Top 7 best cheap refurbished laptops under $ 100 2020 reviews

Having a budget is no fun at all, but having a budget and needing a laptop to do the assigned work and tasks is an even worse thing. Fortunately, in this post, you’ll find that there are laptops that will cost you $ 100 and won’t break your bank!

Almost everyone was in such a position, and because of this, it is impossible to find a decent laptop that is slightly under $ 100. Buying a refurbished laptop is therefore the only way to get a deal at that price.

So let’s find out which laptops under 100 are best renovated and whether they are worth your money.

best cheap refurbished laptops under 100

Best cheap refurbished laptops under $ 100 comparison chart

Top 7 best cheap refurbished laptops under $ 100 to buy 2020 reviews

1 Latest HP Chromebook Intel

The HP Chromebook is characterized by an extremely elegant design. This laptop not only looks beautiful, it also feels nice. Since it is very light, it is also incredibly light and slim. However, the precisely curved chassis is very robust.

Although the lid does not bend too much, the hinge is smooth and very robust. In addition, the thick rubber pads at the bottom fit the keyboard. These pads prevent the laptop from bouncing off your lap on the desk when writing or slipping.

This Chromebook also has a good weight when it comes to ergonomics.

The best thing about this laptop is the keyboard. This keyboard spans the entire width of the laptop. This offers a generous layout and large buttons, while the function keys and the cursor are reduced.

Another feature that attracts users is the display on this device. This display has a good resolution and provides a sharp picture. The videos and photos can also be displayed with vivid color reproduction and wide angles.

Although this laptop has been refurbished, it has the same quality of work as a brand new one. It has a very good storage capacity and is particularly noteworthy. In addition, the battery life is very convenient and allows you to work over a long period of time.

The 11.6-inch display, trackpad, keyboard, lightweight design and comfort make it an ideal laptop to invest in. Whether you use it for business or family purposes, this brilliant and exceptional Chromebook is available at a very reasonable and incredible price.


  • It has a slim design.
  • The quality of this laptop is very well built.
  • The keyboard of this Chromebook is easy to use and very clear.
  • The IPS display also looks good.


  • It has no SD card slots.
  • The Chrome OS has some limitations.

2 Lenovo Thinkpad T420

The Lenovo ThinkPad T-Series is a gold standard for various companies due to its strong performance and exceptional build quality. Even the keyboard of these laptops is striking and easy to use.

In addition, this Lenovo follows the aesthetics that people have begun to love over the years. It has a rubberized and matt black lid with a simple logo in silver color. However, the bottom, inside and black sides are the same as before.

In addition, like the previous ThinkPad, the tiny red trackpad between the H and G buttons is still there. Similar to the previous T-series notebooks, this is also designed for durability. This ThinkPad feels lighter and weighs only four pounds.

The keyboard is also splash-proof and classic. The T420 also has a touchpad and a TrackPoint pointing stick. This stick gives you better accuracy and allows you to navigate the desktop with the mouse. You can also move the TrackPoint without lifting your fingers from the start line.

The discrete mouse buttons on this laptop give you the perfect amount of feedback. However, functions like pinch-to-zoom gestures are not smooth with this device. The T420 is pleasantly cool during the test and does not heat up easily.

The display and sound of this laptop provide users with a sharp picture and high resolution. Although the audio is not very focused like the HP Envy series, it offers surprisingly good music playback capabilities.


  • It has a very good battery life.
  • The keyboard of this device is exceptional.
  • This device offers users a powerful performance.
  • The display is high resolution.


  • It has no USB 3.0 port.
  • The webcam of this device is not standard.

3 Dell Latitude D630

Dell Latitude D630 is an updated version of the incredibly popular D620. This laptop comes with everything you need to stay productive. The next generation Intel Core 2 processor offers very high speed.

In addition, the Wi-Fi connectivity of this laptop is exceptional and the 120 GB hard drive makes it easy to use without having to worry about storage space. The solid battery life and excellent graphics of this device make it perfect for an indoor movie night.

This Dell laptop has the same ergonomics as the D620. the pointing stick, the mute and volume keys and a leak-proof and spacious keyboard. The attractive gray-black body of this device is very solid and the magnesium alloy construction is characterized by its robustness.

The only strange thing about this device, however, is the battery. This protrudes from the front of the device instead of the back. Nevertheless, the long battery life ensures that your movie doesn’t end halfway. It can easily take three hours and twenty-two minutes.

In addition, the biometric fingerprint reader between the mouse buttons offers enhanced security. In addition, the display of this laptop offers you bright graphics and a good speaker for films and presentations.

Overall, this Dell Latitude D630 is a worthy successor to the Dell D620. It has great features and a unique display th
at stands out from others.


