Twitter blocks extreme right-wing identity movement

© Twitter

The US short message service Twitter has blocked accounts of the right-wing extremist identity movement. The profiles of the German branch of the Identitarian Movement (IB) and the account of the prominent Austrian activist, Martin Sellner, have no longer been accessible since Friday. According to the group, Twitter accounts in France, Italy, Denmark and Great Britain were also affected.

“Twitter blocks accounts that violate the Twitter rules,” has been emblazoned on the profiles since then. The ARD confirmed a spokesman for the service, the blocking. The step was justified with the fact that the accounts in question glorified terrorism and violence.

The Identitarian Movement Germany had recently followed around 30,000 Twitter users, Sellner just under 40,000. The IB speaks out against multicultural societies and spreads extreme right-wing conspiracy myths. In Germany, the group is monitored by the constitutional protection. Around 600 members belong to the IB in this country.

Facebook and Instagram have long banned the group from their platforms. However, profiles of the identities are still available on YouTube.

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