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Tried and tested: Klipsch T5 – Apfeltalk Magazin

Tried and tested: Klipsch T5 – Apfeltalk Magazin

What started with the big tech companies initially continued with accessory manufacturers – but gradually the hi-fi specialists are also arriving in this segment. With the T5, the HiFi provider Klipsch is now entering the area of ​​TWS headphones.

True wireless headphones are obviously HiFi-compatible – or more and more manufacturers don’t want to miss this new market. With the T5, the manufacturer Klipsch, founded in the USA in 1946, made a great start in this segment. In the meantime, a cooperation with McLaren has also been entered into, the manufacturer has a large number of models on offer. We took a closer look at the T5, or rather listened to it.


Raingods with Zippos – a little insight into my taste in music, this is one of my favorite albums by the ex-Marillion frontman Fish. Inevitably, when I unpacked the headphones, I thought of this title.

Klipsch sets an example in design, after all everyone can be unobtrusive and reserved. The charging case is made of stainless steel and is therefore large and bulky. The look is reminiscent of a Zippo petrol lighter at the latest when it is opened. The headphones themselves – like the inner material of the charging case – are made of black plastic, the outside is covered with a large Klipsch logo.


The different construction of the case has both advantages and disadvantages. I like the heavy design, the case weighs almost 100 grams, the stable processing and the tight closure are just as positive. The glossy finish was not a good idea in my opinion, the behavior is somewhat similar to the back of classic iPods. The case is extremely susceptible to scratches. If you like “used look”, you are definitely right here, if you have mental pain with every scratch in your case, you are probably wrong here.

The headphones, on the other hand, are very light: 5.5 grams, maybe a little too light for this size. It is operated via the touchpad under the Klipsch logo – and the casing creaks a little with each tap. The headphones do not look particularly high quality.

Handling and operation

Let’s start with the classic mistakes, which apparently no new manufacturer is poised for. On the headphones themselves we find LEDs that flash permanently when the connection or playback is successful. In a dark room, we quickly get a blue light show. Not that I would see them when I was wearing them, but I do see the reflections in furniture or on walls. I remain with my open question to the manufacturers: “What are these LEDs good for during playback?”. It is inevitable to me that the headphones are playing, after all, I hear it too. The light show is completely useless for the user – and this is inevitably the focus of headphones. The next shortcoming is the missing sensor. This prevents playback from stopping when the headphones are removed from the ear.

But let’s get to the basics. The pairing works quickly and without problems, as does the insertion. The hold is good, the design means that the headphones cannot be turned in the ear and can therefore be perfectly fitted. The control via the large buttons on the outside works surprisingly well, due to the slight curvature in the ear canal I have less the feeling of puncturing my inner ear than usual.

According to its own statements, Klipsch uses the narrowest sound outlet so far, so the headphones are really very pleasant in the ear and are hardly noticeable. It is all the more important here to choose the right silicone attachment. Finally, praise for the battery life, in the test I got about 7.5 hours. The case offers capacity for three more full charges, it is charged via USB-C.


So far, my little review may have read as if I wasn’t particularly happy with the headphones, but that’s absolutely not the case. The most important thing is and remains the sound – and here Klipsch can score in full line, that is also the core competence of the manufacturer.

Without further ado: I have never heard better headphones in this price range. So far I have given this rating to the Melomania 1, but with the Klipsch T5 I have found a worthy successor. The sound is balanced and warm. In the end I might want a little more bass, but that remains a subjective impression.

We come to a secondary discipline, the telephone. Note: Enough. The other party’s voice sounds far away and tinny, I was perceived sufficiently well during the call. In an emergency, the headphones are also suitable for this purpose, but I don’t want to have to make long calls with them.

Klipsch Connect app

With some delay, Klipsch has also published an app for the headphones, which can then be used to select a suitable equalizer. This improves the sound a bit, depending on the listening situation. The setting “podcast” should be mentioned positively, as a podcaster I just had to state that, podcasts and audio books sound much better.

Conclusion Klipsch T5 True Wireless

In my test, I found a few small weaknesses in the Klipsch T5, which are all secondary in the end. The headphones of the American audio specialists score above all with their almost perfect sound.

The Klipsch T5 True Wireless are offered directly on Amazon for just under 150 euros.

The T5 were provided to us by Klipsch for this test. Many thanks to the manufacturer.

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