Top 10 Best Wrist Rests On The Market 2020 Reviews

Do you suffer from frequent numbness and wrist pain? If you feel uncomfortable working hours and hours on your computer, then using the best palm rest is a good choice. It will help you relieve your pain and discomfort.

Wrist rest for the mouse and keyboard is an important computer accessory. However, when buying a computer, we don’t keep this important point in mind.

There are many options that could overwhelm you. But don’t worry, we’ve rounded up the top 10 wrist rest reviews and buying guides to make your keyboard palm rest selection easier.

Wrist rest benefits

People who use computers and laptops for long hours are prone to stiff neck, back, and wrist pain. Here are some of the benefits of using the best keyboard palm rest.

Poor wrist positioning puts a lot of pressure on your wrist. If you keep your wrist in a non-neutral position for too long, you will face the consequences. A good palm rest will help you maintain proper wrist posture to avoid serious wrist injuries.

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a common injury that results from maintaining poor wrist posture. Office workers and gamers often complain of this inflammation in the wrist. By using the best gaming palm rest, you can provide optimal comfort for your fingers and hands and reduce the chance of developing carpal tunnel syndrome.

If you have to repeatedly use the keyboard to write emails and documents, then you should buy the best palm rest for the keyboard. In this way, you can avoid awkward wrist positions that can lead to excruciating pain.

best palm rest

Best wrist rest comparison chart

Top 10 Best wrist rest For your budget 2020 reviews

1 Bailey leather palm rest

Castle gives you a tight wrist pad with enough padding to keep you comfortable. You can use the computer for long hours. No matter what size keyboard you have, this palm rest is a perfect match.

The palm rest doesn’t take up much space on your desk. You can conveniently put it on your desk and use the keyboard for longer.

What is more?

It gives you sufficient keyboard wrist support. It relieves your wrist of the pain you get from working continuously. If you have wrist pain, you can use the Bailey by Castle Wrist Pad to ease it.

Why is that important?

It gives you an ergonomic relief. You can keep your wrists at a neutral level to avoid possible injury. You can work with the correct elbow height and keep your wrists from serious damage.

What’s the real story?

People who have to use the computer frequently in the workplace tend to get a carpal tunnel. Bursitis is also a painful disease that causes many ailments. You can take the pressure off your wrist to help prevent these diseases. This palm rest offers you great comfort and assistance in dealing with these problems.

The best part?

The hard-wearing leather material does not mean you have to worry about the durability of the palm rest. It ages well over time. The exterior of the palm rest is soft and smooth. It subsides well. It is easy to wipe and clean with a damp cloth.

That’s not all…

The rubberized base prevents it from slipping. The non-slip designs keep the palm rest in place while you work. The thickness of the padding is 1 inch. The palm rest is 4 inches wide and weighs 1.1 pounds.


  • Suitable for all keyboards.
  • The maximum keyboard length is 18 inches.
  • Gives a contoured fit to your wrist and hand.
  • High quality and durable materials last for years.
  • No additional space is required on your table.


  • It starts to smell if you wear it for too long.
  • You may not feel comfortable wearing it for a long time.

2 Fellowes Memory Foam wrist rest

This wrist pad comes with a soft memory foam padding. The padding is soft and smooth and offers you comfortable support. You can maintain a healthier posture. They reduce the risk of pain.

Here’s why …

Just like a comfortable chair helps you maintain your back posture, this palm rest takes the strain off your wrists. You can focus on what you are working on instead of worrying about problems with your wrists.

The best part?

The Fellowes Memory Foam wrist rest is strong enough to keep you comfortable all day. It adapts to the weight of your body and makes you feel comfortable. You can move around freely while typing on your keyboard. It gives you the most relaxed position to properly align your hands.

How can you actually use that?

This palm rest is perfect for office work and gaming as it comes with a non-slip back that keeps your wrist firmly in place. The palm rest does not move while you do your chores. It’s quite distracting when the palm rest slides away.

Last but not least…

This palm rest offers you optimal functionality that increases your efficiency. Gamers and office workers can rely on it because it can handle everyday wear and tear. The memory foam keeps the shape of the palm rest intact.


