Top Video Editing Apps and Softwares for YouTube

In the past 7-8 years, YouTube has gained significant popularity with the increase in the number of viewers. The increase in viewership on various channels and videos has motivated several creators who are now running a few successful channels. Due to the demand for high-quality and engaging videos, technology gave rise to video editing applications and software for YouTube. With time the number and advancement in the existing software have drastically changed the way of editing and results. Read more here about Youtube ads.
We are living in a technical world where people are always in hunt of getting better and more advanced technology to ease their work. If you are also planning on starting your YouTube channel or want to boost your reach by creating better videos for your channel; here are a few video editing applications and software that can help you in doing so.
#1 Windows Movie Maker
Ideal for beginners but preferred by many professional editors to teach newbies; the Window Movie Maker is one of the primitive and extensively used video software that has powered several creators on YouTube. With easy to understand UI, quick-tools and other features that can help the beginners to learn to edit; the windows movie maker has always kept making video editing easier and quicker. If you are working on a desktop or laptop that’s either Windows 7 or lower versions, then you should use this editor for YouTube.
If you are simply making a video as a slideshow, then this software is going to help you in getting better results over time. While making a video, windows movie maker can also help you in getting fun transitions. You can use them to make your YouTube video more engaging.
#2 Adobe Premiere Pro CC
Adobe is one of the largest system software producing brands in the world. They have a lot of products that are acting as a solution for people all around the world. Keeping the need of YouTubers in mind; Adobe created Premiere Pro CC, which is currently the best and most used system software for editing YouTube videos. This popular software is feature-loaded and comes with AI to help you get better videos at ease. Premiere Pro can easily help the users to adjust colours, modify videos, process audios and much more at a single click.
The drag and drop option, various resolution options and many more features make Pro CC an ideal product for video editors of all the niches. This software has a lot to offer; all you need to do is learn and explore its true capacity. From various customizable features to plugins to adjustment offers; there are a lot of things that can be enjoyed on this software. Adobe has also kept in mind the UI of the software, which is kept easy to understand for even the beginners. Another advantage of using this software is that you can easily export your video in whichever format you wish to.
#3 Shortcut
If you are looking for free video editing software, then you might not get a better option than Shortcut. This is free software that is popular for its feature-list and easy to understand UI. This software poses no problems running on any operating system, be it the Windows, Linux, or OS X. This application is famous due to the customizable menu it has on offer. The user can also enjoy a wide selection option in terms of modifying features, filters and others. Another very important and handy feature of this software is the mobility of a particular task. If you have gone forward while editing a video and you wish to come back to some point; this software gives you the liberty of doing so at ease.
The application is also equipped with AI, which helps in automating various work processes as per the request of the user. While working on a particular monitor, you can easily configure it on others and use it at the same time.
#4 InVideo
To get an excellent video for your YouTube, you need years of experience, knowledge and passion. But with the help of InVideo, you don’t have to waste months on learning basic editing. The software is an advanced tool that can empower even the beginners. All the videos edited on this software have a professional look as well as feel. InVideo has an easy to digest UI that gives a lot of help to the YouTubers in making an ideal video for their channel right from the start.
The best part of the software is not it’s easy to use UI but the extremely intuitive editing experience. While editing on the software, you enjoy plugins, effects, music, and other things. The software gets audio keyframe integration, colour correction, and many more effects to make your editing fun and enjoyable and getting an output that you will love.
#5 Lightworks
Lightworks is another free software option for the video editors who wish to create professional videos in no time. The program works wonderfully in all the operating systems be it Linux, macOS, or Windows. This is a perfect platform because it helps the editor in understanding not just the videos but more than that. While working on this platform, you can get the knowledge of a blogger, video editor, camera operator and an engineer to a great extent.
One of the best parts about this software is that it possesses cross-platform features that make editing even better. 3D video processing, ease in editing and cropping the timeline, support of multi-channel and much more makes this software better than many in the market.
These are the top 5 video editing apps and software for YouTubers. In accordance with the operating system and your convenience, you can try your hand out in any of this software. All of them have a lot of features to explore, and you will enjoy working on them.

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