Tronsmart Enters Hybrid Active Noise Canceling TWS Headset Market with Apollo Bold

TWS headphones have become a popular trend since Apple launched AirPods. Tronsmart launched its own Onyx Ace headphones four months ago that received very positive feedback from around the world. Communication companies like Forbes said it’s a “alternative ”to Apple AirPods. This revolution in the industry has changed people’s habits. And just as people were getting used to TWS headphones, Apple announced its AirPods Pro, which supports active noise cancellation. According to Tronsmart research, active noise cancellation is the most important feature for 36% of people when evaluating whether TWS headphones are good or not. The birth of AirPods Pro has attracted worldwide attention; even Sony has joined the game. And, like the largest TWS chip company, Qualcomm® is no exception, either.

To gain a share of the market, Qualcomm® chose to cooperate with its former partner Tronsmart to create the Apollo Bold. This time Qualcomm has used its flagship QCC5124 chip, which has yet to be used in any product, to include it in Tronsmart’s first hybrid active noise canceling headphones. Apollo Bold are manufactured by Grandsun, one of the largest Qualcomm® processing chip factories.

According to Qualcomm®, the QCC5124 chip used in Tronsmart Apollo Bold supports active noise cancellation and Bluetooth signal processing, making both functions achieve the best performance without any interference. While the other ANC models on the market have to use two chips for Bluetooth signal and active noise cancellation. Tronsmart Apollo Bold is designed with Hybrid Noise Canceling Technology (Feedforward & Feedback) which can cancel wide and narrow range noise for best effect. Unlike common models that can only cancel noise up to 25-28dB, Tronsmart Apollo Bold can achieve noise cancellation up to 35dB.ñ

Tronsmart Apollo Bold uses TrueWireless ™ Stereo Plus synchronized signal transmission technology to ensure that the left and right headphones receive the Bluetooth signal simultaneously. Most TWS headsets, including AirPods Pro, use TrueWireless stereo technology, so the primary headphone will receive the signal first and then stream to the other headphone, causing some delay.

Other outstanding product specifications:

• Your custom graphene controller works with aptX ™ decoding for excellent sound quality.

• Six microphones along with cVc technology that ensure the best sound and call quality.

• LDS laser antenna provides a robust connection

• The three modes of use: ANC, music and transparency, allow users to enjoy music anywhere and anytime.

• More than 30 hours of playback with the charging case (more than 10 hours for a single charge), with up to 6 hours more usage experience than AirPods.

• In-ear detection function provides a more convenient experience.

• This advanced product that can beat Apple AirPods Pro only costs 46% of its competition

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