Top 8 best smart glasses in 2020 reviews & buying guide

One thing that is consistent with modern technology is that it changes every day. We are constantly seeing great progress. Intelligent glasses are an extraordinary invention of modernity.

These are wearable computer glasses that are programmed electronically. They allow you to take pictures, listen to music, or perform a number of other functions in a fun and efficient way.

The popularity and sales of these smart glasses have increased significantly. To help you choose the best smart glasses, we’ll review eight amazing smart glasses and compare them with their top features. A detailed shopping guide is also added

Let’s start.

Best smart glasses comparison chart

If you think the comparison chart is all you need to find the right product for you, think again. History has a lot more to offer. Here are the main features of these eight most efficient smart glasses.

Smart glass

Top 8 best smart glasses on the market in 2020 reviews

1 Bose frames audio sunglasses

Bose Frames sunglasses have fascinated consumers since their inception. These are audio sunglasses that allow you to hear sound on the go. Here are the remaining amazing features.

The Bose sunglasses are made from the best premium materials. The metal hinges and nylon rims ensure an impressive design and offer the user maximum comfort. They also contain lenses that neither scratch nor break.

The frames are also made with the convenience and comfort of the user in mind. The lens is 52 mm wide, which is considered a reasonable size. The angular shape of the frames further improves your experience.

They also produce a rich and haunting sound for you. The speakers are equipped with advanced technology that allows you to hear loud music or other noises without anyone else noticing. With open-ear audio, you can stay aware of your surroundings.

There’s also a built-in microphone that lets you access phone calls and act as a virtual assistant. The Bose Connect app also enables personalized settings and updates.

In addition, the smart glasses have incredible Bluetooth connectivity that covers more floor than most other Bluetooth networks.

It also provides protection by blocking up to 99% of the sun’s UVA and UVB rays, protecting your eyes.

The frames are also available in various stylish color combinations for you to choose from. These include rose gold, blue, black and mirrored silver. The lenses are also easily interchangeable in case you want to change your look.


  • Wide scratch-free lens.
  • Comfortable frame.
  • Protection from the sun.
  • Greater personalization.
  • Integrated microphone.
  • Allows rich and haunting sound.
  • Ensures protection and security.
  • Large Bluetooth range.


  • The product weight is significantly higher than some of the other products in this review.

2 Glasses 2 original – HD camera sunglasses

If you’re a fan of apps like Snapchat and want to capture the world the way you see it, the Spectacles 2 Original is the right choice for you. Here’s why you’ll love her.

They are specially designed to take pictures and videos with a simple click of the button. You can record a 10-second video and press again to exceed 30 seconds. So hold onto every moment with the Spectacles 2 Original with ease.

And yes, these moments also include moments in the rain or under water, since the Spectacles 2 original glasses are extremely waterproof. They’re built to survive all of your fun pool parties. Enjoy and make videos underwater without worrying about lens damage.

It also comes with a charging case that allows you to charge your sunglasses on the go. You can also record 70 videos for a fee. You can also charge your sunglasses four times with the charging case.

In contrast to many other intelligent sunglasses on the market, these not only take pictures and videos in camera format. Thanks to its advanced technology, you can take HD pictures and videos in a circular format to relive the memories as you have experienced them.

In addition, these glasses can be synced wirelessly with Snapchat or other apps when your phone is nearby. This way you can share your favorite moments with your friends and family from your phone gallery.


  • Perfect for Snapchat users.
  • Waterproof and comfortable lens.
  • Allows HD pictures and videos.
  • Efficient and long-lasting charging.
  • Wireless synchronization with the phone.
  • Comfortable frame.
  • Allows charging on the go.


  • The product is relatively more fragile than some other models.

3 Glasses 2 (Nico) – Waterproof camera glasses

Style and elegance come together in the manufacture of these incredible waterproof Spectacles 2 Nico sunglasses. But history has more to offer.

With Nico Smart glasses you can take HD videos and pictures with just one click. You can easily take a picture or capture the entire moment by creating a 10-second or 30-second video with your smart glasses.

The smart glasses are also waterproof; This means you don’t have to miss a chance to capture your favorite moments during pool and beach parties. Make memories and capture your perspective in the water whenever you want.

It also ensures efficient charging. You can take multiple pictures or up to 70 videos on a single charge. In addition, a charging cable and a charging case are supplied with the g
lasses, with which you can charge your glasses on the go.

Synchronizing and sharing is also made easier with the glasses Nico sunglasses. They are automatically paired with your nearby phone via Bluetooth. They can also be connected to your home’s WiFi network.

You can take up to 150 videos or more than 3000 photos before importing. This means that the smart glasses have enough storage space and you do not have to constantly import images.

In addition, these glasses are tinted and polarized, which guarantees 100% protection against harmful UVA and UVB sun rays. Not only that, they also reduce sun glare to a maximum and protect your eyes.


