Top 6 Best 240 Hz Monitors on the Market 2020 Reviews

All players would know how important the monitor is to playing. It’s not just a screen that the images are displayed on. No, it’s much more than that. A good monitor can affect or affect the gaming experience. There is just no doubt about it. However, there are doubts about choosing the best monitor.

Since every item on the shelf or online claims to be the best, picking the best can be a challenge. However, this review will help you narrow down your option. In this review, we’re going to be talking about some of the best 240Hz monitors that actually deserve to be called the best. Let’s start!

best 240hz monitors

Best 240Hz monitors Comparison chart

Top 6 Best 240Hz Monitors for the Money 2020 Reviews

1 Acer XF250Q

The Acer XF250Q is the first monitor on our list for the best 240 Hz monitors. Acer is a household name when it comes to hardware and electronics. It has a reputation for producing high quality electronics and hardware using the latest technology.
Acer XF250Q is a good example of the high quality products the company manufactures.

The design of this Acer monitor is very elegant. The monitor has a 24.5-inch screen that offers excellent viewing. In addition, the widescreen feature of the monitor allows the user to see every element of the graphic clearly. In addition, it has amazing graphics. This is due to the HD resolution of 1920 × 1080.

According to Acer, the monitor offers a smooth and tear-free gaming experience. This experience is possible because the display is NVIDIA G-SYNC compatible. In addition, the monitor can be used for a long period of time. How is that possible?

Well, it’s thanks to the Acer EyeProtect. It offers a flicker-free blue light filter and low-dimming technology. These features take the strain off your eyes to a minimum while maximizing the gaming experience. Another feature that makes this monitor one of the best 240Hz monitors is its very fast response rate. It has a response rate of 1 ms to be precise. So it doesn’t matter how fast the game moves. The Acer XF250Q can keep up.

In addition, this monitor reduces the time it takes to render frames and has low input lag. This further smooths the gaming experience.
The stand is very adjustable. In addition, it has an ErgoStand with which the screen can be freely adjusted. It can be tilted, panned, moved up and down, and even panned.


  • The monitor has a fast response rate.
  • It has a widescreen screen with a full HD display.
  • It’s easy on the eyes.
  • The ErgoStand makes the screen adjustable.


  • The monitor does not support HDR.

2 ViewSonic XG2530

The ViewSonic XG2530 is another monitor that cannot be ignored when it comes to the best 240Hz monitors. The screen of this monitor measures a total of 25 inches. However, the visible screen is 24.5 inches. Therefore, it offers a large display so that all graphics are clearly visible.
This monitor also has a response rate of 1 ms. It also features AMD Freesync technology, which enables the monitor to provide a tear-free and fluid display.

The monitor can work without any problems even during action scenes and other fast-paced games. In addition, the instant response rate helps reduce entry delay. ColorX game mode offers the ideal speed and graphics for gaming. This game mode is exclusive to ViewSonic and offers an optimal experience.

There are four other game modes available. These are RTS, MOBA, FPS, and Gamer. Each offers a specific combination of color and technology that best suits a specific game scenario.
In addition, the ViewSonic XG2530 has the 22-level black stabilization function. This allows for better visibility and detail, as dark scenes are automatically brightened.

This comes in very handy with gameplays with a darker setup or background.
The status of the monitor was specially developed for gamers. It offers both convenience and functionality. In fact, it can be customized in many ways. It can pivot, swivel, tilt, etc. The height of the monitor stand is also adjustable.

It also has a headphone jack. That way, it’s easy to grab the headphones and say goodbye to the unnecessary clutter of cables.
Finally, it offers great connectivity. It has two HDMI ports, a display port and a USB hub.


  • The ViewSonic XG2530 offers five different game modes.
  • It brightens up darker scenes.
  • The monitor has a fast response rate.
  • The hardware design is very ergonomic.


  • Although the entry delay is small, it could still be less.

3 Alienware AW2518HF

Alienware is another well-known name in the world of computers and hardware and especially in the world of games.
Why is that?
This is because their products are specifically designed for gaming. What is special about Alienware is that their products are easy to distinguish. This also applies to the AW2518HF.

The design of the monitor is as far from the standard design as possible.
The screen is supported by a tripod. It’s made of metal and the tripod’s three legs are far apart. This offers maximum stability. The cables can also be organized and hidden in this stand.

When it comes to image quality, the AW2518HF doesn’t disappoint. The specified contrast ra
tio is 1000: 1; however, it’s a little less than that. b Regardless, the brightness is just perfect. What is to know is that this monitor uses a TN panel which is not very popular for its color representation. Nevertheless, the AW2518HF offers the trademark that is immediately ready for use.

This model is compatible with AMD FreeSync technology which synchronizes the monitor and the GPU. Full images are only displayed if the monitor can display them. This in turn reduces screen distortion to a minimum.
In addition, the response rate for this monitor is also instantaneous. Hence, it offers smooth and uninterrupted gaming.

The monitor has four USB ports, one of which has a fast charge capacity. It also has two HDMI 2.0 ports and a display port. Also as a headphone jack. The tripod stand is pretty adjustable. It can be adjusted from all angles so you can find the perfect angle.


  • The design of this monitor is unique.
  • It offers ready-to-use graphics quality.
  • It has an instant response rate.
  • The connectivity of this monitor is versatile.


  • The TN panel is not the best when it comes to color reproduction.

4 ASUS ROG Swift PG258Q

This 240 Hz monitor is compatible with NVIDIA G-Sync technology. It offers an uninterrupted gaming experience. Since the monitor has a blue light filter and flicker-free background lighting, the eyes are less stressed. The screen on this monitor measures a total of 24.5 inches.
It offers a 1920 × 1080 full HD display. The image quality that this monitor offers is clear and pin sharp.

