Top 10 best full tower case on the market in 2020 reviews

Have you planned your ideal game configuration? Or do you want to build one of the best PCs you can muster?

If you answer YES, you have to put all your energy into finding the best processors, RAMs, SSDs and graphics cards. However, you also need to look for the best full tower case. It is designed to ensure that your PC components are kept cool in both temperature and style.

If you do not know which housing is best suited for the construction of your system, we will help you there.

Read some of the best full tower cases for PCs in this article.

Let’s jump in!

est full tower case reviews

Best comparison table for full tower cases

Top 10 best full tower case to buy 2020 reviews

1 Cooler Master Cosmos C700M

If you are looking for the best case with full tower and flexibility, you have to get your hands on it. The Cooler Master Cosmos C700M is our favorite case with a full tower.

We say this because its innovative design does an excellent job of cooling the PC build. In addition to the design of the case, you have the option of placing seven fans on the case.

In addition to the excellent workmanship and discrete LED-RGB integration, it also offers a spacious construction. This product also guarantees a good air flow. In addition, the RGB light bar system on the top and bottom of the case illuminates the exterior in a very tasteful way.

In addition, you can present an impressive interior with the curved tempered glass pane.

That’s not all!

This model supports most high-end components, including the E-ATX motherboards.

You can also use this to support multiple oversized graphics cards. You can also carry radiators with a length of 42 mm with this tower housing. The Cosmos 700M is the perfect option for anyone looking for a versatile, high-quality housing.


  • Offers excellent thermal performance.
  • The best liquid cooling system and cable management.
  • Besides, it’s not loud.
  • The design of this case allows for a variety of configurations.
  • It has several GPU configurations.
  • In addition, it has an integrated RGB lighting system.
  • This model offers a customizable motherboard layout.


  • You may need power adapter extension cables.
  • It is also expensive.
  • This device is quite difficult to move.

2 CORSAIR OBSIDIAN 1000D super tower case

This CORSAIR flagship offers first-class workmanship. The manufacturers have chosen to provide as much space as possible inside the case. In addition, two separate systems can be accommodated at the same time.

In addition, it can be used with an E-ATX-based system and a Mini-ITX-based system.

The basic structure of this model is made of brushed aluminum to give the case an excellent appearance. In addition, the smoked tempered glass panes on the sides, front and top contribute to the beauty of the exterior. In addition, the housing has a built-in fan and flash control. These come under the name (Corsair Commander Pro ”.

One of the best features of this model are the pull-out cooler / fan trays. The storage compartments in the French door style with telescopic radiator shells enable easy installation. In addition, this Corsair 1000D is guaranteed for 2 years, which is sufficient for a PC case.

This product is the right option for those who want the very best. This is hands down one of the best full tower cases your PC can ever find on the market.


  • Made of high quality material.
  • A breathtaking design that gives your interior brilliance.
  • In addition, an E-ATX and a Mini-ITX system are supported at the same time.
  • It offers many fan or cooler mounts to meet your needs.
  • Comes with a great built-in controller.
  • There is also a 2-year guarantee.


  • This tower case is quite expensive.
  • It is massive and very bulky to take away.
  • You also need to purchase a separate cooler or fan compartment.

3 Thermal recording CA-1F8-001M1WN-02 Core X71

This model may not have the most popular design on the market. However, when it comes to price, we think it offers amazing value for money. This must be the best reason that it is the best full tower case.

First, the airflow in this model is incredible. In addition, the design has a grilled front and top as well as grill plates on both sides of the lower power supply chamber. This feature helps maximize the amount of intake and outflow air.

In addition, the side tempered glass has many cable routing holes.

This amazing device can hold up to 15 different fans. It can also hold radiators in six different positions. In addition, it can carry up to 480mm coolers on the front of the case.

Therefore, this indicates that there is unlimited potential for liquid cooling in Core X71. In addition, this device can accommodate all graphics cards and CPU coolers currently available on the market. It also offers so many functions that you can make your first choice.


  • It provides incredible airflow to cool your PC down.
  • Comes at a great price.
  • In addition, it is affordable.
  • Supports multiple PC systems.
  • In addition, the tempered glass window gives you a look inside.
  • Easy to install.


