TV furniture grows with the demands

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In most households, the television now occupies a rather dominant position in the living room. TV tables & lowboards ensure order in the living room

In times of tube TV, a small table or a suitable TV cabinet was sufficient to place the device appropriately exposed, but this changed with the introduction of flat screens. The devices were getting narrower, but also getting bigger. Initially, the flat screens were able to save space in the living area, as the new devices only had to be attached to the wall.

However, additional accessories are often necessary with today’s devices. Due to the mostly inadequate acoustics, many use external audio components. Additional boxes, receivers and subwoofers must be positioned without the living room resembling a recording studio. Sound bars and home theaters also need space. Game consoles may also need to be accommodated. Especially if the interaction between the many multimedia devices is not yet fully managed wirelessly via Bluetooth, HDMI and power cables as well as other cable connections have to be hidden in order not to have a negative impact on the living environment. Suppliers of TV furniture have reacted to this and offer suitable solutions that ensure order and with the right design maintain the cozy living atmosphere of the living room.

The right TV furniture ensures order and offers an appealing design

The trend is towards ever larger screens

In times of Corona, television habits change significantly. Until recently, the football stadium, the music club, the opera or the cinema was the place where the viewer was right in the middle of the action. Given the limitations, these experiences are increasingly shifting to the digital realm. Entertainment offers are increasingly streamed and brought into one’s own living room via the television at home. Therefore, technically high-quality equipment for an optimal experience is playing an increasingly important role for consumers. The right furniture is also becoming increasingly important to many. You can adapt your living room accordingly with TV lowboards, TV sideboards or the matching TV TV table, TV shelf or TV cabinet.

TV lowboard offers numerous accommodation options

If you have a lot of accessories in the TV area, you should be served most with a lowboard. Although this usually takes up more space than a TV table, it also ensures order with its practical storage space. DVDs and Blu-ray discs as well as the sound system, various players and consoles can be stored in drawers and compartments. It also serves as a shelf and can of course also be upgraded with decorative elements. Lowboards are available in a wide variety of colors, shapes and equipment, so that suitable furniture can easily be bought in addition to existing living room furnishings. The usual dimensions range from a width of 120 cm to 220 centimeters, a maximum height of 50 centimeters and a depth of approximately 40 centimeters

Preferred materials for modern TV furniture

TV furniture is available in countless different designs, materials and looks. Solid wood is currently particularly popular. Teak, acacia, oak and mahogany are the preferred woods. Wooden furniture is usually more durable and, depending on the shape, a timeless purchase that can be combined with any other piece of furniture. But modern TV furniture made of metal and glass is also popular. Under the keyword “Industrial Design” you will find numerous suitable variants for your own four walls. Lowboards made of concrete also look particularly stylish, especially if you have a correspondingly generous amount of space available.

TV furniture is available in many price categories

So if you want to get the right base for your TV, home theater or smart TV, you can choose from a variety of models. The simple versions cost from about 250 EUR. For high-quality variants of a particular designer, however, you can quickly spend 2,000 EUR and more. As always, the amount of the investment depends on your own requirements and the available wallet.

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