Tweetbot 5 adds trackpad support and more news

Tweetbot 5 was updated a few hours ago adding trackpad support as the main novelty of this version 5.2. But the news in the twitter client does not end there and the developer of this popular app for iOS devices also adds an option that allows you to open links directly from apps, improvements in the stability and security of the application and support for opening links from Opera, Edge and DuckDuckGo browsers.

Tweetbot is really a really interesting Twitter client in many ways, but from the limitations imposed by the social network itself to encourage the use of its native application, it comes from more to less. The functions it offers are somewhat below those of the official application and really those that we use Tweetbot, among which I include myself, it’s more out of habit than anything else since the advantages that its use had over the official one practically no longer exist.

Be that as it may, the new version of the app is totally free for those of us who have the application downloaded and it’s been a while since these updates were made to pay or at least the updates that added important news, in this case the most prominent is the possibility using the trackpad in the app. Now if you have the app installed remember to update to obtain these improvements offered in the new version, a version that arrives almost a year after the last version released, yes, the previous one was launched in October 2019.

Tweetbot 5 for Twitter (AppStore Link)

Tweetbot 5 for Twitter


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