Twitter stops offering updates to devices managed by iOS 11


With each new version of an operating system, new functionalities are introduced that applications can take advantage of to expand the number of options that it makes available to users, improve performance, security … forcing users to update the version of your operating system if you want to continue enjoying them.

The last to do it, in the case that touches us, iOS, is Twitter. Twitter has just released a new update to its iOS application in which it invites us to update our device to iOS 12 if we want keep getting updates, performance improvements and bug fixes.

The latest version available on the Twitter App Store, number 8.26, requires iOS 12 or higher, so we cannot install it in an earlier version. This move is quite common for developers because iOS adoption rate is very fast.

This decision by Apple should not be a drama for users of the official application, since devices that are compatible with iOS 12 are the same as with iOS 11, so the only reason these users may have is fondness for that version or that they don’t want to get rid of the jailbrek.

At the moment we don’t know how long it will continue to operate the application on all those devices that do not update to iOS 12. Twitter follows a different policy than other developers, since it does not allow downloading old versions of its application on devices with older iOS versions, something that other developers like Facebook do allow. , Youtube…

If you regularly use Twitter and your device is still managed by iOS 11, the best thing you can do is update it, not to enjoy the new functions that Apple has introduced in recent years, but so that your device be protected against any type of vulnerability that has been detected since the last time you updated your device.

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