Top 5 mobile apps for seniors

We collect five applications for Android and iOS mobile devices fully recommended for seniors.

In Google Play there are a large number of applications of all kinds -and every day that passes new ones are added-, such as those that offer the possibility of create your own deepfakes. So that you don’t miss a single one, from Andro4all we recommend a large number of them for each theme, and if we recently brought you the best apps to make the shopping list; now we offer you a new listing with 5 recommended applications for seniors.

Various studies have concluded that more and more older people use new technologies in their day to daylike smartphones. It may be for their grandchildren or for any other reason, but the truth is that social networks and smartphones are part of their lives, and many times they encounter technological problems that they do not know how to solve or difficulties using your devices. Therefore, from Andro4all we have compiled five recommended applications that anyone older should try.

Apps for seniors

The best applications for older people.

Living without a smartphone today seems an impossible task, even there are still people who are not interested in having a device of this type and who prefer old mobiles. However, there are a number of applications that make the process of using a smartphone easier for them, even so that their daily use is an even easier experience.

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Help Launcher

Help Launcher

Help Launcher, an app designed to facilitate the use of the smartphone for older people.

Help Launcher is an application specially designed to facilitate the use of smartphones for older people or with reduced visual capacity, vision problems, blindness, etc. An app that stands out for having simple and accessible menus for all ages, with striking and identifying colors, big buttons and a font / text size to make the display on any type of screen perfect.

Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard

In addition to being a smart keyboard that learns from the user’s writing style and has GIFs, nicknames and idioms; Microsoft SwiftKey also allows the person adjust keyboard size among several different sizes, so you can make the keys bigger and write like that without any problem.


Volume Amplifier app

GOODEV, an application to amplify the volume.

GOODEV is a really useful application, since it allows expand the volume of the smartphone speaker. A function that will be of great help to those older people who, for example, have lost hearing. A simple app, with which to better listen to the audio of, for example, movies, audio books and music.

Memory games

Memory Games, as its name suggests, is an app that has a wide variety of games that can be accessed to exercise memory. Thanks to it, older people can train your cognitive functions, making it really interesting for them.


Medisafe is an application prepared for the medication management and whose objective is that the elderly do not forget to take it. In addition, it has a calendar, notifications, reminders to go to the pharmacy and an alarm that alerts when it is time to take measurements. It even has an option to notify people in the environment in case of carelessness.

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