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Trackmania Remake starts for free on the PC

Trackmania Remake starts for free on the PC

The 2006 Trackmania Nations remake was finally released after a delay earlier this year. This track, titled “Trackmania”, can now be played for free in the Epic Games Store and on Ubisoft’s uPlay.

You can watch the official trailer below to take a look at the gameplay.

As you can see from the trailer, Trackmania still goes beyond a typical racing game. Their cars fly through the air and wind like a roller coaster around impossible racetracks that defy gravity.

In Trackmania you can play alone and try to beat your own record times, or you can compete against other online players. Watch out for all the cars that fly through the air if you want to beat your opponents!

With 25 in-game titles that are updated every 3 months, there should be enough content to get stuck in.

If you move through all 25 titles and wonder what comes next, you can even customize your own titles with Trackmania’s block-based editor. You can make your custom tracks as weird and wonderful as you can imagine.

Trackmania also offers daily and weekly races, open and professional racing leagues, seasonal campaigns and daily route rotation of selected user-created routes.

Download Trackmania for free or choose a subscription

To download Trackmania for free, all you have to do is visit the Epic Games Store or the Ubisoft Store.

If you’re looking for additional content, there are three subscription models that you can use to unlock different parts of the game. The free version should be more than enough to have fun. However, if you know you want a little more, you can sign up for the Standard Access subscription for just $ 9.99 a year or Club Access for $ 29.99 a year. Super fans can even sign up for Club Access 3 years in advance at a price of $ 59.99. If not, just sit back and enjoy your free racing game.

It looks like the functions for creating and competing routes are only available with the Standard and Club Access subscription models and not with the free version. So if you want to mess around with additional titles and online contests, you may want to upgrade.

In the meantime, the free version lets you test whether you like the base game before parting with your money if you’re not sure.

Are you a fan of the original Trackmania? Are you going to load this remake? Let us know your thoughts below.

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