promises high performance and amazing graphics, then the MSI GS75 is definitely the one for you.

It has a 17.3 inch wide display. The IPS laptop enables improved image quality and higher resolution. This ensures the ultimate experience for its users.

The NVIDIA GeForce RTX2080 8G Max-Q GDDR6 graphics is equipped with
the latest ray tracing technology. This not only improves video quality, but also enables tasks to be completed faster. With the Intel Core i7, you can also rely on faster data processing.

The Stealth’s storage is a whopping 32 GB. This way you can not only process large audio and video files, but also edit several apps at the same time. A 512 GB NV Me SSD card is also inserted.

Many laptops heat up quickly, but not this one. All of this is thanks to the three fans and four exhausts in his system that prevent heat storage and increase airflow. There are also seven copper heat pipes that further support the task.

Other special features include a 35% larger touchpad made of silky glass that enables easy typing, a slimmer power supply unit for easy mobility and an MSI app player.


  • Sleek design.
  • Easy portability.
  • Fast processing.
  • High resolution widescreen.
  • Higher heat dissipation.
  • Increased airflow.
  • Larger touchpad.
  • Real-time ray tracing.


  • Weighs more than most other laptops.

7 Acer Aspire E 15 laptop

The Acer Aspire series laptops offer a range of options for everyday use. They also come with some appealing features. Here’s everything about the E15.

Powerful processing is certainly the order of the day, especially if you want to complete complex tasks such as video editing in less time. Therefore, the 8th generation Intel Core processor offers more performance, better battery life and more entertainment on the go.

It also provides easy access for all users. The practical compartment door makes upgrading hard drives and storage much easier. In addition, upgrades are faster with the Acer Aspire.

The latest 802.11ac Wi-Fi offers a smooth internet experience with incomparable internet speed. Connection speeds are up to three times faster than previous generations. This way you can stream, download and search to your heart’s content.

The audio quality is astonishing due to the improved speaker designs. This can bring films and games to life. In addition, the audio offers a wide range of bass, increased volume and no distortion.

The NVIDIA GeForce MX150 graphics card has 2 GB of discrete video memory. They allow you to view the content in HD. They also improve film and game quality and make them appear more real.

The Acer not only has a powerful interior, but also a beautiful interior. Every detail of the laptop has been specially designed to ensure a smooth and clean appearance without unnecessary lines.


  • Fast processing.
  • HD quality and high-definition videos.
  • Easy upgrades.
  • More memory and storage.
  • Improved audio quality.
  • Distortion-free audio and video.
  • Nice exterior.

8 MSI GT75 TITAN-014 17.3 “Extreme gaming laptop

The MSI GT75 is an extreme gaming laptop that offers a range of expertise. It has a lot to offer. Let’s take a look at some of the most striking features.

The powerful Intel Core i7 processor is important for complex tasks such as games and video editing. The MSI has a powerful Intel Core i7 processor that not only allows you to get the job done faster, but also ensures a smoother experience.

The NVIDIA GeForce RTX2070 8G GDDR6 is equipped with the latest ray tracing technology that enables amazing graphics. These enable you to have an HD display and higher video quality. In addition, the 17.3-inch display enhances your experience.

It is important for film students and content makers that the laptop offers more storage space. Therefore, the laptop has 32 GB of memory and an inserted 512 GB NV Me SSD card. Together, they enable the import of large HD files and data.

The images also come with amazing clarity, which is made possible by its HD display. The special speakers also improve the audio quality. Therefore, the two functions together ensure distortion-free audio and video.

The laptop also has a slim design and is light. Not only does this increase portability, it also makes it incredibly attractive. In addition, the 11 heat pipes used in the system offer better cooling and thus more stability.


  • Fast processing.
  • Latest graphics card.
  • Increased storage space.
  • Distortion-free audio and video.
  • Wide display.
  • Sleek and attractive design.
  • Light and portable.
  • Larger airflow.

9 ASUS ROG Zephyrus S Ultra Slim Gaming PC laptop

If you can’t compromise on the design or quality of a laptop, try the ASUS ROG. Let’s look at the best features.

The 8th generation Intel Core i7 core processor is one of the most powerful on the market. You can use it to work with complex and large audio and data files. In addition, the laptop has a boost of 1265 MHz.

The screen is 15.6 wide and has a full HD display. In addition, it has a response rate of 3 ms, which means that more frames are possible in a shorter duration. This function is very useful for quick processing and when playing.

Graphics also play a key role in any type of digital task. The NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 8 GB GDDR5 is equipped with Max-Q
technology. It guarantees the ultimate gaming experience for every user.

