Trippy retro shooter Post Void now available – WePC

It has a kind of distorted reality, a handmade feeling in which the world bends around you as you get through each level, and all the enemies, weapons and HUD elements have an afterlife feeling. It is clear that the game for the basic environment and level design is based on the original Doom and especially Wolfenstein 3D, but there is an unusual mood that may be more in line with something like the Miami hotline.

There is also a frenetic feeling similar to the Miami hotline. Your health is represented as a liquid in an idol that you hold in your left hand and that gradually drains from below. It constantly drips away and is refilled every time you kill one of the various enemies the game throws at you. This means that you won’t have time to hang around as you will be forced to keep moving towards the next enemy to be killed.

There are a total of 11 levels in the game with highly random elements. It’s a structure like a mischievous Permadeath game. So if you die once, it’s back to the beginning. At the end of each level there are various upgrades to choose from, which you can use to face the increasingly difficult opponents.

I think after a few seconds of the trailer most people will know if this game is for them or not. Of course this is not a big budget game and the impulse purchase price reflects it, but I think the extremely expressive aesthetics, the tight emotional movement and the unique setting and the unique tone make it easy to be worth the price asked for. I’ve only made it to the fourth level so far, but I will definitely jump back to see how far I can get.

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