Top 8 best laptops under $ 500 in the 2020 market reviews

Whether you are a student or an office worker, you are always looking for the best affordable laptop. A laptop is very convenient, and for most of us, the budget is usually around $ 500 or less.

Even if we want to have something in our budget, we cannot compromise on the quality of the product. People expect good graphics, good memory, and decent performance from their laptops. Otherwise it’s really money down the drain.

Why buy something that you’re not happy with and that doesn’t work well? Even so, it is quite difficult to get a high quality laptop from a reputable brand in this area.

However, after doing research, we discovered some excellent options for you. Each of these products is one of the best on the market in this range.

Let’s look at them!

Laptops under $ 500

Best laptops under $ 500 comparison chart

Top 8 Best Laptops Under $ 500 You Must Buy 2020 Reviews

1 Acer Aspire A315

This is surely one of the most popular budget laptop models on the market, and for good reason.

Acer is a reputable brand that has built a reputation for delivering the best quality laptops for every budget. Their laptops also dominate the budget laptop category. The brand is considered the most trustworthy by many users due to its excellent service and build quality.

This particular product has a 15.6-inch HD display, which is standard for the models in this price range. The display has a resolution of 1366 x 786, which is also standard. An outstanding feature, however, is the powerful Intel Core 2.5 GHz processor.

In terms of memory, this product comes with 6 GB DDR4 memory with a 256 GB solid-state drive. Overall, this product has decent performance. When it comes to games, the heavier loading issues seem to have problems, while light games with good graphics work fine.

With normal use, such as surfing the Internet, listening to music, playing videos and games, this product has an average battery life of around 4 hours. However, we would not recommend using this product for games as you will find that it is delayed, although it should work well for research, internet surfing and offline programs.


  • This product has a great processor.
  • The design is practical and portable.
  • The product itself is quick with enough storage space.
  • The keyboard is full size and quiet.
  • It is updatable.


  • The display is not impressive at all.
  • The web cam is of fairly poor quality.

2 ASUS Vivobook F510UA

ASUS is the brand name that millions know worldwide. The brand is known for developing innovative and brilliant technology. This product is one of the best selling models. The brand promises quality and great service and delivers nothing less than that.

The main feature of this product is its powerful processor. Anyone who needs a laptop that works quickly but has a limited budget will appreciate it. This device has an incredibly responsive user interface. Many agree that this is one of the fastest affordable laptops.

The design is another strong suit. In addition, this device has a highly functional and practical design. Nobody wants a bulky and heavy laptop. This special product is tailored to the needs of people looking for a slim and light laptop.

Although it is light, the quality and feel of this device are not affected. It feels very high quality in your hand, which is rare for a product in this price range.

A big disappointment for this product is that it doesn’t have a ventilation space under the laptop, which means it heats up quickly. You have to be aware of this when you invest in it.

In addition, the keyboard turned out to be disappointing for some as they complained that the keys were not consistently the same height. The keyboard is not illuminated.


  • The product is very responsive and quick.
  • It has an excellent design that looks great.
  • The slim and light design is easy to carry.
  • The design feels very high quality.
  • The sound quality is excellent.


  • There is no ventilation for the laptop below.
  • The keyboard is not the best because it is not backlit and has an uneven key design.

3 HP 14-an012nr notebook PC

HP is a brand name that surely dominates every best-of-laptop list that has ever existed. For years, the company has been striving to deliver some of the best laptops. The great thing is that you can find a laptop that suits your range because there are so many options to choose from. However, good quality and good service are constant with the brand.

As for the design of this product, it is one of the most impressive laptops we have encountered. If you are already an HP user, you are familiar with the design as it is standard for HP laptops.

However, the deep black color and slim body make it one of the best designs that HP has released. Aside from the look, you will find that the lightweight design makes traveling or storage very easy.

You may find that the display is slightly smaller than the standard display that is available in cheaper laptop devices. This product has a 14-inch display, while the standard is 15.6 inches.

It might be a problem for some people if you come from a bigger screen that you would notice, but it’s not something you won’t get used to. While this product has a smaller display, it has great graphics.


  • This product
    has a stunning design.
  • The slim and portable design makes it easy to carry.
  • The processing quality is very high.
  • This device has a very responsive user interface.
  • The sound system is great.


  • The storage space is too limited.
  • It doesn’t work with Windows 10 because the space is too small.

4 Lenovo Signature Laptop PC

Lenovo is another great brand when it comes to laptops. Your laptops have become increasingly popular for a reason. Your laptops are durable, have great software, and the brand is very trustworthy. Lenovo is one of the most reliable laptop brands on the market. The company service is also excellent.

This particular product of the brand is an excellent find. The outstanding feature of this product is also the storage space. For many people, a common problem with budget laptops is that they don’t have enough memory to run it. However, this is not the case with this product.

In addition, this device has a great processor. The laptop works very well; However, there have been some complaints from users who have occasionally considered this product to be freezing. Overall, the performance is exceptionally good.

The product has some problems with the battery. This may not be the biggest concern for people at home who have an electrical outlet. However, if you are traveling, this is not the best option. In the end, everything depends on your needs.

