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Tuenti increases free gigabytes and matches contract and prepaid rates

Tuenti increases free gigabytes and matches contract and prepaid rates

From August 18th, Tuenti rates will start to offer more gigabytes without increasing the price. Current rates offer 3GB and calls at 0 cents for 5.95 euros per month; 5 GB and unlimited calls for 9.95 euros per month; and 11 GB and unlimited calls for 13.95 euros per month.

Improvement in the two most expensive rates, and equalization with prepaid

The two best contract rates will receive more gigabytes, where we will have from 5 to 6 GB and unlimited calls for 9.95 euros per month, and from 11 to 14 GB with unlimited calls for 13.95 euros per month. The rate of 9.95 euros is somewhat more attractive than that of O2, since it now offers 1 GB more for the same price, although in the case of O2 we have other advantages such as unlimited SMS, VoWiFi, VoLTE, etc.

tuenti new rates August 2020

And the improvements do not stop there, since the prepaid users they will be able to enjoy the same conditions than the contract from that date. In neither case will this improvement mean a price increase, and all prepaid customers will get some improvement in the form of more gigabytes, better conditions for calls, or a decrease in the monthly fee.

The prepaid rates currently offer the same gigabytes as the contract rates, but with worse conditions. For example, the 3 GB one costs one euro more in prepaid (6.95 euros), while the 5 and 11 GB does not have unlimited calls, but calls at 0 cents per minute. Therefore, the improvement will be very important for these users, and you will not have to worry about consulting consumption on Tuenti.

14GB rate is now more competitive

Therefore, Tuenti rates will now have only three contracting options, all of them with Movistar coverage, without permanence, and with the speed reduction to 64 Kbps once the contracted gigs have been exceeded.

Pedro Serrahima, director of multibrand of Telefónica, continues to strengthen the figure of tuenti as operator of low-cost mobile telephony to compete to the maximum in price at the most basic rates, taking advantage of Movistar’s 4G network. The improvement in rates represents an important change; especially in the prepaid market, and having up to 14 GB of data places the rate of 14 euros in a more competitive area compared to what other operators offer. For example, the gigabytes are now improved compared to what Lowi offers, which offers 12 GB and unlimited calls for 14.95 euros per month.

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