Top 10 Best Mouse Bungee for the Budget 2020 Reviews

Bungee is a fancy name for a mouse cable holder. Holders like these are needed because they reduce drag when you pull or push the mouse.

Are you thinking of spending a mouse bungee but still not sure? You’re not alone. A mouse bungee can seem quite unnecessary to most people. And if you get the wrong one, it really is.

While we can’t convince you to buy a bungee, we can only make your purchase more pleasant. That’s why we’re presenting you with the best mouse cable holders that are worth the price.

We explain everything you need to know before buying a mouse bungee.

Benefits of mouse bungees

A mouse bungee prevents friction by holding the string in place, usually at a higher level. This prevents the cable from interfering with your gaming experience.

It also ensures that the cursor moves smoothly so that you can use the mouse to pan views.

Bungee is a great way to clean up the clutter on your desk. Mouse cables can get tangled up with keyboard and microphone cables. This can also be quite annoying when you want to put something else on the table.

In fact, you can use your mouse bungee to manage keyboard and headset cables too.

Bungees look very easy on the eyes. Your gaming station looks professional and highly aesthetic. And if your bungee has LED lights, your station will look all the more impressive.

Mouse bungee

Best mouse bungee comparison chart

Top 10 Best mouse bungee On the market 2020 reviews

1 Razer bungee

When in doubt as to whether a mouse bungee is worth trying out the Razer Gaming Bungee. This chord holder is a great way to experience the full power of bungees. Once you start using it, you will finally understand why so many people choose bungees.


The Razer Bungee reduces the forward and backward resistance of your mouse cable by up to 3.2 mm. The base is light enough to carry around but heavy enough to stay firmly on the ground.

This way, even with the hardest jolt, your bungee won’t slide off or tip over. The spring arm has been coated with a rustproof material to significantly improve the durability of the bungee.

What is more?

This is a great mouse cable holder for gamers as it reduces drag and drag when moving the mouse. This allows you to move the cursor smoothly.

Not only that…

The Razer Mouse Bungee can be used with most models of mice. So you don’t have to worry about compatibility at all. The only problem we could find is that the Razer Bungee is not adjustable.

So you can’t make it bigger or shorter. However, you can tilt the spring arm forwards or backwards and also adjust the cable length.

Last but not least…

Speaking of adjustability: the holding arm of the bungee cannot be widened or narrowed either. If your mouse’s cord is too thick, you may find no solace in this product.

It reduces the clutter on your gaming desk and ensures a smooth and lag-free gaming experience.


  • Reduces drag by a significant factor.
  • Prevents pulling and pulling.
  • The weighted base stays in place even if you pull hard on it.
  • It helps improve game skills by keeping the cursor moving smoothly.
  • Perfect for games like Fortnite and CS: GO
  • It won’t slip or tip over on the desk.


  • Little adjustability.
  • Height and head width cannot be adjusted.

2 BenQ bungee

Tired of your cable interfering with normal mouse movement?

You may also be interested in the BenQ Zowie CAMADE. This is a mouse bungee with a weighted base that stays grounded while you play your favorite games.

What about the design?

It’s designed to keep the cord from tangling and help clean up the clutter on your desk. With so many peripherals attached, a gaming station can get pretty messy. Now clean up your station with a BenQ bungee.

What makes this bungee so unique?

It has a spring arm that can be adjusted vertically. So you can change the height of the bungee to your liking. This adds to the personalization that comes with the BenQ.

Some other products we tested did not have a height adjustment function. So this is definitely a plus.

Is that all? No! Here is more …

The top of the arm has a rubber clip that is compatible with most mouse cables. However, if your cable is too thick, you may need a wider clip.

The clip is made of rubber, so there is some tolerance for adjustment. However, compatibility is definitely subject to some limitations.

What’s the real story?

The whole body and feet are made of hardened rubber. So stay on the table. This means you can move the mouse very quickly without having to worry about the bungee falling.

