Traffic lights begin to arrive at Google Maps

Google Maps is one of the best Google apps for mobile phones and is now starting to incorporate a new and useful feature, traffic lights.

If there are quality apps on Android, those are Google’s and if we had to choose one of all the Mountain View company’s tools, that would be Google Maps. Because the Google Maps app is not only exquisitely designed, it’s easy to use and really accurate. One of those tools that must be yes or yes on any Android smartphone.

And far from settling on the bed of success, Google keeps its flagship app constantly updated and adding new extra features. In the case that concerns us today, Google Maps adds a really interesting function for those who use this app on a daily basis, both when walking and driving, the inclusion of traffic lights.

Google Maps adds traffic lights to its maps

traffic lights Google Maps

Traffic lights are coming to Google Maps, so some users report

As Droid Life reports, some users are reporting that traffic lights are starting to appear on their maps in their app. At the moment and as you can see, the icons are somewhat small and the information they give off is nil, although of course all this is a start and that is that even Google could indicate the state of the lights of these traffic lights.

The incorporation of traffic lights in Google Maps is great news and will be very useful to all who use this app to prepare their routes. Better to get to my destination on a longer road with no traffic lights or bet on a shorter route or with traffic lights? That already depends on each one and their patience.

At the moment the traffic lights on Google Maps are only appearing to some users. We already know how Google is with the updates of its applications and it is that it always does it very slowly. So there will be weeks or months to wait until this feature reaches terminals around the world.

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