Turn your foot on the gas and radio – cars are finally here

Since yesterday’s update, players in Fortnite can finally heat on the map. The radio should provide the right “road rage feeling”.


With the last update in Fortnite there are the cars already indicated in the first trailer of the season. Even without a driver’s license, players can get behind the wheel, whether that will be staged in the game as nicely as in the trailer, will be shown.


The wild ride has nothing to do with actually driving a car, but one thing is like in reality: The Cars use gasoline and those who have a lead foot have to refuel more often. This is going on Petrol stations or with canistersthat can explode naturally.

The Vehicles are damaged but can be cured by campfires. For long jumps or risky chases some carts have a boost, but then it consumes a lot of gasoline.

The R ensures the right moodadiowith you different channels can be set to have the right soundtrack for your trip.

The advice “drive carefully” is rather unnecessary in a Battle Royale.

Original message from August 4, 2020:

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Fortnite players had to wait a long time: cars will be available tomorrow

Since the beginning of the season, players have been waiting for the cars in Fortnite. Tomorrow’s update should finally be ready.

After the water has finally released the map of Fortnite, there is finally room for the long-awaited cars with which players can heat over the map. A tweet from the official Fortnite account says that the Joy Ride update should be on 5th August 2020 Go live:

What about the statement “It’s not just a name. It is a warning. “, is meant is still unclear. The name “Whiplash” also stands for “whiplash” in English, it should go as fast.

The cars actually have to be refueled, the petrol stations on the map have been revised. In Fortnite, the war over gasoline will soon break out.

Original message from August 3, 2020:

Fortnite: Sinking water reveals mysterious Atlantis ruins

The receding water has finally revealed the entire Fortnite map again and the Atlantis POI, which was leaked at the start of the season, can now be examined.

Image: Epic Games

The water has returned to a “normal” level and the Fortnite map can mostly be walked dry again. The only exception are the ruins, reminiscent of Atlantis, in the northwest of the map.

The POI actually bears the name “Coral Castle” but the ruins, overgrown with corals and shells, look like the sunken city of Atlantis and also fit better with the Aquaman theme of the season.

Where this new POI will be could be determined beforehand on the map, the location of the ruins was visible in the water.

The GIF also shows which areas have changed. Of the Slurpy Swamp is back and of course it is still wet there. The Fortilla has also changed slightly, however, it was only rotated 90 degrees.

With “normal” water level again there is finally room for those announced at the beginning of the season Cars that players should use to heat the map. However, it is not yet known when exactly behind the wheel is allowed here.

The new POI is calling out for an Aquaman boss, a big appearance by the superhero, who is again reasonably cool thanks to Jason Momoa, is still pending. If not at Coral Castle, where else?

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