In addition, the ASUS has improved 12 V fans, which improve cooling and prevent heating of the system. The dust protection plates remove dust and unnecessary particles from the system. Together, they improve performance and stability.

In addition, the 4-zone ASUS Aura RGB keyboard is unique and has a simple touchpad and improved customization. The military grade magnesium alloy body provides premium coverage and makes the laptop portable.


  • Thinner than most others and has a sleek design.
  • Easily portable.
  • Fast import of large files.
  • Advanced customization.
  • Improved cooling.
  • Greater stability.
  • Higher response time.
  • Prevents blurring and distortion.


  • The screen display is a bit smaller.

10 HP 15.6-inch HD touchscreen notebook

The HP touchscreen is a stylish laptop. One look at the amazing properties is enough to persuade you to buy. Here’s why it’s considered one of the best.

The laptop promises excellent workmanship thanks to its amazing 8th generation processor. It ensures that tasks are performed quickly and prevents distortion.

The 15.6 diagonal screen provides clarity for the images. The screen also has an HD display and high resolution. In addition, the Intel UHD 620 graphics provide the ultimate experience for all users.

The HP touchscreen also offers high storage space with an 8 GB DDR4 SDRAM and 2 TB 5400 rpm. This way you can easily import large files. You can also work with multiple apps at the same time.

The stereo speakers are also an impressive addition to this amazing laptop. They offer much better audio quality and allow you to experience multi-dimensional sound with greater clarity.

In addition, it has a combo socket for headphones and microphone.


  • Stylish look.
  • Better Bluetooth quality.
  • Fast processing.
  • HD display.
  • High-definition pictures.
  • Better sound quality.
  • More memory.
  • Light and easy to carry.


  • Relatively more expensive than some other models.

Best budget laptop for video editing buying guide

Investing in a laptop is expensive; You can’t say no. Most laptops on the market cost a lot, especially if they are equipped with fast processors and better memory.

So if you want to buy a laptop specifically for video editing, you need to understand your requirements and then make the best choice. Here is a buying guide to help you.

Type (removable or not)

Detachable screens are completely removed from the keyboard, while the detachable hinges have hinges that can be bent back 360 degrees to change the mode.

Both are almost the same, with the biggest difference in battery life. Detachable laptops have a shorter battery life than those that bend.

Laptop for video editing
Photo by Block Inspect


The size has a lot to do with the portability of your laptop. Here you will find a number of display sizes that most laptops offer.

  • 13 to 14 inches: This weighs about 4 pounds and strikes a balance between portability and usability. They offer a smaller screen size. So keep that in mind before choosing this.
  • 15-16 inches: These weigh about 5-7 pounds and are considered very popular. If you want a big screen and don’t have to carry your laptop often for your job, this is the right size.
  • 17-18 inches: These weigh more than the standards, so only buy them if your laptop stays at your desk most of the day. These are the most popular among high-end editors and gamers.


Processing is the key to everything. For video editing you need at least an 8th generation Core i5 processor. However, the most ideal processor is the Intel Xeon processor or the i7 core.


The minimum resolution required for video editing is 1080p. However, if you want to make very delicate and complicated changes, choose a resolution of 3840 x 2160.


Adequate storage allows you to import large files and work with more data. You need at least 16 GB of RAM. However, if you’re a professional editor, you’ll need at least 32 GB of storage. You need at least 256 GB SSD. However, it is better to work with a 1 TB NV Me SSD.

Also look for an expandable device that can increase storage and storage space by inserting an SSD card.


The screen varies from laptop to laptop, with some having up to 4K or 8K displays. The minimum requirement for video editing is an HD display that allows y
ou to display your pictures clearly. However, a 4K or 8K display significantly improves the picture quality and thus improves your work quality.

best laptop for video editing reports
Photo by Ryan Morse


All other points often fade compared to the price. And your choice depends on which laptop you can easily afford. However, it is a myth that only high-priced laptops offer better features.

The requirements of a video editor are specific and often differ greatly from the requirements of a normal user. So if you’re on a budget, look for a laptop with better processing and storage, even if you have to make a slight compromise on battery life or design.


Investing a large amount of money in a product is a great risk, and a wrong choice can lead to much regret. Therefore, we have determined the winner after thorough examination of all products. The Apple MacBook Pro is hands down the best laptop for video editing.

It not only comes with powerful processing and amazing graphics, but also higher memory and storage. It also ensures versatility and customization. It also provides better security and protects your important work.

In addition, the quick processing and easy portability contribute to its attractiveness. All of these features are cheaper than most other laptops on the market, making them a clear winner.

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