Twitter hack begins to clear up: 130 accounts attacked


On July 15, Twitter suffered a coordinated and massive attack in which high-level user accounts were affected. These personalities, whose accounts were verified, published a message in the form of a scam in which they urged to deposit money in favor of charities, to help in the pandemic, etc. under a cryptocurrency transaction. Days after the incident, Twitter begins posting data: 130 accounts attacked. On the other hand, although it is not safe, it is likely that not all accounts have their keys compromised. However, the consequences of this attack are already beginning to be seen online.

The attack on Twitter and its consequences

The role of Twitter after the largest computer attack on its structure is start damage control and keep society informed. It is important for the social network to calm the waters and prevent users from fear of using it. However, the significance of the attack where more than one hundred accounts were attacked cannot be hidden. Also, the impact is not only social but economic, with more than $ 100,000 raised by hackers in a perfect maneuver using cryptocurrencies.

Twitter has blocked any account where you have tried to change the password in the last 30 days. This allows the social network to prevent future attacks in the event that the hackers have been online for at least a month. The process of recovering these accounts will be slow to ensure that the new credentials are provided to the rightful owner.

Beyond what happened, it is important to clarify how hackers accessed without using passwords. The hypothesis that is being considered is that they managed to access with administrator permissions, which allowed them to bypass credentials to access the information of these accounts, and even the power to publish tweets. On the other hand, direct messages are not end-to-end encrypted, therefore, they may have been consulted once within the network.

Finally, sources close to Twitter and White House employees say that Donald Trump’s account has extraordinary security measures due to other hacking attempts it has undergone. With this, one of the doubts that arose on the night of July 15 where this has millions of followers and a lot of impact was not hacked.

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