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Top mobile phone now cheaper than ever

by Tejas Dhawan

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Thanks to the reduction in VAT, the Google Pixel 4 is just as cheap as never before. GIGA clarifies where you can find the offer – and for whom it is worthwhile.

Google Pixel 4

Update on July 1st, 2020: The previous best price for the Pixel 4 was 469 euros, achieved several times since April 2020. Thanks to the reduction in VAT, Google’s current top smartphone is now even cheaper – just once 447.43 euros are currently called up for the mobile phone at MediaMarkt.

Google Pixel 4 (64 GB), different colors

Google Pixel 4 (64 GB), different colors

The cell phone can currently be ordered online, but must be picked up at a MediaMarkt branch. With such a damn good price, this should hardly be a problem. Please make sure that MediaMarkt only offers the color variations “Just Black” and “Clearly White” at a special price. The limited edition “Oh So Orange” continues to cost 549 euros.

As always: First come, first served. Anyone who has had the cell phone on their wish list for some time can now strike without hesitation. The Google Pixel 4 will probably only become much cheaper in the foreseeable future if the successor is presented at some point.

Google Pixel 4: Price development in retrospect

The Google Pixel 4 has been on the market in Germany since November 14, 2019. Special feature: The 64 GB version was and is available practically everywhere in the open market, the version with 128 GB storage exclusively in Google Store. This is piquant insofar as pixel cell phones, like the predecessor Nexus series, traditionally have no possibility of memory expansion. So if you need more memory than the 64 GB in 2019/2020 for a flagship, you have practically only one purchase option apart from the used market – and the price in the Google Shop is much more stable.

Price development of the Pixel 4 with 64 GB: 749 euros in October 2019, 469 euros in April 2020 – the Google flagship lost 38% in half a year.

The price development of the cell phone in the 64 GB version has a typical curve for an Android device: The starting price of 749 euros in mid-October 2019 was not long-lasting, as the best prices recorded by the price comparison service idealo show. At the end of November 2019, 6 weeks after the start, the best price was 676 euros. In December 2019, it dropped to 599.99 euros and was already more than 100 euros cheaper than at the start after only 2 months. The best price in January dropped again to 499.99 euros at the end of the month. As usual, the largest drop in prices took place in the first three to four months after the market launch, after which it continued to fall (February 2020: 480.89 euros; March 2020: 472.99 euros; April and May 2020: 469 euros, that but significantly slower.

Google Pixel 4: what makes the smartphone special?

For the first time, Google uses a dual camera on the back of the Pixel 4. The photos look realistic, thanks to a telephoto lens you can now zoom in on the pictures. A Snapdragon 855 is used as the processor, which ensures fast working speed in all situations. Speaking of fast: Google is also installing a 90 Hz display for the first time, which ensures that the content on the screen is much smoother.

You can find out how good the Google Pixel 4 is and whether it can measure up to Samsung’s competitor model here:

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Google Pixel 4 and Samsung Galaxy S10 in comparison: battle of the cell phone kings

Google Pixel 4: Who is it worth buying?

For everyone who is looking for a high-quality and powerful smartphone with pure Android. The Google Pixel 4 was one of the first smartphones to receive Android 10. Customers can also rest assured that the cell phone is guaranteed to receive updates for three years.

What might annoy some potential buyers are the non-expandable memory and the relatively low battery capacity. Those who are bothered by this prefer to use the Samsung Galaxy S10. All others get the Google Pixel 4 at the best price through the offer at Saturn.

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