TV channels on Amazon Prime Video: launch in Germany

Throughout last year the calls began to disembark Prime Video Channels to different countries. In each of them they are offered differently and have a varied type of content. In Mexico we have HBO, STARZPLAY, Paramount +, MGM, TV Azteca, Acortn TV, Pongalo, Noggin, CBeebies and Love Nature. In the United Kingdom or Germany, there is the possibility of having Eurosport, Discovery Channel or the like. However, in all cases we talk about payment channels.

Free tv channels on Amazon Prime Video

For this reason, the news that we present below is quite interesting. In Germany, the video-on-demand platform has included a total of 38 television channels completely free of charge. Prime Video customers in this country do not have to pay anything more to access them. Of the channels, 28 of them are in high definition and are owned by ARD and ZDF.

The complete list of channels includes:


  • Das Erste
  • ZDF
  • ART
  • 3sat
  • ONE
  • ZDFneo
  • tagesschau24
  • ZDFinfo
  • Phoenix
  • ARD-alpha
  • Kika
  • WDR
  • Rbb
  • MDR
  • SWR
  • BR Fernsehen
  • hr-fernsehen
  • NDR Fernsehen

Without HD

WDR Fernsehen Aachen, WDR Fernsehen Bielefeld, WDR Fernsehen Bonn, WDR Fernsehen Dortmund, WDR Fernsehen Düsseldorf, WDR Fernsehen Duisburg, WDR Fernsehen Essen, WDR Fernsehen Münster, WDR Fernsehen Siegen and WDR Fernsehen Wuppertal.

Will it arrive in Spain?

Well, logic tells us that it should be the next step of Amazon Prime Video in our country. After incorporating paid channels and free channels in various countries, it doesn’t make much sense that they don’t do it in our market. In fact, Spain is one of the priority markets for the Internet giant both in Europe and around the world.

For the moment, the possibility of buying movies within Amazon Prime Video has arrived in our country. In the new Shop section we can rent or buy movies with different prices depending on the title. For example, buying Frozen II in HD will cost us 13.99 euros while Forrest Gump can be rented for 3.99 euros or bought for 7.99 euros.

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