Top 10 Best Static Pressure Fans For The Money 2020 Reviews

If you are looking for the best static pressure fan, this is the place for you. Static pressure fans have fan blades that are wider and much more curved in the directional position of the heat source.

These fans blow maximum air volumes in a certain direction.

The design of their blades allows them to move better through radiators and dust filters. These fans efficiently combat heat resistance with static pressure.

Static fans are mainly useful in CPUs, radiators and other heat-generating sinks. You will also learn all about the best static pressure fans available on the market.

best static pressure fan

Best comparison table for static pressure fans

Top 10 best static pressure fans to buy 2020 reviews

1 Noctua NF-A12x25

Let’s see what we have here! The Noctua NF-A12x25 fan is the best product that Noctua has released for years.

Years of joking here and there and a prototype created inevitable frustration. Followed by a 15mm thick, low profile fan as the first product.

The fresh NF-A12 fan series is now the new part of the range. This means excellent support with accessories and warranty after purchase.

The supplied accessories include a vibration-damping rubber seal that seals against a cooler. Springs are attached to the fan in each of the four corners.

This helps keep it in place before the fan is screwed in.

As previously mentioned, there are four rubber mounts available for use as case fans, which are more than enough to keep the fan in place. There are also three cables to justify the cost. The cables include a 30 cm extension cable, a 4-pin Y-splitter cable and a low-noise adapter (LNA).

The LNA lowers the nominal fan speed from 2000.

For those who want a quieter fan, this is the one.

All supplied wires are covered in a shrink application with completely black connections and a brown label.


  • Good results.
  • Quieter than most models.

2 Noctua NF-F12

The Noctua NF-f12 has a strong static pressure and works very quietly even at high speeds. The company calls this the focused FlowTM system. It is primarily intended for printing applications such as heat sinks and radiators.

On the back of the Noctua NF-F12 there are eleven stator guide blades at a variable angular distance.

In contrast to other supporters, the Noctua NF-F12 is designed for a long service life.

It contains a bowl made entirely of brass; CNC milled bearing. This ensures maximum production accuracy, minimum tolerance and high long-term stability.

The NF-F12 has an average downtime of 150,000 hours. It also comes with a full 6 year guarantee given by the brand itself.

The NF-F12 offers promising results and, depending on the requirements, a low noise level. But many may not like the brown and beige color scheme. Many customers find the color “hideous” and do not match the color system of their computer.

But like most companies, there is a catch here: The Noctua NF-F12 has built-in vibration pads.

These pads are made of additional smooth silicon, which minimizes vibration transmission and reduces noise.

The NF-F12 Noctua is a very well built fan. We can say that a lot of studies and engineering work has gone into making this distinctive case fan based on its efficiency and appearance.

True, there are many cheaper case fans out there. But none of them can silence the silence of the NF-F12.


  • High static pressure results in an amazing air direction.
  • Highest quality workmanship.
  • Excellent airflow design
  • Efficient energy saving built.


  • Becomes louder at full speed.


Particular attention was paid to a concentrated air flow and thus increased static pressure. Even with improved air resistance, the fan provides highly effective cooling. The P12 PWM PST is therefore particularly suitable for use on radiators and heat sinks.

In addition, a lower motor temperature of 10 ° C roughly doubles the life of a fan.

These versatile functions make it one of the best static pressure fans.

Thanks to the 4-pin connector, the speed can also be controlled over a wide range using PWM. So this minimizes noise.

Especially when the PWM signal is less than 5%, the P12 is designed to switch to quiet, passive mode.

With easy-to-read fonts, this packaging is also appealing. All relevant data such as warranty, QR code, size and color are shown on the front as well as the appealing image of the fan.

At the same time there is a simple hanger for retail on the box.

In addition, the fan has the capacity of the compressed air flow that the others do not have. So one of the best points of this fan is how it can adjust its speed based on the temperature.

This has not been tested recently. You should find that it is quieter than most other competitions because it contains fewer blades.


  • Highest quality for stability.
  • Five blades for maximum performance.
  • Amazing packaging.
  • The durability of the blades proves quality.


  • Silver screws look unacceptable with the black fan.

4 Thermaltake Riing 12

The Thermaltake Riing 12 LED is famous for its quiet hydraulic bearings. There is an anti-vibration mounting system to increase the fan stability. A ring surrounds the fan with LED color brightness. The LED consists of the colors blue, red, white
and green.

The Thermaltake Riing 12 is “Tt LCS certified” and has proven to be the front runner in its class. This is surely one of the best static pressure fans.

Professional testing ensures that Thermaltake’s cooling and performance is updated by 40%. Compared to the standard case fans available on the market.