  • It offers your calming support to work long hours on your computer.
  • The durable cover wears out well.
  • The memory foam padding is soft and smooth.
  • The non-slip pad prevents you from adjusting the palm rest all the time.


  • It doesn’t come out easily.

3 Innovera Soft Skin 51451 wrist support

This is a gel-filled keyboard palm rest. The gel makes it convenient to type on your computer all day. The gel keyboard wrist gives you all day co
mfort. It’s soft and pliable enough to allow your wrist to move freely.

You will find out all about it in a moment …

The exterior is made of rubber. You can clean it with ease. It feels soft and pliable when you put your hands on it. The rubber gives you the correct orientation for comfortable typing.

Innovera 51451 is a soft skin wrist pad that gives you all day comfort. It limits repetitive pain in your hands and wrists.

The cushioning reduces stress disorders on your wrists. It relieves your pressure points. You don’t have to deal with impending joint pain diseases.

Why is that important?

The gel infusion makes it super soft. It’s neither too hard nor too tight. When you use the keyboard, you don’t have to deal with irritation.

Here’s why …

It comes with a non-slip surface that ensures that the palm rest stays in place. It doesn’t move while you type. The best part about all of its features is that it is waterproof.

You can easily rub the stains off if you accidentally spill something on them. A minor spill of water will not completely ruin the keyboard palm rest.

Last but not least…

Weighing just 1.24 pounds, it is suitable for a full size keyboard. You can use it with keyboards that are 20 inches long. You can use it with your laptop or desktop. It’s easy to store in your desk drawer.


  • The softness is perfect for prolonged use.
  • The non-slip rubber base prevents it from moving.
  • Slim and compact so it fits easily on the desk.
  • Suitable for a full size keyboard.


  • The initial chemical smell of plastic can be felt.

4 3M gel wrist rest

3M Gel Wrist Rest would help you relieve pain from your pressure points. You can stay in a neutral posture for hours without feeling pain.

More on that later … But first.

The stylish back design goes well with the office furnishings. It provides you with optimal comfort and support to maintain a healthy wrist posture. You can position your wrists and hands in the most comfortable positions.

If you have had mild wrist pain throughout the day, this is a good choice. You can properly align your wrist to stay protected from injury.

What’s the real story?

This palm rest fits on any workstation. It’s slim and compact and fits on a full-size keyboard. The gel-filled design keeps the palm rest soft and pliable. The 3M gel technology makes it firm enough to support you. It’s soft enough to contour your hand and wrist.

Here is more …

The wrist pad is equipped with an antimicrobial protection. This restricts the growth of microorganisms and makes it safe to use. You can keep the wrist pad clean and protected. The exterior of the palm rest is easy to clean.

The best part …

The palm rest is made of high quality materials. The 3M gel technology is exceptional. It maintains the softness of the palm rest.

The clean synthetic leather cover is antimicrobial and keeps it free from germs and harmful bacteria. You are not exposed to bad chemicals. It also contains 25% recycled content, which makes it environmentally friendly.


  • The non-slip base allows you to use it without having to repeatedly adjust the palm rest.
  • Encourages you to maintain a neutral wrist posture.
  • Relieves pain and discomfort.
  • Suitable for all keyboards.


  • It gets weak over time.

5 Gorgeous gaming wrist rest

Glorious Gaming Wrist Pad is the best gaming wrist rest. There are several reasons for this, but the main point is that it works on all mechanical keyboards that are tenkeyless.

The tenkeyless keyboard has no keyboard. This makes them compact and easily portable. Anyone who has these tenkeyless keyboards will find that this gaming palm rest is the ideal choice for them.

More on that later … But first.

This gaming palm rest has a sewn frame that is anti-fraying as well as anti-double-locking. This ensures the longer life of the gaming wrist. Plus, it improves its aesthetics exponentially.

Not only that; However, it can be exchanged free of charge within one year.

How can you actually use that?

Not only does it have a rubber base, but it is also non-slip. It doesn’t slide or slide while you type. This is due to the firm grip that the rubber in the base provides. The inner surface is made of foam, which provides medium strength and is of high quality.

