Twitter already allows all iOS users to select who can interact with their posts

Who can reply to a tweet - Twitter

Last May, Twitter rolled out a new test feature, which I had the opportunity to test. This new function allows us to choose who can respond to our publications on Twitter. It is intended to improve the health of the platform, making it less stressful for some users.

After testing for almost 3 months, the guys at Jack Dorsey have released a new update of the application, number 8.3 where the possibility of choosing who can reply to our posts on Twitter is now available for everyone through the App Store, a function that is currently only available on iOS.

Twitter announced these changes so that its users “Have less anxiety when it comes to tweeting” in addition to serving to “improve the health of the platform”, this being one of the functions aimed at this purpose.

This new feature allows users to choose from three options before tweeting:

  • Everyone (any user who reads your post can reply to you).
  • People you follow.
  • Only the people you mention.

At the moment not available to the Nobody or Only us functionAlthough in the article published by Twitter announcing the launch of this new function in January, the option was shown.

Obviously there is always the option to retweet the post and quote the user but this tool is specifically designed to help users control responses to a post which can be considered by the community to be of poor quality, defamatory, demeaning… and promote platform-focused discussions with specific people who have knowledge of who is being discussed.

If you’ve updated the app and it still appears, you should close the app and reopen it to clear the app cache if you have recently opened them.

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