Top 6 best cheap projectors under $ 100 in 2020 reviews [UPDATED]

Projectors have always been important when it comes to simply projecting content. It can be videos, films or documents while something is being presented to a panel.

For these reasons, the projectors are now considered indispensable. The only downside in a long time was that they can be quite expensive. Well, that’s not always the case as we can show you the best cheap projectors under $ 100.

This way you can choose the right model for your home or office. You should be able to view the various content on a large screen.

Check out the guide to find out which one is best for you.

Best cheap projectors under $ 100
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Top 6 best cheap projectors under $ 100 from 2020 reviews

1 RAGU Z400 mini projector

The model has some of the best features you can use if you want to own a projector. The first thing you definitely have to consider should be the type of brightness you get with the model. This model gives you up to 70 percent more brightness than similar models on the market. More brightness is always crucial so that you get crystal clear and lifelike images. It should definitely be great, even if you see your favorite sports.

Since many are looking for a high performance projector, it is great to get a model with a reduced noise level. Well, that’s what you get when it comes to owning this model. It comes with 80% reduced noise and therefore delivers better pictures. Due to the improved cooling system, this model continues to produce extremely low noise. This leads to more optimal results compared to the other models on the market.

This model is also good in terms of the big screen. You get an impressive screen from 50 to 130 inches. This is great so you can view the videos and TV on a big screen. It’s more of a reason why you want to buy this model for yourself now. So how about the projection distance? The model can work at a projection distance of 5 feet to 13 feet.

Another thing you’ll like about the model is the 90 percent improved sharp and crisp images. The innovative LED technology enables the model to perform astonishingly. You will definitely enjoy having one today.


  • Impressive brightness
  • Reduced noise
  • Big display


  • Does not support Dolby sound

2 DeepLee DP90 1600 lumens mini LED projector

Since we’re all looking for the best performance, you need to make sure you get the right model. This model offers the best in terms of large screen size. You can project it from 37 inches to 130 inches screen size. The native resolution is 800 x 400p, which is relatively okay. There is no doubt that you want to own one who knows that it can perform well at all times.

Another thing that you will enjoy about the model should be the advanced LED technology. This model delivers 1600 LED lumens. There is no doubt that overall performance will make you see more of what the model could deliver. The life of the lamp is estimated at 30,000 hours. As you can see, the model will serve you for years before a lamp change is required. The model also has a high cooling efficiency so that the model works efficiently.

You will also enjoy using the model thanks to its connectivity to multiple devices. You can connect to the device using the HDMI, USB, SD, VGA, AV, and Aux ports. With all these connectors available, you should be able to choose the best model that you can use for yourself. The next time you want to play great with your PS4 or other game console, you have a model that can help you with that.

The model is also good in terms of weight. It should meet your weight expectations. You will also find that it is easy to use. You can use it for various applications in no time.


  • Greater screen experience
  • Advanced LED technology
  • Connect to multiple devices


  • The resolution could be better

3 DR.J 4-inch mini projector

This is another affordable top projector you can buy today. It is now possible for you to get a model that works great to get the good performance you have always wanted. The model is delivered as an upgrade to a previous model. This comes with 10 percent more in terms of lumens. The goal is to make the projector brighter. As a result, this model has a total of 2000 lumens.

When you compare this model to the others on this list, it’s generally one of the models you can buy today. It is possible to get the model to run so well that it ensures that it always performs well. The model is up to 70 percent brighter than some of the mini projectors available on the market. You will definitely have a good time when it comes to setting it up. You will always find that today it was worth spending your money on it.

The model is really good when it comes to compatibility. It allows you to set up with the various devices you may have in the house. You can connect it to the TV box, Amazon Fire TV Stick and many more. In this way, you can play content from different device types.

So how about the screen size? The model offers a screen size from 32 inches to 176 inches. They also have a model that offers impressive lamp life. It gives you up to 40,000 hours of lamp life, making it one of the best. You have not had to worry about the lamp for years.


  • More lumens
  • Works with multiple devices
  • Ideal for home entertainment


  • It takes more projection distance

4 DBPOWER T20 LCD mini film projector

If you compare the previous models from the same manufacturer, you will find that this model offers impressive brightness. The manufacturer claims that it is 10 percent brighter. As a result, this is the type of model you would want for your home or office. If you are lighter, you can easily watch the videos or presentations. You will always love the cinema experience you get with the model.

The model offers a first class viewing experience. It offers an impressive screen from 32 inches to 176 inches. This makes it one of the best to make sure you can view the videos even better. The model enables this different screen size with a projection distance of 1.5 to 5 m. This is relatively within what other models can offer in this area.