  • It has a strong and sturdy magnesium alloy body.
  • The productivity of this device is excellent in terms of performance.
  • It has discrete graphics.
  • The fingerprint reader is very practical for better security.
  • It stands out due to its long battery life.


  • The battery is located on the front of the machine and not on the back.
  • It is a heavy laptop.

4 HP 11-AH 117 WM

HP Stream 11 not only has a candy-hard exterior, but also some groundbreaking insides. This device offers powerful performance, long battery life and excellent audio function. Even if the display is a little dark, there is no need to worry.

The light weight of this device packs this laptop very well. The case of this laptop also feels very robust. Since the keyboard only has to be bent minimally, operation is convenient.

When it comes to connection, this device has a laptop lock, a microphone and audio jack and a USB 2.0 slot on the left. On the right, however, there is an LED battery indicator, a charging port, a microSD card slot, an HDMI slot and a USB 3.0 port.

This laptop is also very easy to carry. It weighs just 2.5 pounds and looks thinner, slimmer, and lighter than its predecessor.

In addition, this laptop has a very high audio quality and the two speakers are full and dynamic. This makes them ideal for a family movie night. Even though they are at the bottom front of the device, they still produce enough sound to watch a show.

What distinguishes the audio output of this device is the integration of the DTS Studio sound dashboard. This allows users to customize their audio settings based on their sound type. The language setting of this device is the most customizable because you can easily enjoy a live performance.


  • This device offers users solid performance.
  • It has a very attractive design.
  • The speakers on this laptop are stunning.


  • The screen has a warm temperature, which is not ideal for all films.

5 Lenovo Thinkpad T60

The Lenovo ThinkPad T60 is another ThinkPad model that is equipped with the new Intel Core Duo processor. It is a great laptop for business people and professionals. Ease of use, optimal performance, safety and durability are essential features of this T series.

Compared to the Thinkpad T43 model, this laptop has minor changes in terms of performance, keyboard and port layout. Note, however, that the ThinkPad T60 has two different screen sizes: 14 inches and 15 inches. The 14-inch screen offers users longer battery life and light weight. However, the 15-inch has better performance configurations.

The ThinkPad T60 is a premium laptop with a durable design. It is easy to transport and has a robust material housing. You can also travel easily with it without worrying about spilling drinks, as the keyboard is leak-proof.


  • It has good specifications, such as a fast processor.
  • The screen display is also easy to use.
  • It has a nice design.
  • It is light and portable.


  • It can warm up very easily.

6 Dell Latitude D430

The Dell Latitude D430 is a 12-inch laptop and the smallest in the Latitude series. This device has a bright, great, and black look that makes it perfect for students and professionals. Since it only weighs 1.5 kg, it is also very portable.

In addition, slight color stains such as a blue TrackPoint keyboard and the green-colored LED display bring the interior of this laptop to life. Since this laptop has no internal optical drive, it is very compact. When closed, this device is only two to two and a half cm high.

In addition, the lightweight magnesium housing is incredibly stable and protects it well. In addition to the low weight, this laptop also looks good. The feel and appearance of the casing of this premium laptop are top notch.

In addition, this laptop of the Dell series has a three USB port, an SD card memory slot and a Firewire. The fingerprint reader on this device is also ideal for exceptional security. With a great display, this device is suitable for both business and movie nights.


  • It has great value for such a laptop with many functions.
  • The screen of this device is very sharp.
  • It also has great battery life.
  • This device works efficiently and has a premium keyboard.


  • The speaker in this device is not very good.

7 Dell Latitude 2120

When it comes to affordable laptops, Dell is a very popular name in this category. Dell laptops are undoubtedly among the best refurbished laptops under 100. Dell Latitude 2120 is also a very powerful device. This device is robust and very durable.

It also comes with a very decent keyboard that most people are familiar with. This keyboard is a treat at such a low price. In addition, this laptop has Windows 7 Professional, which is a plus point for such a mini notebook at this price.

This notebook is ideal for checking email, surfing and even skyping. It has a bright
display and can last a long time. This device is ideal for people who hate using their laptops while charging.

In addition, the slim and thin design makes you look stylish while traveling. This laptop is perfect for both students and professionals.

The high-resolution matte screen works well for films. The keyboard of this device is very good and easy to use. This device also has anti-glare protection that protects your eyes. The solid build quality makes this Dell laptop robust and sturdy.


  • It has fashionable and functional speakers.
  • The webcam is of very high quality.
  • The battery can last a whole day.
  • It has a sturdy build.


  • The battery life is very long.
  • Because of its small size, it looks like a toy.


Of all the best refurbished laptops under $ 100, the winner is definitely the Dell Latitude 2120. This laptop has exceptional features and is packed with features. Not only does it have a good display, it also has good battery life and excellent speakers.

However, if this laptop doesn’t meet your needs, you can choose between the other six laptops available to you.

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