However, the surface is smooth, so you will feel very comfortable even during long hours of work. Another benefit of this gaming palm rest is that it can be easily hand washed and cleaned.

That’s not all…

Due to its unique surface, you can easily slide your hands over the surface of the palm rest. This unique and smooth surface also protects your skin from irritation and rashes. There are also two versions.

Last but not least…

One is slim and the other is regular. You can choose according to your needs and convenience. It comes in a stylish color of black and weighs only about 5 ounces.


  • In the event of problems, it can be exchanged within a year.
  • It has a non-slip rubber base.
  • This pad has a sewn frame with a double lock.
  • The thickness of 25 mm offers you comfort and lightness.
  • Suitable for tenkeyless mechanical keyboards.


  • It tends to lose its shape over time due to its thin construction.

6 Belkin WaveRest wrist pad

Belkin provides the best support for the keyboard wrist with a gel-filled pillow. This gel gives your wrist immense support not only for your wrist but also for your entire hand. It brings you comfort and ease no matter the hours you spend typing.

hy is that important?

In addition to providing comfort and support, this Belkin improves the posture of your hand. It also minimizes the stress you would naturally feel while typing for long hours.

But is that all? Definitely not!

You will no longer feel any pain or discomfort.

It’s especially ideal for office workers who spend most of their time in their office on a laptop. You will notice a significant difference in your hand and wrist movement.

That’s not all…

It has a wave design that is revolutionary. This design allows your wrist and hand to move naturally without them getting stuck in one place. It’s light weight, only 1.6 ounces. However, less weight does not mean that it will expire in a short period of time.

On the contrary, it will last a long time due to its material and design.

The best thing about this wrist pad is that it reduces hand strain that a person often feels after long hours of typing. It also relieves stress which, if not reduced, can lead to repetitive engine malfunction.

It not only offers convenience when typing, but also when surfing the Internet or playing games. That’s why it’s one of the best gaming palm rests out there. It is also compatible with most desktop computers.


  • It’s light and very durable.
  • Relieves stress to prevent repetitive motor disorders.
  • The gel-filled pillow provides hand and wrist support.
  • Minimizes exertion during long hours or work.


  • You might feel like it is very thick and small

7 Innovera Softskin 51452 wrist support

This gel palm rest offers a high level of support and comfort. It ensures that after hours of using a keyboard or computer you will not experience pain or cramps. This gel provides the greatest possible relief and prevents repeated engine malfunctions.

What is more?

The cover is made of a rubber material. This makes it easier to clean and wash without damaging or permanently destroying it.

That’s not all; This palm rest also has the back made of non-slip material. The rubber ensures that your hand and wrist do not slip here, even though it is filled with gel.

But there is a catch …

The Innovera offers you comfort all day, not just a few hours. All people who are workaholics or who have to sit in front of a computer most of the time should make sure they have a palm rest.

What could be nicer than a gel-filled rubber palm rest that ensures lightness and comfort?

How can it benefit you?

This palm rest has a surface so smooth that no other fabric is left behind. In addition, it offers a level of smoothness that cannot be achieved by other gel residues.

In addition, this palm rest is waterproof. Don’t worry if you accidentally spill water on it while working. It will still give you comfort for the longest time.


  • The rubber surface prevents it from slipping.
  • Softer and smoother than fabric.
  • Waterproof.
  • Doesn’t lose its shape from moisture.
  • This wrist pad is easy to clean.
  • It offers all day comfort.


  • Gets smelly over time.

8 AmazonBasics Gel with Support Rest

It reduces any stress your wrist experiences after a long day at the office or after completing a project that requires typing. That way, at the end of the day, you won’t feel like your hands are loosening due to pain and fatigue.

What’s more in it?

This palm rest mouse pad comes with a gel that adapts your palm rest to your wrist movements. This results in your wrist getting the comfort and support it needs to be able to type without pain for long hours.

The reason you don’t feel pain or stiffness after continuous work is because of the gel that is filled in the palm rest.

The surface of the fabric is of high quality so that you can slide your wrist and hands smoothly. In addition, there is a thick rubber at the base to ensure that the pad does not move and stays in place while you work.