  • Comfortable frame.
  • Takes HD photos.
  • Larger storage space.
  • Automatic synchronization.
  • Large Bluetooth range.
  • Protection from sunlight.
  • Efficient charging.
  • Waterproof.


  • Available in just one size, which may not be suitable for everyone.

4 Moverio BT-300 drone FPV Edition smart glasses

The Moverio BT 300 Drone FPV is the perfect addition to your DJI drone and redefines your view from the first person. It also has some other incredible properties. Here’s everything you need to know.

By providing transparent displays for drone pilots, a clear line of sight remains for you. In this way, they can display important flight statistics and maintain a visual line of sight to the aircraft.

In addition, you can easily record your drone in flight with the Moverio. The front camera takes real-time 1080p footage of your drone in flight. You can grasp it from the pilot’s perspective.

It is also fully compatible with most apps in the Moverio apps market. This is made possible by DJI optimization, which enables access to these apps.

The smart glasses also come with the custom controller accessory that contains the BT-300 Drone FPV Edition. The DJI remote control works with devices such as the Mavic, Phantom and Inspire controllers.

In addition, these smart glasses are currently one of the lightest models on the market. They weigh only 69 grams. They are also extremely comfortable and easy to carry.

It also contains an extra dark shade that offers good visibility even in bright sunlight. This means you don’t need a hood on particularly sunny days as your line of sight is clearer than ever with these smart sunglasses.

It also enables easy access to web apps, making gaming and online streaming easier. The battery life is approximately 6 hours, which is much more than many other models in this test.


  • Comfortable and easy to carry.
  • 1080 front camera.
  • Light and portable.
  • Allows easy web access.
  • Improved visibility in the sun.
  • Works with a range of devices.
  • Greater compatibility with many apps.


  • Does not support Google PlayStore or other Google mobile services.

5 TechKen Sunglasses Headset Headphones Bluetooth Wireless Music Sunglasses

If you’re tired of not finding good smart multifunction sunglasses that meet all your needs, don’t worry anymore. TechKen sunglasses are the solution for you. It is an amazing model; here is the reason.

The TechKen has Bluetooth so you can listen to music on the go. Whether you ride a bike, jog or just go for a walk, enjoy the best music whenever you want. You can also call your friends and family through these smart glasses.

They are also supplied with polarized lenses that not only protect your eyes from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun, but also help you achieve better visibility in the sun.

The headset not only looks good, it also feels very comfortable. The sunglasses are foldable and the headset is adjustable. In addition, it can be freely telescoped.

One problem with smart glasses is that they’re difficult to manage and use, but not TechKen. They include easy-to-use play / stop buttons that you can use to answer calls and listen to music. You can also adjust the sound of your music using the volume controls on the side.

The voice quality of your music and calls is also enhanced by the advanced TechKen technology. You can hear everything clearly, whether you are hiking, running or just sitting around.


  • Multifunction sunglasses.
  • Improved speech intelligibility.
  • Broad Bluetooth accessibility.
  • Protection from sunlight.
  • Greater visibility.
  • Adjustable headset.
  • Easy to manage and use.


  • The lens is less wide than some other models.

6 ICE Theia Glare sunglasses

A look at the ice Theia Glare smart glasses will convince you to buy them. However, an impressive design is not all that Theia Smart glasses offer. The story here has more to offer.

These smart glasses are equipped with an HD camera that allows you to take pictures or videos with the push of a button. With Theia, you can finally avoid the need to open an app and waste time before taking a moment.

It also comes with a built-in flashlight that enhances your travel expeditions and allows you to get the most out of them. With Theia smart glasses, you can enjoy your adventure in the dark without worrying about wearing a flashlight.

It also has built-in 8 GB storage where you can
store your favorite songs that you can sit back and enjoy at any time. In addition, the glasses can be connected to your phone and used for calls on the go.

A special feature of these intelligent glasses is that they are equipped with safe driving support. You can wear them while driving; They ensure safety by triggering an alarm every time you feel sleepy while driving.

In addition, Theia lenses are fully interchangeable. You can also choose the powered lenses to funky colored lenses of your choice. The task is easy to do and only requires a quick exchange at your local optician.


  • Allows you to record HD video.
  • Easy to use buttons.
  • Improved protection.
  • Interchangeable lenses.
  • Including flashlight.
  • Increased visibility in sunlight.
  • Allows audio calls and music.


  • Relatively more expensive than some other models in this test.

7 WISEUP 16 GB 1920x1080P Portable hidden camera glasses

Smart glasses with high resolution are a rarity on the market and therefore very desirable. If you are looking for portable glasses with a hidden HD camera, the Wiseup Smart glasses are just the thing for you.