  • Couldn’t have the best look.

4 Cougar Panzer Max Tower Fall

With the introduction of this Cougar Panzer Max Tower case, Cougar has proven to be a large manufacturer of PC tower cases. This ultimate case offers everything a PC manufacturer could wish for. In addition, it is also available at a relatively affordable price.

It is able to accommodate all graphics cards or CPU coolers currently available on the market.

This model has a cool design and proper ventilation. In addition, it is equipped with a side window covering and plenty of support for first-class liquid cooling.

In addition, the case is large and has no handle on top to carry it around.

The impressive design with its ability to house a high-end gaming computer can make this Cougar Tower case a good choice. So if you want an affordable tower case, this is the one for you.

It also comes with a cool design, so go for this Cougar Tower case.


  • This device has a stunning design that complements your exquisite interior.
  • It is quite affordable.
  • In addition, the side walls with windows contribute to its beautiful design.
  • It offers the best liquid cooling ability.


  • This model comes with a heavyweight.
  • In addition, there is no handle at the top to carry it around.

5 Phantek’s Enthoo Pro Full Tower case

Quite an old case with lots of functions. The Phanteks Enthoo Pro Full Tower case was one of the first on the market to support the power supply case. The best thing about this tower case is the affordable price. The windowless version is available for under $ 90.

This Enthoo Pro model can accommodate any graphics card and CPU cooler. In addition, you can attach radiators in four different places in the housing. In addition, radiators with a length of up to 420 mm can be carried on the top of the housing.

With this tower case you also get SSD brackets that can be removed depending on your choice.

It offers many nice cable management functions, including holes covered with rubber grommets. It also has Velcro straps. To increase the brilliance, this case can support extended motherboards.

In short, although this tower case is a bit old, it’s still a high-end case at a very affordable price. So if you are looking for the best case with a full tower and a moderate budget, you should get this model.


  • In addition, it can support any graphics card and CPU cooler.
  • Supports support for a number of motherboards.
  • The SD brackets are removable.
  • In addition, this model has a variety of cable management functions.

6 Quiet! Dark Base Pro 900 Full Tower

If you are someone who appreciates acoustics more than aesthetics, be calm!

Dark Base Pro is the best tower case option for you. Originally known for its quiet power supplies and fans, this tower case came onto the market with great surprise.

This dark Base Pro 900 with full tower case is one of the most recommended best case with full tower.

Thanks to its slim design and exquisitely friendly interior, it has become one of the most popular tower housings. In addition, it is the best modular case, and the uniqueness of this case lies in the adjustable motherboard tray.

In addition, both the motherboard and the storage compartments can be mounted to allow a mirrored appearance. This case is available in three different colors, including orange, silver and black.

In this case, 3x Silent Wings-3 fans are pre-installed to improve the acoustic performance. In addition, 17 internal drives can be supported and the drive bays can be removed to increase airflow.

There are many nifty features like Qi wireless charging and pre-installed LED lighting. In addition, this full tower is large enough to accommodate any custom cooling you can think of.


  • One of the best modular enclosures on the market.
  • Wireless charging.
  • Supports extensive cooling systems.
  • In addition, silencers can be used in all areas to minimize noise.


  • The interior design of this model is not that attractive.

7 NZXT H500i-Compact ATX mid-tower case

If you’re looking for a case with lots of airflow, add this NZXT H500i mid tower case to your wish list. Along with a beautiful design, this smart case has been specially designed to showcase all of your components.

In addition, it is a great option for those who have a good taste for stunning designs.

With every day, this case is becoming increasingly popular due to several functions it embodies. It is able to integrate fascinating, integrated and intelligent device-controlled RGB lighting. You can also use the chassis to create some brilliant looking builds.

In addition, everything is kept cool by airflow, in addition to too much filtering.

This PC case is very spacious and offers plenty of space for a vertical GPU holder. In addition, the improved air circulation and noise-reducing elements make this case an exquisite option to add value to your money. In short, this model is not what you should miss.


