Top mobile phone Samsung Galaxy S20 with 18 GB LTE in the telecom network at a bargain price at MediaMarkt

Anyone looking for a new high-end Android phone should check out the MediaMarkt tariff world. There you get the Samsung Galaxy S20 including 18 GB LTE, an Allnet and SMS flat for only 34.99 euros a month.

Top offer: Samsung Galaxy S20 + 18 GB LTE in the telecom network

Mobile phone bargains with tariff in the network of the Germans Telekom are few and far between, but also very popular. Because: Deutsche Telekom still offers the best network in Germany, but it can also cost a lot if you look at the MagentaMobil prices. If you still do not want to do without a smartphone flagship with a lush telecom contract, you should check out the offers in the tariff world of MediaMarkt look at. There is, for example Samsung Galaxy S20 in the 128 GB version with 18 GB LTE, an Allnet and SMS flat in the Telekom network for 34.99 euros per month.

Overview of the tariff details:

  • Provider: Mobilcom-Debitel
  • Network: Telekom
  • Minimum term: 24 months, 3 months notice
  • Allnet flat for telephony and SMS in all German networks
  • 18 GB LTE– Data volume (max.21.6 Mbit / s)
  • Wifi calling and VoLTE
  • freenet hotspot flat
  • EU roaming included

You can find more information about the device in our review of the Galaxy S20 or here in the hands-on video:

Samsung Galaxy S20 with contract in the telecom network: cost calculation

To estimate how good the offer is, we have to calculate what the tariff without a cell phone costs. This is the only way we can decide whether it is worth buying the smartphone with a contract. If there are cheaper SIM-only tariffs, you save more if you buy your cell phone and tariff separately.

An overview of the tariff calculation:

  • Basic fee: 24 x 34.99 euros
  • One-time payment for the mobile phone: 18.52 euros
  • One-time connection price: 39.99 euros
  • Shipping costs: free
  • Total costs after a minimum contract term of 2 years: 898.27 euros
  • The current lowest price for the Samsung Galaxy S20: 679 euros
  • Effective price for the Telekom tariff with 18 GB LTE: EUR 219.27 (9.14 euros in the month)

9.14 euros per month for 18 GB LTE in the telecom network is definitely a good offer, even if the maximum speed is only 21.6 Mbit / s. But don’t forget to cancel the contract in good time, because from the 25th month the basic fee increases to 36.99 euros per month. There will surely be better offers in two years, GIGA will keep you up to date here.

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