Twitch, the undisputed giant of live game streaming

Twitch’s popularity is rising: Amazon’s video platform beats again record audience for the second time so far this year. If in the first quarter, coinciding with the worst of the coronavirus pandemic, it exceeded 3,000 million hours of viewing, it could be said that it is still far from reaching its particular peak.

According to a report published by Streamlabs and Stream Hatchet, the views on Twitch came in the second quarter of the year to 5,000 million hours, registering a growth of 62.7% compared to the previous three months. A real blow for the service of streaming of video games, which if it was already positioned as the great alternative in the sector, with these data fully certifies it.

Statistics not only confirm the dizzying rise in popularity of Twitch, but also highlight it as the leading platform among game streaming services with a 67.6% of market share. Likewise, Twitch not only breaks the record in relation to the number of hours broadcast: it also does so for the number of unique channels and concurrent audience.


This has been the meteoric growth of Twitch in 2020

Definitely, Twitch is has become the king of the streaming of live games and everything indicates that it is going more, even when the competition is not doing anything wrong. YouTube Gaming, for example, also experienced notable growth so far this year, reaching 1.5 billion hours of viewing in the second quarter and which according to the report is due to contracts with streamers known.

The same happened with the soon extinct Mixer, the Microsoft platform: it has crowned the second quarter of 2020 with 30.6% growth compared to the previous one, adding more than 100 million hours of viewing… Although they are not the Enough and as we told you just a week ago, the service will close its doors on July 22, trying to move its users to …

Facebook Gaming, which in fact would be the third platform by popularity in the list, with some 822 million hours of viewing during the second quarter of the year and 11% of market share. However, this would also be the only live game streaming service that would have barely grown so far this year.

However much they insist on Microsoft, however, it does not seem that the closure of Mixer will benefit Facebook Gaming more than Twitch or YouTube Gaming, because in the end it is the players who choose; And it does not even seem that Facebook Gaming is ready to welcome all Mixer users, which is why they are recommending the Twitch application from Xbox One.

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