The design of this product is very practical. It is slim and light, which makes it very portable. This device looks good and has a premium construction.


  • This device is fast and responsive.
  • The light and slim construction makes it practical.
  • This product comes with a warranty.
  • This device has a premium build.
  • It has lots of storage space.


  • This product is experiencing battery life issues.
  • It freezes occasionally.

5 Acer Aspire 5 Slim laptop

Acer is really a popular brand. The reason for this is their consistency in producing quality products and providing excellent service. If you want to invest in a product that you want to use for office or educational purposes, you want to invest in a reliable brand. Therefore, Acer is the best choice.

This product has an excellent design. It has first-class construction and a light, slim design. The design makes it portable and the best option for on the go. The look is another reason why it is very popular as this product is really breathtaking.

A possible disadvantage of this product is also the battery life. Acer claims that the battery life is 5 hours, which is reasonable and reasonable for a product of this size and range, but it takes too long to charge, which can be frustrating for some people. The battery does not necessarily interfere with its normal operation, but it is a problem that needs to be mentioned.

In addition, this product has a very responsive user interface and works great when surfing the Internet or working offline. Anything but the battery is a joy in this device, including the built-in security feature for safe surfing.


  • This product has a great processor.
  • The user interface is very responsive and functional.
  • This device is light and slim.
  • It has advanced security features that ensure safe surfing.
  • The audio system of this product is great.


  • It takes a little longer to charge the battery.
  • It’s not as quick as some of the other options available.

6 HP Pavilion X360

The HP Pavilion is another excellent range from the brand. These offer some of the best products on the market. This product is a user favorite for good reasons.

The design and display are really breathtaking. This product design is light and slim, making the product portable and ideal for on the go.

The design along with the look offers some breathtaking features, which is why everyone loves this laptop. The processor is robust and ensures an excellent user experience.

The audio system is really commendable and one of the best that you can definitely choose in this area.


  • The performance is excellent.
  • This device looks very stylish.
  • The design is slim and light.
  • The audio system is good.
  • The keyboard works very well.


  • The battery life is not that great
  • The touch is not as good as that of her colleagues.


Convertibles are all the rage these days. As much as you want the idea to be, you can’t deny that these types of laptops are quite fragile and easy to break.

However, this is not the case with the ASUS C302CA. This laptop is one of the best convertibles on the market, not only in this price range, but overall. Durability is the best suit in this product.

An amazing feature of this product is the 10 hour battery life as claimed by the brand. But you can spend around 7 to 8 hours on this device, which
is pretty decent for easy gaming, internet surfing, and normal activities.

This product certainly has its drawbacks. If you want a laptop with good stereo speakers, keep looking as this is not the one for you. The sound of this laptop is not the best quality.

Plus, the display is pretty small, which could be great for a tablet. This makes sense since this is a convertible, but not the best in laptop mode.

In addition, the build quality is really commendable because it has a first-class feel and appearance, which is rarely found with a product in this price range.


  • It offers an excellent resolution of 1920 x 1080.
  • The build quality is good.
  • The design is very light and super slim.
  • The battery life is exceptionally good.
  • The user interface is very responsive and comparable to much higher quality models.


  • The screen is only 12.5 cm wide.
  • The sound system is bad.
  • Hiccups occasionally occur during work.

8 HP 15 laptop

As mentioned earlier, HP is a brand that has been a users’ favorite for many years. This product is another of their great models. The best thing about investing in this device is that it comes from an extremely reliable and trustworthy brand that offers excellent customer service and the fact that the product itself is amazing.

In addition, this device has a standard 15.6-inch display. The display is not the best choice for this product as it is not fully HD. However, this can only be determined by comparing it with a fully HD model. You can’t see this on your own, because even though this device is not HD, the display quality is not terrible. It is only mediocre.

The construction of this product is nothing less than what you can expect from a much higher quality laptop. It has a light and slim construction that makes it portable, but it still hasn’t lost the premium quality that was built.

The battery life does not last long, although it will be fully charged quite soon. Another outstanding feature of this product is the great keyboard. The keyboard of this device is full size and quiet when in use, which is rare because many keyboards make a strange clicking sound when typing.


  • The design presented is very stylish and elegant.
  • The product is light and portable.
  • It performs tasks of daily use well.
  • The stereo sound is great.
  • It has a large, quiet, quietly operated keyboard.


  • The battery life is not particularly good.
  • The display is not completely HD


In conclusion, one can say that the prices for laptops are sky high and that this is not suitable for everyone. Laptops are certainly a necessity nowadays not only for office workers but also for students.

Fortunately, budget laptops are here to save the day! They not only give you an item at a reasonable price, but also excellent technical data and guarantees if you invest in the right product.

While all of the products we recommend are some of the best on the market, there is one that stands out and surpasses them all!

It is the Acer Aspire 5 slim with an excellent resolution of 1920 x 1080 and a 2.9 Intel core processor. This is really a bad product that does what it says on the tin, and cannot be praised enough.

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