They are essentially portable glasses that are used to spy on pictures and videos. The camera is also well hidden and escapes anyone who sees it. So you can capture important moments without anyone noticing.

The camera supports a resolution of 1920 x 1080 P and can therefore take pictures in HD form. This means that with Wiseup you can capture your view with the utmost clarity.

There is also a 3.7mm hole lens located on the hinge of these camera glasses. It offers a hidden view and is suitable for everyone who wants to record videos secretly.

The camera glasses also use a built-in microSD card that stores video files. It also supports 32 GB micro SDHC class 10 SD card.

In addition, these smart glasses are designed to ensure extreme comfort and convenience. They are easy to carry and have easy-to-use control buttons.


  • High resolution camera.
  • Used for spying.
  • Increased visibility.
  • High loading capacity.
  • Fast and efficient buttons.
  • High storage.


  • The weight of the glasses is relatively higher than some other models.

8 Samsung SSG-5150GB 3D active glasses

Comfort and convenience are two of the many special features of these amazing Samsung SSG-5150GB 3D Active glasses. It is one of the best smart glasses out there. Here’s why.

These are 3D glasses that allow you to view everything in real time. The clarity of the video is also great and therefore allows all content to be displayed comfortably.

It is also a great invention for game fans. With these glasses you can enjoy your gaming experience to the maximum. It also makes streaming content much more enjoyable.

The Samsung SSG also contains 2 CR1620 batteries. They enable 70 hours of 3D display per battery. This enables a larger loading capacity. It also takes less time to recharge the glasses, which further increases their attractiveness.

Perhaps the biggest advantages of these 3D glasses are that they are both light and extremely comfortable. In addition, they are both cheap and extremely affordable.

Another advantage of the Samsung SSG is its high compatibility. It is extremely compatible with Samsung 3D TV series D, E, EH, FH, ES, F and H. So you can wear it with any model without worry.


  • Light and convenient.
  • Very affordable.
  • High loading capacity.
  • High compatibility.
  • Easy to carry.
  • Outstanding video clarity.
  • Ideal for playing.


  • The material is easily fragile and therefore needs special care.

Best Smart Glasses Buying Guide

Since you may be thinking about buying smart glasses for the first time, it is very important that you choose the right product for you. There are a number of options on the market; Let us help you choose the right one.

Type (audio or video)

This choice is easy. There are two main types of smart sunglasses: one with a camera that allows you to take pictures and videos, and the other with audio.

If you want to buy glasses for driving, hiking, or running, opt for audio glasses that allow you to listen to important calls. However, if you are looking for a travel companion, take glasses with an HD camera that will help you capture your precious moments.

Smart Glass Reviews

UV protection

Many people ignore how harmful sun exposure can be to the eyes. Therefore, when buying smart glasses, look for glasses that offer 100% protection against these rays. Also check for visibility in sunlight before selecting them.

Size and dimensions

Although people prefer design, large lenses are often better. This is because not only do they protect you fr
om sunlight, they also let you enjoy your view in a much healthier way.

Polarized or not?

Polarized lenses are much better because they reduce the sun’s glare and protect your eyes. However, it is a wrong assumption that they also protect your eyes from UV light. Glasses with polarized lenses are slightly more expensive than unpolarized ones.


Sometimes the rest of the factors don’t matter. just do the cost. However, expensive sunglasses are not always the best. There are some cheap models that offer good audio-video quality while ensuring eye protection from sunlight.

Water resistance

Waterproof lenses are slightly more expensive than those without this function. Don’t buy them if you don’t want to use them underwater. You should only choose waterproof lenses if you plan to use them frequently underwater.


Storage also varies with the price. With some models, you can store more than 3000 pictures and more than 100 videos in it. others only allow 50 or so. So if you travel a lot, opt for glasses with more storage space.

best intelligent glass

Frame material

Frame material is another very important factor that you should consider. This is because providing you with the comfort and security you need plays a big role. Here are your options.

  • Acetate: This is generally stronger, more flexible, and lighter, and therefore its color is well preserved.
  • Aluminum: It is light, durable and also corrosion-resistant.
  • Metal: This is particularly malleable, corrosion-resistant and also easily adjustable. They are slightly more expensive than other models.
  • Nylon: It’s perfect for athletes. Nylon is also resistant to temperature fluctuations and highly flexible.
  • Plastic: Plastic glasses are available in different colors and also the cheapest frames available.


Choosing the winner is difficult because all of these eight smart sunglasses promise amazing results and are highly recommended by their loyal customers. However, smart glasses are characterized by their unique properties.

ICE Theia Glare sunglasses are the best smart sunglasses. This is because they offer greater protection and ensure better visibility in sunlight and in other ways.

They also have safe driving accessories that are useful for many users. It is also the clear winner due to its affordability, stylish appearance and comfortable design.

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