In order to generate high static pressure and high cooling, the fan blades are concentrated according to the requirements of the cooler. The fan is designed to direct the inner, weaker air circuit.

If you combine these features with an amazing “wind blocker frame”, you get the highest static pressure in all conditions. The noise and vibration of the blade are reduced by the compression effect, which reduces pressure loss. The hydraulic bearing and other internal components are self-lubricated by this friction management means, which minimizes vibration.

To prevent the frictionless lubricant from escaping, a firm sealing cap is provided.

The packaging is very attractive and offers good protection for the article. The package contains a lot of data to help the customer make a wise choice.


  • High static pressure, good for radiators and other purposes.
  • Unique RGB LED ring.
  • Sleeve cable that is easy to use.
  • Good guarantee period.


  • It is not a PMW fan. Instead, it is a three-pin connectivity.

5 Corsair ML12

The Corsair ML120 PRO RGB fan is only the RGB LED ML PRO fan. In any case, things will not be as easy as they may seem.

First, the fan has the same number of LEDs (four) mounted on the hub, but these can be addressed individually so that the hardware can do more.

Second, Corsair tells me that the design has been further optimized in the year since the ML PRO was released.

In addition, it is short for magnetic levitation or magnetic suspension. However, the maglev train is a method of hanging an object without any support other than magnetic pulling.

The magnetic force in particular can counteract the effects of gravitational acceleration and any other acceleration. That means no more ball bearings and therefore less friction.

In addition, the ML120 PRO LED is designed and built as a super-strong fan that is expected to have a long service life. This is based on the build quality and technology used, which is both great and second to none. The magnetic bearings also guarantee that the entire minimum amount of contact is present in the motor between moving components.

As a result, we see that the supporters of the Corsair ML120 PRO really shine here, and the ML120 PRO RGB surprises us for the better. So it went a little better than the non-LED version.


  • Steadily built, solid property.
  • Perfect engine design.
  • Good performance.


  • LEDs are not that bright.
  • Some fans tick the maximum speed.

6 Corsair Air Series SP 120

The variants of the LED fans do not have the same design and the same quality as conventional variants. We’ll carefully examine these distinctions, but be careful not to confuse the standard with the LED variants of each fan. In addition, both the AF140 and the SP140 LED versions have black plastic frames with narrow bezels and semi-transparent blades.

In general, the plug and the wiring, as well as the supplied screws, are black.

There are also four LED lights on the frame parallel to the support rods for the plastic motor. In addition, the AF140 and the SP140 look almost identical next to each other, except for the handles of the fan.

In addition, the AF140 increased airflow has more (11) and dense blades that can produce a larger airflow. Meanwhile, the SP140 has fewer (7) and wider blades, which allows an even greater airflow.

Second, the quiet and performance versions of the 120 mm AF120 and SP120 fans are physically identical.

However, there are big differences between the fans of the AF120 and the SP120 version. Similarly, the former has more and narrow blades, and the latter has fewer and wider blades.

As a result, however, the amount, shape, and angle of the blades differ from their LED counterparts.


  • Built very bright and lively.
  • Variety in the modes looks good.
  • You can also connect 3 additional fans.


  • You cannot turn off LEDs.
  • No software controllability.
  • A bit expensive for 120mm case fans.

7 Noctua NF-A14

The P14 adapters are mounted so that they can be installed in a position that requires standard screw holes. The NF-A14 initially has a standard frame of 140 mm.

The corners do not open in this position. Therefore there is no backflow through open corners. As with the NF-S12A, the graduated inlet can also be seen in addition to the padded corners.

At the same time, it is the successor to the release of Noctua NF-P14 (140 mm fan) from 2009.

Second, the NF-A14 FLX was first released in Vienna along with other fan designs such as NF-A14 ULN. The unique thing about Noctua fans is that they are known for their calm, quality and low energy consumption.

In addition, like its predecessor NF-P14, it presses a lot of air while remaining very quiet. So if you are in an open space without grille / resistance, you won’t hear much noise.

Most of all, it’s so quiet that you won’t be using U.L.N.A or L.N.A. to reduce its speed. In addition, most fans that spin above 1000 rpm make a lot of noise, but this is completely silent at 20 cm.

Includes installation instructions, a message signed by Noctua’s CEO and extensive fan accessories.

Finally, the accessories are neatly packed in a separate compartment. In summary, the fan properties and results are described in the outer packaging (front and rear).


  • Sleeved cables that simplify use.
  • 6 year guarantee
  • Quieter compared to other models.