This feature is best for mouse games that require a lot of camera panning, such as playing games. B. CS: GO and COD.


  • The height can easily be adjusted to suit your taste.
  • Very compatible with most computer and gaming mice.
  • The heavy base prevents jerks and slips.
  • Rubber feet keep the base grounded to prevent it from tipping over.
  • Sudden mouse movements are made possible by the BenQ.
  • Best for games that require a lot of cursor movement.


  • The head cannot be tilted back and forth.

3 CM bungee

Do you want something that stands out from the crowd?

At first glance you will see what we are talking about. The CM Storm is shaped like a scorpion with two legs and
a bungee arm. The color is deep black and the material is smooth plastic. You will definitely revamp your gaming setup with this cool new bungee.

But there is a catch …

Not everything looks. That is why the CM Scorpio is no stranger to quality when it comes to quality. This bungee offers all the features a good bungee should have: flexibility, mobility and adjustment.

More on that later…

For starters, the cable arm is made of rubber which allows you to adjust both the cable length and the angle. This makes it the perfect companion for gaming as comfort is the key to a good gaming experience.

What is more?

It has an iron core. So the extra weight keeps it on the ground. It won’t tip over when you pull the string. Even if you pull really hard, the two scorpion legs keep it stable.

In fact, this two-legged design makes it more stable than any other bungee. We loved the CM Storm Scorpio, and we are sure you will, too.

What other unique properties does it have?

This bungee has an arm head with an adjustable width. So cords of all strengths can fit into the Scorpio. There are certainly some limitations, but the compatibility is higher than others.

And on top of that, the unusual design doesn’t cost you much. This is the best bungee for the price and value.


  • Unique design.
  • Two legs and an iron core keep it stable and prevent it from tipping over.
  • The head can be adjusted to accommodate thicker cords.
  • Low price and high value.
  • No duplicates or fakes.
  • Highly flexible arm, adjustable in all four directions.


  • The base can get extremely dusty.

4 Improve bungee

If you’re more into the glowing aesthetic, try the Enhance Pro Bungee.

This bungee, similar to the scorpion, has a unique design. The base glows in multiple colors and highlights your gaming setup. Now you can play live stream games and engage your audience.

Why is Enhance a gamer’s best friend?

The main body has 7 LED colors that range from red, green, blue, yellow to multicolor. This will greatly improve your gaming setup.

Let’s talk about functionality.

This gaming bungee not only looks chic, but also has a high level of functionality. It has 4 USB ports and a highly flexible bungee arm.

Other peripheral devices such as keyboards and microphones can be exchanged via the USB ports. So you have all your accessories in one place.

How can you actually adjust it?

The arm of the bungee can be adjusted up and down and even sideways. The height can be shifted and the head tilted. All of this makes for a more comfortable gaming experience.

Other than that, the Enhance has the usual features like a weighted base and a non-slip design. However, the base has no legs, so the stability is relatively poor.

Last but not least…

A manufacturer’s guarantee of 3 years applies to the Enhance. If your bungee loses quality or the LED stops working, you can get a replacement for free.

In addition, the design of the Enhance is space-oriented. This means that it will take up less space on your desk and will help clean up the mess.


  • Best gaming bungee for aesthetics and beauty.
  • Has 4 USB ports for additional functions.
  • Height and width can be adjusted in all directions.
  • 3 year guarantee.
  • Reduces clutter caused by cables.


  • The base is not as stable as other bungees.

5 Cougar bungee

Some people aren’t looking for an extremely fancy bungee. Some just want simplicity and compactness. And that’s exactly what the Cougar Gaming Bungee is all about.

You won’t notice much when you see the Cougar, but that’s all the beauty of it.

What is hidden in its design?

This bungee has a flat design that is both minimal and professional. It has no fancy lights and the base is compact and circular.

