Trump will ban TikTok in the United States today

The popular social network TikTok has been in the sights of the US government for several weeks, an application that has gone from recommending that it be uninstalled to various public sectors to being completely banned in the country.

A few hours ago, Trump acknowledged that they still did not know what they would do about TikTok, one of the options on the table being the acquisition of the company by an American company such as Microsoft, which according to close sources seemed to be interested in the acquisition. Finally it seems that it will not be so, and the popular social network will disappear from the North American territory.

Trump to ban TikTok “immediately”

The conflict between China and the Trump administration continues, and that is that after vetoing Huawei from being able to negotiate with American companies, it has now taken it with the Chinese social network TikTok, an application about which the government is concerned about the collection of data that this may have.

“Regarding TikTok, we are going to ban it in the United States,” Trump stated last Friday night. When asked by journalists about when the ban would take place, the answer was “Soon, immediately.”


Can the President of the United States carry out such a ban directly? It seems that yes, and it is that to carry it out you can do it through an executive order of the International Law of Emergency Economic Powers.

Just before the end of his Air Force One flight to Washington from Florida, the President claimed that I would sign the document tomorrow, document that should be effective today.

Faced with the impending ban, a TikTok spokeswoman has recalled that “US user data is hosted on servers in the same country. TikTok’s largest investors are in the United States, and we are committed to maintaining your privacy and security. ”

Contrary to Huawei’s order, this decision would affect only the United States. It is not the first blow to TikTok, as it was banned in India last June by a similar scandal.




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