  • Installation is not possible with this model.
  • Loose casing, often falls off when connected.
  • An oil leak is also an opportunity.

8 Thermal recording ring 14

The 3-Fan Pack Thermaltake Riing 14 LED RGB TT Premium Edition is also one of the best. First of all, the kit consists of a number of parts and accessories, which can be a little overwhelming at first.

But seeing the fan in action is an eye catcher. In particular, this trio of fans offers ring-shaped LEDs in 256 colors. So we’re going to look at the software that gives us the 256 colors and controls the speed of the fan.

The kit was developed primarily for radiators. You can claim that it sells for triple 140mm radiators because it contains three fans. That would be a big bike, but you could also use it for smaller dimensions.

This means that you can use some or all of these fans instead of cooler fans as case fans.

In addition, the fact that these fans are software controlled means that no hanging dongle protrudes from the case. So the symbology is intuitive and simple.

Even better: you can publish it and we can download it if the software needs to be updated.

Accordingly, it lubricates hydraulic bearings itself with a high-quality, friction-reducing substance that reduces noise and increases effectiveness. The sealing cap also prevents lubricant from escaping and extends the life of the device.

The LNC (Low-Noise Cable) can then reduce the noise level by around 21% to 24%.

After all, eleven fan blades are there to generate large amounts of air to refresh the system. In general, in-mold injection of anti-vibration rubber pads provides easy use with 80% safety coverage.


  • Very high static pressure, good for performance.
  • Good quality sleeve cables.
  • Promising guarantee.


  • 3-pin, no PMW housing.

9 Phantek 140mm

Phantek introduces the new premium case / cooler fans of the PH-F140XP series. In addition, the PH-F140XP with PWM functions enables speed adjustment and silent operation. With a 140mm mounting hole, the PH-F140XP is a fan upgrade choice for consumers looking for better airflow.

Similarly, the redesigned blades of the PH-F140XP have a smaller angle to achieve higher air pressure. Next, it increases airflow and air pressure balance when used as a case fan. In addition, the fresh nine MVB high-pressure blades are precisely positioned to generate a quietly regulated air flow.

In fact, eight rubber pads reduce vibrations.

In addition, Phanteks’ UFB bearings, which consist of MOSS and SSC structures, have an efficient hub-to-tip ratio to achieve equilibrium. Therefore, in addition to the lower vibrations, there is less noise in balance.

Second, SSC increases the life of the bearing and ensures smooth operation and smooth running of the fan axis.

In addition, the PW-functions of the PH-F140XP allow users to set speeds between 600 and 1200 rpm. The PH-F140XP also comes with an accessory pack. This also includes QSA adapters, 4 to 3-pin adapters, 400 mm extension cables and vibration compensators.

In summary, Phanteks products are manufactured to the highest standards and should offer excellent service over many years.


  • Amazing job performance.
  • Excellent bundle package.
  • Great construction quality.
  • Quieter than most.


  • Memory sharing is difficult to say.
  • A bit expensive for a CPU cooler (not even smooth).

10 Corsair ML 140

The packaging initially has the same design as the supporters of the ML120 Pro, and that’s nice. Similarly, it is more robust than that used for older SP AF supporters and corresponds to their yellow / black color scheme. There is also no window on the box to see the fan.

However, the construction of the fan is good. In fact, it works remarkably no matter how challenging the environment is.

In addition, the ML140 Pro impeller has seven opaque, matt black blades and a matt black frame. The one-sided inventory management sticker can be removed after receipt. Meanwhile, the other side has two small arrows that indicate the direction of the air flow.

Similar to the ML120 Pro LED supporters, the ML140 Pro LED is also available in the colors red, white and blue. In addition, the packaging of the non-LED version is physically similar. In particular, the control range is 1,600 rpm. Therefore, this area provides control between performance and stillness during operation.

In addition, the fans on the front have color-coordinated fan sticker hubs and the pleasant fan corners. In general, the magnetic bearing offers an amazing harness levitation. This also automatically reduces the noise during use. Not only that, but also performance and durability.


  • Great construct, great performance.
  • Amazing engine design.


  • LEDs for low light.
  • Fans tick at full speed.


In summary, these static pressure fans are available in the sizes 120 mm and 140 mm. You can choose them according to your needs.

As a result
, you can also use it as a front intake fan in limited areas, especially in front of the drive shaft inlets. In general, static pressure fans generate 120 mm more air pressure than 140 mm.

However, 140mm fans can provide airflow in excess of 120mm and can also be used as a PC case fan. The winner of our summary is Noctua NF-A14.

As mentioned earlier, the airflow is promising and the advanced specifications of this fan work amazingly well.

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