It also features the ultra-low motion blur technology. This allows moving objects to be displayed more sharply on the screen. The monitor has a very fast response rate. You can therefore follow the action immediately. The monitor offers various connectivity options. It has USB 3.0 ports, an HDMI port and a display port. In fact, there is also a jack for headphones. The design of the monitor is such that all of the jacks are hidden and the setup looks organized. The stand is also adjustable.

Another great feature of this 240Hz monitor is the smart vent design. The monitor can stay cool even with prolonged use. This is due to the custom heat sink offered by ASUS. The heat sink is twice the size of other models with the same specifications. The Smart Air Vent supports cooling by using convection currents. It develops an air flow inside the monitor.


  • It uses the ultra-low motion blur technology.
  • The design of the monitor is efficient.
  • Thanks to the background lighting and the blue light filter, it is easy on the eyes.


  • There are no speakers built in.

5 BenQ ZOWIE XL2540

There’s a reason this monitor is on the list of the best 240Hz monitors and that is its performance. The BenQ ZOWIE XL2540 is compatible with NVIDIA G-Sync technology. It offers smooth and fluid gameplay as well as a high level of precision and control.
The screen measures a total of 24.5 inches. It offers a display with a resolution of 1920 x 1080p. As a result, the monitor delivers clear and sharp graphics. Like the previous models, this one also uses TN panel technology.

In addition, this monitor has an adjustable color vibration function. With this option you can easily adjust the saturation of the display to your liking. This helps in distinguishing between small details. This can, for example, help distinguish smaller targets from the background.
Another feature of the BenQ ZOWIE XL2540 is the Black eQualizer. This feature helps to improve the brightness in the darker areas while ensuring that the bright areas are not overexposed.

This helps a lot when playing as you can spot any enemy no matter where they are hiding. However, there is still a little bit to be desired with this feature. The XL2540 performs exceptionally well with its 1 ms response rate. It is able to keep up with the fast-paced action gameplay and offers a healthy gaming experience.

The design of the monitor is also very efficient. The monitor has a small footprint. Thanks to this, the monitor takes up less space, making your setup look less cluttered. This 240 Hz monitor also has versatile connectivity. It offers three downstream USB 3.0 ports, one upstream USB 3.0 port, and HDMI 1.4 and one HDMI 2.0 port. In addition, it has a display connection, an audio output and input as well as a DVI-D dual link connection.


  • This monitor offers smooth gameplay.
  • It has a fast response rate.
  • The saturation is adjustable.
  • It takes up little space on the table.
  • It has versatile connectivity.


  • Despite the Black eQualizer function, the display can be a bit too dark.

6 LG 27GK750-B

This is by far the largest of any displays in our test for the best 240 Hz monitors. LG is another reputable brand that promises quality. And it’s safe to say that it doesn’t fail to
deliver. With the 27GK750-B, LG offers a 27-inch display. In terms of design, the monitor follows the minimalist aesthetic. This is followed by a very classic and attractive color palette with black and red accents.

This model does not disappoint in the display department either. It has a contrast ratio of 1000: 1 and a WLED backlight.
The brightness of this model is slightly higher than that of an average 240 Hz monitor. The screen is coated with a matt AG coating. However, this has no effect on the display.

It captures every detail of the action as it takes place. This is possible due to the fast response time and the fact that the movement is significantly reduced. This offers a clear advantage in competitive play. The fast response combined with AMD FreeSync technology offers tear-free gameplay without interruptions.

In addition, the status of this monitor is another aspect to be noted. It is very ergonomic and takes up very little space. At the same time, it can add stability and flexibility to the monitor. It can be customized in every way. This includes elevation, pivot point, pan, etc.
Connectivity is another thing that you don’t have to worry about. The LG 27GK750-B offers a variety of connections. This includes two downstream USB 3.0 ports, one upstream USB port, two HDMI 2.0 ports, a display 1.2 port and an audio output.


  • The monitor has a large 27-inch display.
  • It has a small but sturdy stand.
  • It works very well and has amazing graphics too.
  • The monitor significantly reduces motion blur.


  • It doesn’t have a built-in speaker.

Best buying guide for 240 Hz monitors

As with any other product, there are a few things to consider when investing in a monitor. especially if it’s for esports and games.
Those few aspects are display size, resolution, response rate, connectivity, and the quality of the graphics. At first glance, all of the monitors covered in this test appear more or less the same. However, they differ considerably from one another.

240 Hz monitors

For example, if you are looking for the largest display, the LG 27GK750-B is the best option to consider.

Since it is 27 inches wide, it offers the largest display. However, if size isn’t your biggest concern, the focus shifts to monitor performance. Most of the monitors mentioned in this review are great performers and have a response rate of 1 ms. This means that they capture every aspect of the action down to the millisecond.

However, the gap is between AMD Free-Sync and NVIDIA G-Sync technologies. When it comes to the G-Sync, the Acer XF250Q is probably the best. But the ASUS and BenQ ZOWIE models are also on the heels. Alienware, ViewSonic and LG, on the other hand, support AMD Free-Sync. Among them, the Alienware seems an obvious choice for many.

However, it is important to remember that each monitor has different specifications. Therefore, it is important to choose the ones that best fit the description of your needs. In addition, when buying a gaming monitor, keep in mind that the cheapest one does not offer higher value. The monitor that offers the greatest performance and features for its price is the one with the best value.


At the finish it is finally time to announce the winner of the line-up. After comparing each monitor and considering their pros and cons, Alienware is the clear winner. As mentioned earlier, Alienware products are designed specifically for gaming. This gives them an advantage over everyone else. In this summary, too, the AW2518HF is an all-rounder. Although LG has a bigger display, the AW2518HF is a better and faster performer. In addition, it has an amazing display and great connectivity.

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