Another thing you’ll love about this model should be its impressive cooling system. With a good cooling system, the projector works great at all times. You’ll also find that it generally comes with reduced fan and system noise. This allows you to use the projector for a long time without worrying about fan noise. The model is always characterized by its cooling system.

You will like the fact that it offers a versatile connection to your phone, laptop and more. This is the reason why many people hope to experience much more with it. Those who need one will always look to get it for more experience today. Its versatility should make it worth the price.


  • Improved lumens
  • First class viewing experience
  • Reduced fan noise

5 Blusmart LED-9400 video projector

This is one of the best models you can currently bring to the market. It is twice as bright as the normal LED projectors. This is because it comes with 2000 lumens. When it comes to using a projector, a brighter model is always good to make sure it does some amazing things. For this reason, the manufacturer had to ensure that this model was equipped with improved technology in order for it to work properly.

Like the competition, the model also has advanced cooling technology. You can be sure that this technology will be easier and easier to use compared to the others on the market. Cooling is also important to ensure long life. As of today, you no longer have to worry about using the model, as it definitely works great.

You’ll also like the fact that it has low system noise. Sometimes you may only notice that it works when you see it project. The other important feature is that it can support multiple devices. This is something that should make more people feel like they own it. It is time to start using the model today for better projection. Thanks to the HDMI and USB connections, it works with most models.

How is the operation Everyone who gets a new model wants to know how easy it is to operate a particular model. It’s worth noting that the model is really good in terms of performance, making it the best that you can own today.


  • Impressive brightness
  • Quality features
  • User friendly


  • More input ports could be used

6 Crenova XPE470 2018 Improved mini office projector

This is another important mini projector that you can own today. It has some of the best features that make it stand out. You will always have an easy time using the model as a whole. The model offers the best cinema experience. You will find that the display ranges from 37 inches to 130 inches. It depends on what size you need during the setup process.

Another thing you will like about the model should be the fact that it is small and compact. A lot of people always find it easy when it comes to installation, as it’s no bigger than an iPad mini. As a result, you can always find that it’s portable too. You can take it to different places without having to worry about the total weight. It doesn’t take up a lot of space and is therefore ideal for the office.

You’ll also love the fact that the model has impressive connectivity options. You can easily connect it to your laptop, desktop and other devices. Once set up, the model can be used to project videos, photos, and more. You will definitely enjoy owning the model from today. It should definitely be great when it comes to using it as a home entertainment device.

You’ll also love the fact that it’s an affordable model. You don’t have to spend a lot of money now to own this model. For this reason, it is still very popular among several users.


  • It is affordable
  • Large screen experience
  • Small and compact

Best cheap projectors under $ 100 buying guide

Cheap projectors under $ 100 buying guide
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Most models that cost less than $ 100 are mini projectors. Portability lends itself here. Check if the model you want offers some good portability features. In order for it to be portable, the model must be compact. There is no doubt that life becomes easier with a portable model. You just have to move it to different places and set it up so that it can be used for different applications.

Light output and clarity

The brightness you get with the model affects many things. This is the reason why many people want to choose a model that is lighter. With these mini projectors, a model with at least 1500 lumens of brightness should be really well suited for projection. Brighter projectors help improve the image quality when projecting.

Another thing is the resolution. The resolution must be the most important feature to watch out for. It is necessary to get a model that performs well and makes it one of the best in the world. Some models come with a resolution of up to 1080p, while others can reach a resolution of 4K. You just have to find one that is within your budget and yet delivers high quality performance.

Image contrast

The image contrast is also important for the image quality. The contrast ratio is simply the measure of the difference between the whitest white and the blackest black that the projector can display. A higher contrast ratio means that the image has deeper blacks and more subtle color details.

These mini projectors come with settings that let you increase or decrease the brightness while increasing the contrast. This helps a lot when viewing in a darkened room.


It’s always great to see what kind of connectivity you get with the model. This is because the models can vary in terms of the available ports. The number of ports often determines the number of other devices that can be connected to the projector. Once the model is set up, you should definitely have a good time when it comes to overall usage. It is then possible to connect to phones, USB, laptops, desktops and much more.

Light source

The light source is always important because it takes into account the durability of your projector. For most projectors, the light source contains a standard lamp, a laser or an LED. The standard lamp will leak because it can only last up to 4,000 hours. Most models are now equipped with an LED light source that can last up to 20,000 hours. Those who have the laser light source do not need to change the lamp.

user friendliness

This is another important consideration when choosing a great projector. It is always important that you choose one that is easy to use at all times. The first thing to look at is the type of control you get with the model and operating system. If the reviews show that it’s easy to use the model, you can choose one for yourself.


The various models highlighted above are all good in terms of performance. As you can see from the various functions, they should be able to find one that is great. Another thing is that the models come with an affordable price tag. You should have other excuses why you can’t get a great projector for yourself right now.

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