Trick to buy cheaper games on Steam by changing VPN region

Basically, the trick was to use a VPN, switch regions from Steam to one with a cheaper currency, with special offers or with any kind of advantage for the user, and proceed to purchase the game for much less money. Then it was enough to return to the original locale to play without problems the game bought much cheaper.

Are the cheap games over on Steam?

Valve now requires users to use a payment method valid in the country with their account set up in order to purchase games. For example, if we change the region to Russia to take advantage of its currency exchange, now we must have a debit or credit card from that country, not serving the money that we have “put” previously in the account.

“Your country is part of the parameters of your Steam account. The country setting affects what you see in the Steam store, the currency in which the prices appear and also that of your Wallet.

If you have moved to a new country or are going to reside abroad for an extended period of time, you can update your Steam country setting by completing your first purchase with a payment method from that country. If your location does not match the country of the current store on your Steam account, you will have the option to change the region of the store while viewing the cart or completing the purchase. ”

That’s the warning Steam now shows when we try “Update store country”. With this change, the use of the VPN trick to buy cheaper content in other countries is complicated, users who want to continue taking advantage of it must have a valid payment method in that country, something that will surely limit sales made with this trick.

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