The arm is also designed to be very minimal, with little to no color variation. The only color is the sober orange logo in the middle.

Aside from the sober aesthetic, the Cougar is a great bungee for keeping the mouse cord under control.

What is special about the Cougar?

It has a suction cup on the bottom to keep it in place. This function is absent in most other mouse bungees. We found that the cougar would stay seated while other bungees would tip over or move.

To add all of that …

The cougar is light. This bungee cord holder only relies on suction to ground yourself to the table. So the core doesn’t have to be heavy.

This greatly reduces the weight of the bungee so that everyone can move it. The suction power is not only stronger, but also reduces the overall weight.

Here is more …

The Cougar is simple and compact. The compact properties contribute to the high portability of the product. You can put it practically anywhere on your desk and it will keep the space free for you.


  • Sober design that renews your gaming station by remaining inconspicuous.
  • Uses suction instead of a heavy core to increase stability.
  • The Cougar is extremely light.
  • Very compact and space-saving.
  • The bungee arm is highly flexible and customizable.


  • Bungee is extremely tight.
  • A suction cup can easily collect dust.


This bungee has the classic design with a prism base and a rubber tip arm. It’s one of the best for esports and online gaming.

A bungee like this one is best for professional players participating in tournaments and competitions. This bungee will
help manage your cables and keep the cursor moving smoothly.

To add that …

The heavy iron core prevents the bungee itself from tipping over or falling. This means that you can move your mouse around as you wish and the tugs won’t spoil your gaming experience.

However, due to the heavy core, the Casethrone can get quite heavy. So dealing with this can be quite difficult. And it also increases the likelihood of toe injuries.

We recommend the Casethrone because of its high durability. It’s made of ABS plastic along with some silicone and stainless steel.

Why is that important?

This extends the life of the product. However, this also makes it harder. And ABS isn’t the most environmentally friendly either. However, if you are looking for a product that will last a long time, the Casethrone is the perfect choice.

Let’s not see the adjustability.

The arm of the Casethrone can be adjusted vertically, but not horizontally. It does not pivot and the head cannot be adjusted to accommodate thicker cords.

However, the casethrone has three clips instead of one. This gives you more security and security. The head of each clip is made of hard silicone, which is suitable for most mouse cables.

What is more?

The silicone head can be removed for maintenance. This means that you can clean your bungee with ease.


  • Three silicone clips hold the cable in place.
  • Heavy stainless steel core against slipping and pulling.
  • Made of silicone and ABS plastic for a longer service life.
  • The head can be removed for easy maintenance.


  • The head cannot be swiveled from left to right.
  • ABS plastic is not environmentally friendly.

7 KLIM bungee

KLIM is one of the best mouse bungees because it offers perfect control. It avoids blocking or errors. This enables the perfect flowability. The extension is completely stable.

What is more?

You can now play your favorite games. There is nothing to worry about. Your arm remains flexible.

Not only does it offer you perfect control, it also meets the requirements of your USB connection. It has the latest in USB 3.0 technology and a superior power adapter. It gives you enough relaxation to plug in your USB and finish your work.

What’s the real story?

In addition to the USB connection, this gaming mouse bungee also offers the practical SD slot. This keeps your desk organized.

It also helps you get the job you want on time and with as little clutter as possible. This gives your workspace a professional and organized look.

Here’s why …

It is from a reputable brand so its quality is never compromised. You don’t have to worry about it getting damaged or broken. The warranty offered is five years, which is enough for a good quality product.

Last but not least…

Its design and color reinforce its beauty and demand. It is available in black and gray color. This gives it a professional look. It also improves the aesthetics of your work environment. You can now place it in your room and enjoy the modern vibe of this mouse bungee.


  • Multifunctional.
  • It’s in perfect control.
  • 5 year guarantee
  • It has a micro USB port and a card slot.
  • The extension is very stable.


  • Color combination is not that great.

