Tuenti goes down, problems with coverage and mobile data

tuenti problems coverage network mobile data


For just a few minutes, the Tuenti network has suffered a fall that affects a large part of the users of the operator owned by Movistar. The problem in question only affects the mobile network, so most failures are related to coverage and mobile data supplied by the company. At the moment the number of affected users is a mystery, as well as the origin of the problem.

Tuenti’s mobile network does not work: without coverage or data

Since 12:00 this morning, the operator of Spanish origin has left several users without coverage, including myself. Initially, the problem appears to be related to Tuenti’s mobile network, since no problems have been reported with the fiber network supplied by the company itself. To this we must add that the group has not spoken publicly, so the origin of the problem is unknown and if it is known.

tuenti does not work 2020

As for the territories affected by the fall, the heat map of Downdetector.es lets us see that the affected territories are Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Basque Country, Andalusia, Asturias, Murcia, Valencia and Extremadura, although I do not know that the failure extends to other areas throughout the day. Some users even claim that the problems have been present since yesterday night.

At the moment, the Tuenti network continues to fail. Not having experienced other similar falls, we do not know the margin of update of the operator. By relying on the Movistar network, it is very likely that the problems will be resolved in the next few hours, although this may vary depending on the geographical area, being linked to the coverage provided by third-party networks. We will update the article with all the information about it as soon as Tuenti returns to restore the service.


Tuenti seems to be aware of the problem. From the company’s Twitter account recommends restarting the phone to re-establish the data connection. We have tried to restart the phone with an active Tuenti line and the coverage problems persist, so it may vary depending on the area where we are.

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