Twitter hack: Coinbase blocks payments to hackers of $ 280,000

The cryptocurrency exchange blocks the bitcoin address used by the hackers. Around 1000 Coinbase users are trying to send 30.4 Bitcoin to the scammers. Only 14 of them succeed. But you still lose around $ 3,000.

Coinbase has managed to compensate for the financial damage caused by the attack Twitter– Celebrity accounts arose significantly. The cryptocurrency exchange blocked the Bitcoin address stored by the hackers in their fake tweets just a few minutes after the attack became known, as Bleeping Computer reports. As a result, 30.4 bitcoins valued at around $ 280,000 did not reach the scammers.

Bitcoin (Image: Shutterstock)Users of the Gemini, Kraken and Binance cryptocurrency exchanges were also affected and responded with account lockouts. “We became aware of it just a few minutes after the Gemini and Binance tweets,” said Philip Martin, Chief Information Security Office von Coinbase, in conversation with v. However, only a tiny number of users tried to send bitcoins to the fraudsters. Coinbase has around 35 million users in 100 countries – around 1,000 users fell for the fraud.

Despite all efforts, 14 Coinbase users managed to send money to the fraud-controlled address. That earned them around $ 3,000. In total, the victims of the fraud are said to have given the hackers almost $ 120,000.

According to current knowledge, the attack last Wednesday was carried out via an internal Twitter system. The unknown perpetrators were able to access 130 accounts and reset the passwords on 45 accounts. These mostly verified accounts belonged among others Apple, Uber, and celebrities and managers like Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Kanye West and Bill Gates.

The hackers used the accounts of these people to give away “bitcoins” on their behalf. In the fake tweets, the victims asked users to pay any amount to a specific Bitcoin address. In return, they promised the donors to return the double amount to them.

Twitter has now admitted that the hackers have managed to bypass two-factor authentication for Twitter employees’ accounts. The compromised internal tool also allows them to download data from at least eight users – but this is only supposed to be non-verified accounts.

According to Twitter, the attackers had no access to account passwords. The company therefore sees no reason to call on its users to change their password.

The investigation into the attack is ongoing. In the meantime, US law enforcement officers have also launched their own investigations.

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