8 Improve bungee

When we first look at this mouse bungee, the design and color combination are well worth seeing. It has two colors: black and blue. Blue is the lighting effect used in this mouse bungee.

What is more?

The design is professional. Having it on your table gives you a lot more convenience than you can imagine.

But there is a catch …

It also has a flexible silicone bungee arm. This holds braided and non-braided mouse cables. They help improve performance and eliminate drag.

Why is that important?

Now you can play as many games as you want. The wires won’t tangle and your game won’t be hampered.

That’s not all…

It has 4 USB ports on the bungee base. They can be used to power the peripheral devices. In addition, it has the rubberized feet that help hold it in place while you play. It doesn’t pull away when you drag the mouse towards you. The feet are also known as non-slip pads.

What’s the best feature?

It has stunning lights to match the tower and mouse headset. The aesthetics of your game or workspace are not compromised here. It gives the place such a glittering and calming look.

Last but not least…

It has a 3 year guarantee. Now you don’t have to worry about the quality of the mouse bungee anymore.


  • Impressive lighting.
  • 3 year guarantee.
  • 4 port USB hub.
  • Made of the best quality.


  • Some users may not prefer lighting.

9 NPET bungee

If we are talking about the best mouse bungee, then how can we forget about the NPET? It has 3 non-slip pads underneath. This provides a firm grip on the mouse and stable operation.

What is more?

On the other hand, it has a separable design. If you want to move to your friend, you can switch there with your mouse bungee.

It has flexible silicone bungee arms. This will help in attaching the cable of this mouse. This allows the cable to retain its texture and shape and avoid tangles. All of this ensures precise control.

Why is that important?

These arms help increase the accuracy of pro esports and other competitive games. You can compete in the national competitions and this mouse bungee will not disappoint.

It is mini in size that takes up the minimal space on your desk. This gives you enough space to move your mouse. Your workplace won’t look like a mess. You can mount it with a
ny suitable window and it will work best.

The best part?

There’s a money-back guarantee so you can replace a defective part within 30 days. This does not only apply to a replacement guarantee of 24 months.

That’s not all…

It will help you change the power supply devices according to your desired task. What you have to do is just “plug and play”, no other software is required.


  • Non-slip pads.
  • Detachable design.
  • LED lighting.
  • Hub with four USB ports.
  • Professional gaming looks.


  • Some people don’t like the design of this mouse bungee.

10 Generic bungee

Generic is pure black. This not only gives it a professional look, but also improves its aesthetic appearance. You can place it in any room and on any desk. The black color gives it an elegant look.

What is more?

If we talk about its size, it is very compact. First, it doesn’t take up a lot of desk space. Because its size is minimal. The second thing is that there is enough space for mouse movement. Move around freely now.

What’s the real story?

It is made of plastic and metal. The material of the mouse is very flexible. This makes it durable and extends its lifespan. The metal rod does not break off.

Feel free to use it. It won’t cause any problems. Securely pack it in a bag and begin your journey.

More on that later…

If you are planning on games like CF and CS, this mouse bungee is best for that. The wire does not tangle and you can play freely.

The best part …

This bungee works best with any corded mouse. You are not tied to a specific mouse to play. When one of your mice is not working and you need to change it. Do it now without the fear of that bungee mouse compatibility.


  • Made of metal.
  • Available in pure black color.
  • Works with any corded mouse.
  • Perfect for games.
  • Adjustable wire clamp.
  • Flexible mouse.


  • It does not offer a USB port.
  • No light effect on this product.


Are Mouse Bungees Worth It? Well, mouse bungees are needed by professional gamers to prevent dragging and to maintain the smoothness of the cursor. A lot of people think they are wasting their money, which can be pretty true if you have the wrong bungee.

If you are still wondering whether to buy a mouse string bungee, wait no longer. The best bungees are out there. All you have to do is buy one and have an enjoyable experience. And that is exactly what a mouse bungee offers you.

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