Trump will ban TikTok in the United States for security reasons

The President of the United States has announced that he plans to ban the popular app in the North American country very soon.

Donald Trump, President of the United States, has recently confirmed his intention to ban TikTok in the American country coming soon and for national security reasons. The popular social network has been in the spotlight of this territory for a while, since weeks ago the United States government already announced that it wanted to ban the app.

In a conversation with journalists held on July 31 on board the presidential Air Force One plane to Washington from Tampa (Florida), Donald Trump has confirmed his intention to ban the Chinese social network TikTok in the country, as recorded in his accounts of Twitter several reporters present at the talk. “As for TikTok, we are going to ban it in the United States. I have that authority. I can do it with an executive order, “said the US president, who plans to make the decision on August 1.

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TikTok is still one of the most used apps in the world.

At the beginning of this month Mike Pompeo, Secretary of State of the United States, already hinted that the Trump government was considering banning TikTok in the North American country for reasons of national security, as they were considering the possibility that China is using the well-known short video social network to monitor and distribute propaganda. Currently the platform is in the spotlight for its possible relationship with the Communist Party of China, including has been withdrawn from app stores in countries as important as India.

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The president of the United States confirms that he will ban the well-known social network

At the moment it is only known that the American President will soon ban TikTok, but it is not yet clear how this prohibition will be carried out. The theory is that both Apple and Google could block the app in their respective app stores, but existing TikTok downloads would remain on the devices without any problem. On the other hand, it also points to a possible network level blocking, although so far there is nothing confirmed about it.

TikTok is a social network developed by ByteDance, based in Beijing and based on create and share short videos. A formula that has gone viral and has made the Chinese application one of the most downloaded in recent times. However, that has not stopped him from questioning his security, and more specifically that of user data, due to his alleged links to the Communist Party of China. The ban on the app in the North American country is another chapter of the current one existing tension between the United States and China.

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