  • Acceptable price.
  • It offers an extensive airflow.
  • In addition, the exquisite design gives your interior beauty.
  • The shop window offers a wonderful view of the interior.
  • A great room for GPU mounting.
  • It is also equipped with cable management functions.


  • It can get a bit loud under load.

8 CORSAIR Graphite 780T Tower Case

If you’re a fan of breathtaking outdoor spaces, you have to get this amazing CORSAIR Graphite 780T tower case. This tower case features a sleek design with rounded corners that allow you to create good looking PC systems.

In addition, this is one of the best full tower cases due to its high quality construction and stunning design.

This case is becoming increasingly popular due to the locked side walls, which allow quick and easy access. In addition, two 360 mm radiators can be supported to achieve the best cooling effects.

In addition, this tower housing is very well compatible with many systems. These include the Mini-ITX, Micro-ATX, E-ATX and XL-ATX system.

Another great feature of this case are the double 140mm LED intake fans. In addition to a 140 mm exhaust fan for improved air circulation to keep everything cool.

To improve perfection, this case has three space-saving SSD bays on the side to offer maximum storage space.

For a brilliant looking case with many advanced features, you need to consider this CORSAIR 780T tower case.


  • This model can support some systems.
  • In addition, it has a unique design.
  • Comprehensive cooling system.
  • Improved air circulation through highly efficient fans.
  • This case is very spacious.
  • It is also available in two different colors.


  • It is very expensive.
  • In addition, the case is not smoked enough to hide the internal components.

9 Thermaltake Core X71 Tower Case

Since RGB is the latest trend in PC hardware, cases with tempered glass panes have proven their worth. This case offered by Thermaltake is an impressive example. With four tempered glass panes that cover the entire housing, it allows a wonderful view of the interior.

In addition, there are three pre-installed RGB LED fans that contribute to perfection.

This amazing case is the perfect case for RGB enthusiasts. In addition, it is equipped with tempered tinted glass that best highlights the interior lighting. A striking feature of this case is that, unlike some tempered glass cases on the market, it has swing doors.

With these doors, you don’t have to remove the entire glass pane every time you want to make changes.

That’s not all.

The housing offered by Thermaltake also has a vertical GPU holder to support liquid cooling. Therefore, this cooling system helps the system cool down during operation.

So if you are looking for a large, versatile case to showcase the components, this Thermaltake case is the way to go.


  • This amazing case is outfitted with tons of tempered glass.
  • In addition, it is equipped with 3 RGB LED fans.
  • It is one of the most modular cases.
  • The swing door facilitates access to the interior.
  • There is also an efficient liquid cooling system.


  • The airflow in this case is not efficient enough.
  • It’s also a bit difficult.

10 Cooler Master MC500 mid-tower ATX case

The Cooler Master MC500 is the company’s newest flagship in the middle of the tower. But it also has the best features of a full tower case. This amazing case in the middle of the tower supports a variety of large components in addition to custom cooling options.

With this modular free-form system you can adapt, adapt and upgrade your case according to your wishes. It is also equipped with a range of cable management functions. In addition, the hardened glass panes on the sides offer a wonderful view of the inside and are also fall-proof.

Therefore, it offers easy removal and installation thanks to unique brackets.

One of the best features of this case is the flexible two-chamber design. This feature helps with the removable partition by using a control panel to isolate power supplies and cables for neat management.

In addition, three radiators attached to different locations are another reason to love the brilliant center tower case. Other modern details include a USB 3.0 port and countless other modularity options.


  • This case is able to support massive ATX.
  • Improved air circulation to cool the interior.
  • In addition, it is very spacious.
  • It offers clean cable management.
  • It also comes with a USB 3.0 port.


  • There are no magnetic dust filters.
  • In addition, it is very expensive for those on a tight budget.


As smaller form factors become more popular, larger cases have always played a special role in the heart of PC manufacturers. In addition, these cases are important because a stunning PC case will make your PC look better and last longer.

In this article we discussed the specifications of the best full tower enclosures available on the market. However, our first choice is Cooler Master Cosmos C700 M. It is characterized by its flexibility and impressive design, as well as its ability to support high-end components.

Good luck!

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