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The FritzBox from AVM is one of the most popular and best DSL routers in Germany. At Saturn, the router is available as a direct deduction at an absolute best price. GIGA tells you how you can save even more.


Update from August 6th, 2020: Saturn is currently running a coupon booklet campaign with big discounts. Included is the FritzBox 7590, which is sold for only 168.64 euros through a direct deduction in the shopping cart of 20 euros.

If you want to save an additional 10 euros, you can sign up for the newsletter and get away even cheaper.

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AVM FritzBox 7590: The all-in-one router is cheaper

If you are currently looking for a new router, you could use the AVM FritzBox 7590. With a campaign at MediaMarkt, you not only get the router for 219 euros, but also the right phone for over 50 euros. Effectively, the phone only costs around 10 euros, since the router is around 210 euros when purchased individually, as the following graphic shows:

Price history of the AVM FritzBox 7590. (Image source: Idealo)

The MediaMarkt offer is valid until April 24, 2019 – or while stocks last. So you shouldn’t hesitate too long if you are currently looking for a good router.

AVM FritzBox 7590: the special features

The AVM router FritzBox 7590 is one of the top models and therefore has very good features. The router has been visually redesigned significantly compared to earlier models and offers a high WiFi range thanks to the latest technologies. A DSL speed of up to 300 Mbit / s is supported, a mesh network can be created and the router can serve as a telephone system. With the FritzOS, AVM has also developed its own operating system for the routers, which offers a high level of security, has many setting options and is constantly updated with the latest updates.

The FritzBox is more than a normal router:

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AVM FritzBox 7590: Who is it worth buying?

The purchase of the AVM FritzBox 7590 is worthwhile for anyone who wants to do more with a router than just access the Internet. The range of functions is huge, so this model is aimed more at experienced users who also want to use the additional features. If you only want to go online, you should go for a cheaper version with fewer functions. The FritzBox 7530, for example, would be well suited for this, and can be had for just over 100 euros.

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