That’s not all; The mouse pad’s palm rest is compact in size so it fits almost anywhere.

Is that all? No!

It’s 8 by 10 inches and comes with a one-year limited warranty. So if you change your mind and are not satisfied with the wrist rest mouse pad, there is no problem replacing it. This pad offers space for a mouse of any kind. Therefore it is suitable for everyone.

Last but not least…

Because the mouse pad contains a pillow-like area, it supports your wrists. It gives you convenience when you operate a mouse. It does this by keeping the wrist in line with the hand so that it is not in a bent position which is uncomfortable.


  • The pillow-like section provides support.
  • The base is made of rubber so that the wrist cannot slip.
  • It helps reduce stress on the wrists.
  • Compact size.


  • This wrist pad has rolled edges.
  • It feels more like foam, not gel.

9 Gimars Elongate Wrist Support

The Gimars memory pillow is large, which is why it offers support and comfort for a long time.

You will find out all about it in a moment

There’s a reason for these mouse pads to have thick wrist support pillows. This is because the thickness provides comfort and support not just to the palm of your hand but to your entire hand.

What’s the real story?

It is not easy to disfigure even after months of continuous use. It can also be used anywhere, be it at school, in a cyber café or in your office. It gives you comfort and support everywhere.

What’s more?

It has an ergonomic design that ensures that you do not suffer fro
m carpal tunnel because your hands are very tired and in pain. It will greatly reduce fatigue and pain.

These palm rests bring your hand and palm level with the mouse and keyboard so their posture is correct. Placing the hand in such a position will provide comfort and support.

The rubber back has a structured nature.

Why is that important?

This rubber back in combination with non-slip stickers keeps the wrist in place. In addition, it is perfect for playing and typing quickly for a long time.

Is that all … no!

The Lycra material is breathable and smooth and allows your mouse to glide easily and keep the hand in a support position. Both the palm rest for the mouse and keyboard are comfortable to touch and won’t irritate your skin. It fits most types of mice.

The wrist pad for the keyboard is designed with double gluing and pressure handling. This means it will lie flat without curling upwards.


  • The ergonomic construction fits snugly on your wrist.
  • Prevents your wrist from developing carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • Memory foam does not deform.
  • Its edges do not pucker.


  • It tends to lengthen a bit over time.

10 Aelfox gaming wrist rest

Both the keyboard wrist rest and the mouse wrist pad are ergonomically designed. This design also gives you the ultimate in ease, comfort and support.

What’s more?

It reduces wrist pain that is common when using a laptop for long periods of time, especially when typing. This is the best choice for people who have wrist pain. You will notice a significant reduction in pain after using this wrist brace.

Is that all? No wait.

Both the keyboard wrist rest and the mouse pad are made of memory foam. This foam ensures long-term stability and is difficult to deform. This means that you can enjoy the benefits for a long time.

Here is more …

The base of the pad is made of rubber, which is firm and offers a good grip. This will ensure that the mouse stays in one position and that you have no problems with positioning.

The size of this palm rest has been improved to fit all computer and laptop keyboards and mice. It is also suitable for a gaming keyboard.

So if you have been playing games for a long time, this wrist rest is for you. As they are washable, cleaning is easy.

It’s the best mouse pad because its ergonomic design offers different slopes for support.

Why is that important?

It can support your wrist or forearm. This wrist pad is very comfortable.


  • It has long term stability.
  • You can wash it easily.
  • It is made of rubber and has a firm grip.
  • This wrist pad greatly reduces wrist pain.


  • You may feel a little uncomfortable wearing it for a long time.


Without the best palm rest, you cannot maintain a comfortable position for long hours at work. This leads to serious wrist problems. If you spend most of your time at your computer, get a palm rest to avoid wrist problems.

If you don’t have enough time to look for the best palm rest, you can trust our verdict. We recommend Bailey from Castle Leather Ergonomic Wrist Rest.

It is made from the purest quality leather. The wrist lasts a long time thanks to the leather. In addition, it will help you prevent carpal tunnel.

You have now familiarized yourself with the properties of the upper palm rests. It will be easy for you to choose the right one. So what are you waiting for? Bring the best palm rest to prevent wrist problems.

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